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CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Kathleen Pahinui called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.; a quorum was present with eleven (11) members present. 

MEMBERS PRESENT: Kathleen Pahinui, Jenny Vierra, Jake Ng, Dan Gora, Donald Keao, Aileen Stewart, Warren Scoville, Bob Leinau, Blake McElheny, Adam Cambra, Geraldine Meade, Lloyd O’Sullivan. 

MEMBERS ABSENT:  John Hirota, Paulette Lee, James Awai. 

GUESTS:  Wayne Udeck, Councilmember Donovan Dela Cruz and Reed Matsuura (Council staff), James Nakatani (Congressman Ed Case), Sali Uli’i, Mary Lou Gora, Major John Lynch (U.S. Army 25th Infantry), Meryl Andersen, Brooke Digges (ENSO), Arlene Kawahakui, Sgt. Brad Roberts (Honolulu Police Department), Stew Ring (Mokuleia Community Association), FF3 Debbie Wayman (Honolulu Fire Department), Karlyne Sadanaga and Darnell Cole (Dole Plantation), Bodo Van Der Leedon (HESD/OSD), Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Edayan, Patsy Gibson (Outdoor Circle), C. Haines, David Bramlett, Diane Anderson, (NSOC), Antya Miller (North Shore Chamber of Commerce), Col. Gary Ishikawa (Governor’s Representative / State Department of Defense), Carol Philips, Senator Robert Bunda and Laura Figueira, Judy Fomin and Chet Naylor (SBCA), George Kuo (Board of Water Supply), Thomas Shirai, Bill Howes, Doug Aton (Mayor’s Representative / Oahu Civil Defense Agency), Kanani Langley (Toys for Tots), Marie Richardson (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).    


Honolulu Police Department (HFD) – Sgt. Brad Roberts reported the following for August as compared to July 2003: 1) There were burglaries 9/13, unauthorized entry into motor vehicles (UEMV) 18/53, auto thefts 5/4, other thefts 29/38.  At the request of Chair Pahinui, Sgt. Roberts will remain to address any concerns coming up under Residents Concerns. 

Mr. Adam Cambra arrived during the above portion of the meeting.  (12 members present) 

Honolulu Fire Station (HFD) – FF3 Debbie Wayman (Waialua Fire Station) reported the following statistics:  1) For Sunset Beach Station:  There were 1 vehicle and 3 rubbish fires, 1 auto accident, 1 search/rescue, 5 medical and 10 miscellaneous alarms.  2) For Waialua Station:  There were 11 brush, 5 rubbish, 4 vehicle and 1 cooking fire, 12 medical and 1 search/rescue alarm.  3) One major incident was at Kaena Point, the September 18 – 19 brush fire.  4) Safety Tip:  a) If you wake up in a smoke-filled room, roll out of bed, stay low and crawl to the door.  Smoke fills a room from the top to bottom.  Feel the door with the back of your hand.  If it is cool, open the door slowly and check if the exit is safe.  Close the door, stay low, get out and meet at the safe place selected by your family.  If the door is hot, use the other previously designated escape route.  b) If both escape routes are blocked by fire and heat, stay where you are and call 911.  While waiting for help to arrive: wet towels or rags and stuff them in the cracks of doors to prevent smoke from entering; if in a high rise and you can get to a window, alert others of you location and wait for help to arrive.  5) During the month of September, Fire Fighter’s Safety and Health Guides will be distributed to various elementary schools.  Parent and teacher participation with students are greatly encouraged.  6) Fire Prevention Week is scheduled for October 5 – 11, with events scheduled at various locations throughout Oahu.    

Mr. Scoville commended HFD for their efforts when not saving people or fighting a fire, they are saving sea turtles.  He noted three fire fighters fully clothed, jumped in the ocean at Papailoa and rescued a turtle that was wedged in a crevice for approximately 36 – 48 hours.   

U.S. ARMY 25TH INFANTRY DIVISION:  Major John Lynch reported the following:  1) There were 6 EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) support missions, all on post.  2) There were 21 fire bucket support missions, all on Oahu.  3) The were 24 MAST (Military Assist to Safety and Traffic) medical missions, totaling 34.3 flight hours; 3 Medi-Vac missions, totaling 3.7 hours, saving the State $103,517.  4) The 25th Infantry Division (Light) is still tasked to deploy to Afghanistan early next year.  5) The 25th Infantry Division (Light) and the U.S. Army, Hawaii reached an agreement with Earth Justice to return to live-fire training immediately on the Pilila’au Range in Makua Valley.  In return, the Army agreed to complete an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) within three years.  The Makua Draft EIS is projected to be available in September – October 2003.  It is currently at the Department of Army for review.   

