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Wahiawa - Whitmore Village Neighborhood Board No. 26



MONDAY, MARCH 21, 2011



CALL TO ORDER: Chair Ben Acohido called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.; with a quorum of six (6) members present. Note – This nine (9) member Board requires five (5) members to establish quorum and to take official Board action.


Members Present – Ben Acohido, Cindy Bauer, Joeseph Francher, Dean Harvest, Jeanne Ishikawa and Hugh Lowery.


Members Absent – Mary Jane Lee, Robert Lormand and Silvia Manley-Koch.


Vacancies – The Board has no current vacancies. 


Guests – Lt. Eric Brown (Honolulu Police Department), Sgt. Williamson (U.S. Army), Chris Murphy, Jeff Canada (Surfing the Nations), FF3 Zaldy Acosta (Honolulu Fire Department), Robert Bunda, Greg Apa (Hawaiian Earth Recycling), Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, Raymond Pang (Senator Donovan Dela Cruz’s Office staff), Councilmember Ernie Martin, Heidi Tsuneyoshi (Councilmember Ernie Martin’s Office staff) and Kazuaki McArthur (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Chair Ben Acohido lead those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.




Honolulu Fire Department – FF3 Zaldy Acosta reported the following;


·         February 2011 Statistics: Included 2 structure fires, 4 rubbish fires, 2 vehicle fires, 57 medical calls, 2 search/rescue and 7 miscellaneous calls. Major incidents included two (2) story structure fires in Sunset Beach and Mililani Mauka.


·         Fire Safety Tip: As Easter approaches, please remember the following:


o        Scald burns are the most common injury among children ages four (4) and younger. When boiling eggs for a coloring activity, be attentive to your cooking and children. Do not leave any cooking unattended.


o        If candles are used, do not leave them unattended or near drapes or other ignitable materials, such as artificial grass, which is commonly used as filler for children’s baskets. Ensure your candle holder is the proper size for the type of candle being used.


o        Familiarize yourself with the contents of your children’s Easter baskets, especially if they contain small toys, and be aware of the manufacturer’s warning for choking hazards for young children.


Honolulu Police Department – Lt. Eric Brown reported the following


·         February 2011 Statistics: Included 1 unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle (UCPV), 6 auto thefts, 8 burglaries, 4 unauthorized entries into a motor vehicle (UEMV), 2 graffitis, and 14 thefts.


·         Wahiawa Store: There were no highlighted incidents regarding a Wahiawa Store robbery in February 2011. It was reported a man ran into a Wahiawa store, threw down objects and ran away. Pictures were taken of the man and a report was filed.




Questions, comments and concerns followed;


1.       Koa Ridge: It was asked which HPD district covers Koa Ridge. The question was noted.


2.       Homeless: It was asked if a homeless man from Wilson Bridge passed away approximately three (3) weeks ago. It was noted HPD responds to unattended deaths. It was also noted HPD works with various agencies to work with the homeless.


3.       Thefts: It was asked and clarified thefts do involve the homeless. It was noted there are four (4) degrees of thefts. The most common thefts are third degree thefts which involve items worth between $100 and $300. It was asked if residents should be concerned with thefts by homeless individuals. It was noted statistics do not specify homeless related thefts.


4.       Response: It was asked and clarified HPD and HFD are both dispatched to calls depending on the severity of the situation. Due to a lack of ambulances, it was noted HFD is usually able to respond to medical calls faster than ambulances.


5.       Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT): It was asked and clarified new HFD recruits are trained to be EMT-B certified.


Mayor’s Representative – Manny Lanuevo reported the following;


  • California Avenue: A map of the plans for the California Avenue resurfacing project was submitted to the Chair. The project will be divided into five (5) phases. Construction began on phase one (1) Monday, October 4, 2010 and is scheduled to be complete by Monday, April 25, 2011. Phase two (2) is scheduled to commence Monday, April 11, 2011 and be completed by Monday, June 20, 2011. Phase three (3) is scheduled to commence Tuesday, June 7, 2011 and be completed by Thursday, August 11, 2011. Phase four (4) is scheduled to commence Monday, August 1, 2011 and be completed by Thursday, October 27, 2011. Phase five (5) is scheduled to commence Monday, November 14, 2011 and be completed by Thursday, January 12, 2012.


  • Large Tree: The large Albesia tree was cut down after a storm toppled half the tree and damaged the nearby park fence.  Due to its large size, the Urban Forestry Division (DUF) recommended it be removed and replacement trees be planted.


  • Lanakila Pacific: The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is waiting for a formal request from Lanakila Pacific that would include the size and scope of the work to be included in the Wahiawa recreation room project.


  • Iliahi Playground: The Pacific Big Boys Football Organization has been practicing at the Iliahi Playground Monday through Friday in the afternoon. They have been invited to attend the next field users meeting for the Wahiawa Complex scheduled for May, 2011.


  • Statue: Statues and monuments are exempt from building permits under Chapter 18, Revised Ordinances of Hawaii (ROH). Zoning height limits for statues and monuments under the Land Use Ordinance (LUO) are up to 30 inches within a yard setback and up to the height allowed in the zoning district outside of the yard setbacks.


  • Bus Stop: A work order has been placed to provide a trash can for the bus stop on California Avenue, opposite Kalie Place


  • Whitmore Field: DPR staff is coordinating repairs to Whitmore Field with the Little League. DPR is providing the top soil and Little League will provide the manpower.


Questions, comments and concerns followed;


  1. Phases: A Board member asked where phases were located for the California Avenue project. The Mayor’s representative referred the Board member to the submitted map.


  1. Lanakila Pacific: It was asked and clarified that someone from DPR is following up with Lanakila Pacific regarding recreation repairs. A Board member requested the name of the DPR staff member. The request was noted.


  1. Board of Water Supply (BWS): A BWS representative was requested to attend future meetings.


  1. Statue: It was asked and clarified the Buddhist statue at the end of Palm Street area is exempt from Chapter 18. Councilmember Martin’s representative noted an investigation conducted by the Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) found no violation; however, the statue’s owner has been contacted about moving the statue out of the line of sight. It was noted the statue owner is willing to work with the community.


  1. Nanea Street: It was reported the Nanea Street Lighting project will be completed before the paving of California Avenue.


Board of Water Supply – No representative was present; no report was available.


Councilmember Ernie Martin – Councilmember Ernie Martin reported projects being considered for the upcoming budget include Wahiawa Police Station improvements to the radio system, driveway reconstruction, improving the convenience center, reconstruction of one (1) basketball and one (1) volleyball court at Wahiawa District Park, and replacement of the large capacity cesspool at Iliahi Park. Funds are also being sought for repairs to the restroom facility and play area at Whitmore Park. Other projects can be identified by the Neighborhood Board; however, the County budget will be limited once again.


Questions, comments and concerns followed;


New Transit Center: Concern was raised of monitoring of the new transit center. It was asked if funds would be made available for monitoring equipment for the transit center. The question was noted.


Governor’s Representative – A Board member noted the Neighborhood Commission Office has sent a request for Governor’s representatives to attend Neighborhood Board meetings.  


Senator Donovan Dela Cruz – Senator Donovan Dela Cruz reported the following;


  • State Budget: There is a projected shortfall of $1.2 to $1.4 billion dollars in the State budget due in large part to the recent tsunami. It takes roughly $400 million to run the State each month. 


  • Lake Wilson: There is currently a bill in place to provide phytoremediation and eliminate odors from Lake Wilson.


  • Wahiawa Civic Center: A letter was submitted regarding a constituent concern of dumping and mowing of grass at the Wahiawa Civic Center. A proposal to invite an artist to paint a mural at the center was also discussed. Graffiti is less likely to occur over murals.


  • Lighting: A letter was sent to the State Department of Transportation (DOT) to address lack of lighting on the freeway.


  • Projects: The Governor has agreed to release funds for shovel ready projects. $132,200 has been appropriated for the resurfacing of the Mauka driveway at Leilehua High School.


  • Karsten Thot Wall: A letter was sent to DOT regarding overgrowth at the Karsten Thot Wall.


  • Land Trust: A trust for public land has been working with the State to acquire almost 2,000 acres of land. The Army, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) and the City’s Clean Water and Natural Lands fund will each pay $7 million for 1,516 acres of land between Lake Wilson and Paohomo. The Army, City and State will also pay an additional $18 million for another 200 acres. The OHA will take over 16 acres of land surrounding Kukaniloko. The remaining 1200 will be given to the State Agribusiness Development Corporation (ADC) to preserve the area surrounding Wahiawa for agricultural and cultural purposes.


  • Infrastructure: Legislature is looking to limit the need to create new infrastructure by building more structures upward in the urban core.


Questions, comments and concerns followed;


  1. Transit Oriented Development: It was asked and clarified zoning for transit oriented development is under the purview of the City.


  1. Building Upward: Concern was raised of community members’ position on building upward. It was noted it is not sustainable to keep building new roads and infrastructure.


  1. Senate Bill (SB)684 (Establishing a Lake Wilson Task Force): It was expressed that many of the initiatives started with the previous task force (1998 – 2003) have already been identified and only need updating. The Senator noted many laws have changed and permitting processes have changed since the end of the previous task force. It was noted SB15-55 would create a Public Lands Development Corporation (PLDC) which would allow for additional public-private partnerships. PLDC would operate under the State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) and would allow lands to generate revenue to pay for maintenance of the park. It was noted Lake Wilson could benefit from the creation of PLDC.


  1. Fresh Water: It was requested making a fresh water park a priority.


  1. Clean Up: It was noted producers are willing to do more filming at Lake Wilson if it is cleaned. The Senator suggested providing testimony.


  1. School Funding: It was asked and clarified that Federal funding for schools will quickly shrink. It was noted the State is trying to create a public school land trust to convert schools to a mixed use area and generate more money for the Department of Education (DOE). It was also noted legislature is considering building upward and placing businesses in the same building to generate revenue to pay for the facility.


  1. Water Treatment: It was asked and clarified that holding tanks have been installed at Lake Wilson to process water for treatment. Legislature is also reviewing bills to provide incentives for owners to maintain and upgrade private dams.


Representative Marcos Oshiro – The Chair reported Representative Oshiro will hold a mid-session update meeting on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at the Wahiawa Recreation Center. Representative Oshiro is Chair of the Finance Committee.


United States Army – Sgt. Williamson reported the 25th Infantry Division and 2nd Brigade are currently deployed. Lt. Gen. Lewinski was recently announced as the new commander.


Questions, comments and concerns followed;


3rd Brigade: It was asked and clarified that 3rd Brigade will deploy over a few weeks, beginning the last week of March 2011.


United States Navy – No representative was present; no report was available.




Residents’ Concerns – None.


Chair’s Report – The Chair reported the following;


  • California Avenue: Councilmember Martin sent out a letter to California Avenue residents with a good explanation of the five (5) phases of the California Avenue resurfacing project. Work will go slow due to shallow BWS pipes.


  • Central Restoration Advisory Board Meeting: Hugh Lowery will attend the Central Restoration Advisory Board meting to discuss ways to reduce contamination and pollution generated on military reservations.


  • Community Health Center: The F.A.C.E. group has proposed a Wahiawa Community Health Center to service individuals below the poverty level. A Federal grant is being applied for. The Chair is sending a letter of support for the center. Board members are also encouraged to submit letters of support.


  • Helemano Elementary School: Kyle Kagawa of MH Electric reported Helemano Elementary School will undergo electrical upgrades. Work is projected to take six (6) months to complete. MH Electric acknowledges the need to work with the community. A meeting is being scheduled with the school’s principal.


Questions, comments and concerns followed;


  1. Community Impact: It was asked and confirmed that residents will experience dust and noise generated by heavy equipment due to trenching work. If night work is permitted, work will only involve hand tools being used in classrooms. MH Electric is looking to do light impact work now and reserve major work for when school has recessed for the summer. Flyers will be made available to the public.


  1. Power Outages: It was asked and confirmed that power outages will occur; however, outages will only affect the school.


  1. Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO): It was asked and clarified that HECO will be replacing transformers; however, they will not be working on the project directly.


APPROVAL OF FEBRUARY 28, 2011 REGULAR MEETING MINUTES: The February 28, 2011 regular meeting minutes were UNANIMOUSLY ADOPTED AS CORRECTED, 6-0-0 (AYE: Acohido, Bauer, Francher, Harvest, Ishikawa and Lowery). Corrections included:


  • Page 1 – Under Guests should read…Barbara Ladao…(Senator Donavan Dela Cruz’s Office staff)…


  • Page 4 – Under Page 3 Naming of Wahiawa Bus Terminal should have stricken…There was a resolution which passed to re-name a bus terminal after Ellen Hyer.




Vessel Composting Facility – Greg Apa of Hawaiian Earth Recycling (HER) reported plans to construct a 112 acre In-Vessel Composing Facility off of Wilhelmina Drive. The proposed facility will process up to 150,000 tons per year of green waste, food waste, and sewage sludge and produce compost products. All mixing will be done in the facility. The facility will utilize the GORE cover system to control odors and emissions. The facility will consist of a truck weighing scale, an enclosed tipping a preparation building, storage tanks and an open processing area for the GORE covering system to be installed. A well will be drilled to extract water for the facility. Pursuant to contractual requirements, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be prepared. The draft EIS will include a traffic impact study, odor and air quality study, noise impact, water study, biological survey, visual assessment, archeological resource study, and a cultural impact statement. The Fertilizer facility will be used to separate materials. There is no anticipated discharge from the facility. When completed, a maximum of 26 vehicles can be expected per peak hour around the facility. Finished compost can be delivered to farmers and tilled into ground. The project currently has a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) minor. A CUP major is needed in the future.


Questions, comments and concerns followed;


  1. EIS: It was asked and clarified the EIS will be completed between July and August 2011.


  1. Wilikina Drive: It was asked and clarified that most traffic will be traveling on Wilikina Drive. It was noted HER trucks have been traveling the anticipated route over the last few months to get an idea of traffic flow in the area.


  1. Hours: It was asked and clarified the facility would be open for business on Saturdays. Concern was raised of traffic congestion on Saturdays. The HER representative agreed to adjust schedule to better deal with traffic.


  1. Well: It was asked and clarified a well would be drilled because the property had no access to water when purchased.


  1. Water: It was noted the project permit allows the facility to use .355 million gallons a day. It was also noted the Wahiawa Aquifer produces about 23 million gallons of water a day. Concern was raised of a potable water shortage. HER was encouraged to obtain permission from Dole to use R-2 water instead of potable water. 


  1. Army Water: It was asked and confirmed the property is too far from Army water.


  1. Closing Time: It was asked and clarified there are no current plans to stay open past 4:00 p.m.


  1. Green Waste: It was noted green waste ends up on road when the Schofield transfer station gets full. Concern was raised of the same happening in Wahiawa. The HER representative noted the company will clean any green waste left on road. HER is not anticipating the same amount of traffic at the Wahiawa facility as the Schofield facility.


  1. Traffic Plan: Concern was raised of traffic entering and exiting the facility. A traffic plan was requested as part of future presentations.


  1. Transfer Station: It was asked and clarified transfer stations at Campbell and Kapaa would not be downsized; however, the Campbell composting station will be downsized.


  1. Fleet: It was asked and clarified the current fleet consists of three (3) tractors and three (3) trailers.  




Treasurer’s Report – Dean Harvest read the February 2011 treasurer’ s report and reported a previous balance of $3,483.37, expenses of $37.30 and a remaining balance of $3,446.07. The report was filed.


Transportation Committee – Joe Francher reported the 2035 Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) transit plan is out for review and will be voted on by the committee in Wednesday, April 6, 2011. For more information, visit Former versions of the plan included proposals for a second exit from Whitmore Village into Wahiawa and access from Wahiawa to Mililani Mauka. There are currently no projects planned for central Oahu. Most projects affect the Waianae area. Review of the plan is done every five (5) years. A complaint was filed regarding the low number of central Oahu residents included in recent survey.


Water Concerns – Hugh Lowery reported Schofield produces roughly 2 million gallons of R-1 water a day. Waste water is currently being treated and put into Lake Wilson as R-1 water; however, after being put into Lake Wilson, water converts into R-2 water. R-1 water is safe for drinking and plants; however, R-2 water is only suitable for farming. The State is trying to aerate water to prevent fish from dying.


Wahiawa Community Base Development Organization – Joe Francher reported the Wahiawa Community Base Development Organization is trying to involve the community to improve economic conditions by organizing a micro enterprise training class to train residents on starting and running a small business. Interested and qualified individuals are being sought.


Harvest departed at 8:55 p.m.; five (5) members present.


Wahiawa Business Community Association – No report.


Whitmore Village Community Organization – Ben Acohido commended work done in the community by Surfing the Nations.




UNFINISHED BUSINESS – Ben Acohido reported the following;


  • California Avenue Resurfacing: Reported earlier in the agenda.            


  • Status of Bus Transit Center: The artwork at the transit center is unresolved. Original plans called for a mural depicting the history of Wahiawa as the pineapple capitol of the world.
  • Army Deployment/Redeployment Events: Item reported earlier in the agenda.


  • Appointment of Government/Military Affairs Chair: Seeing no objection, Acohido was appointed Chair of the Government/Military Affairs Committee.


NEW BUSINESS – Ben Acohido reported the following;


  • Invitation to Wahiawa Neighborhood 26 to Visit Military Facility: Board input is requested regarding visits to the War Memorial of the Pacific, the Admiral’s Barge at Pearl Harbor, Mount Ka’ala and the Hawaii Regional Security Operations Center (HRSOC).




  1. The Next Committee of the Whole Meeting is Tentatively Scheduled for Monday, April 4, 2011 at 6:30 P.M. at the Ceramic Room, Wahiawa Recreation Center


  1. The Next Regular Board Meeting is Monday, April 18, 2011 at 7:00 P.M.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:01 p.m.


Submitted by: Kazu McArthur (Neighborhood Assistant)


Reviewed by: Ben Acohido (Chair)


Last Reviewed: Tuesday, April 12, 2011