Questions, comments and concerns followed: 

1.    After several calls to Major Lynch’s Office with no response, Ms. Diane Anderson expressed concern about the constant low flying helicopters over her house in the Kawailoa area.  This activity goes on every hour until after midnight.  She mentioned the Police Beach area, which is a route that is supposed to be used, but is not being used.  

Major Lynch apologized and indicated the pilots are allowed to fly over that area at 2,000 feet until they get offshore.  He received similar concerns from Mr. Scoville and though this is one of the primary routes they are allowed to take, they are addressing the issue at a pilots’ meeting.  He additionally noted for the future to continue calling him with specific dates and times of the low flying helicopters.  Major Lynch will continue the discussion with Ms. Anderson outside of the Board meeting. 

2.    Mr. Jake Ng is sympathetic to the military and really understands the efforts for the night training; and personally thanked the military for being part of the community. 

3.    Mr. Bob Leinau expressed the same sentiments as Ms. Anderson of concerns expressed some years back, where a civilian voice had a more constructive affect.  Chair Pahinui suggested Ms. Anderson might want follow-up on this. 

 4.    Mr. Stew Ring in the absence of Vicky Lyman, addressed and thanked Major Lynch (25th Infantry Division) and Sgt. Roberts (HPD) for the great job of cleaning Army Beach in Mokuleia of the trash, derelict cars, etc.; and the efforts with the all terrain vehicles; once again giving the beach back to the community and the public.   

5.    Mr. Blake McElheny thanked Major Lynch for the updates.  He raised an issue regarding the format in which the community could interact with the military about the proper training areas; getting input from the community regarding schedule times and uses.  Major Lynch’s belief is there is no other format for interacting directly with the Public Affairs Office other than the Board (at this time) – however, they are willing to look at other opportunities to interact with the North Shore community.  In regards to the jurisdiction issue of Army Beach, the Oahu Base Support Battalion is working to give jurisdiction to HPD to work out the issues on enforcement.  Chair Pahinui asked Mr. McElheny to provide his phone number to Major Lynch. 


1.    Mr. Wayne Udeck is concerned about an issue from a year ago, involving the Housing and Community Development Corporation of Hawaii (HCDCH), drug activity, vagrancy, theft and intimidation of the seniors who live at Waialua O Kupuna Homes.  He noted that a new resident manager was to begin in August and yet there is still no resident manager.  He feels the present manager is not doing an adequate job; therefore he is requesting help from the Board. 

       Col. Gary Ishikawa will continue to assist in this matter regarding the start date of the new resident manager. 

Chair Pahinui relinquished the gavel to Vice Chair Ng to be able to participate in the next Resident’s Concern.  

2.    Ms. Kathleen Pahinui expressed concern about a tremendous problem with the homeless in the Mokuleia area.  Ms. Vicky Lyman informed her of a male living in his car who admitted causing a recent fire; another male was seen on the side of the road with a gun, threatening people when they drove by.  It is becoming an issue of people being afraid.  According to Peter Young, State Department of Land and Natural Resources and William Balfour, City Department of Parks and Recreation, both indicated not much could be done unless HPD is contacted. Mr. Ring stated the following:  1) People have been living at Mokuleia Beach Park for years and denying the use of the park to others.  2) On the State land near Kaena Point on Army Beach, in the naupaka bushes, makai of Farrington Highway, is an entire community with garbage, vehicles, tents, and no sanitary facilities, so all the human waste is going into the sand. 

       He further commented it is unfair because the beaches belong to everyone.  The community needs the help of Representative Magaoay, Senator Bunda and the Governor in getting legislation passed to enable HPD to enforce the laws.  He thanked Ms. Pahinui’s for her comment of appreciation for the help of the military and HPD and indicated the efforts to resolve this on-going problem would continue.   

Vice Chair Ng relinquished the gavel back to Chair Pahinui and meeting the resumed.   

3.    Ms. Antya Miller of the North Shore Community Chamber of Commerce (NSCCC) announced the following: a) Sign up to participate on Saturday, September 27 from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. for the cleanup workday at Weed Circle.  2) Copies of the NSCCC brochure are available at the sign-in table for your interest.  3) The “Haleiwa North Shore” sign on the Wahiawa end of the Joseph P. Leong bypass has been stolen.  If the sign is recovered, the State Department of Transportation will help put it back up.  She is concerned about the theft/vandalism in the community and is interested in seeing a Weed and Seed Program for the entire North Shore area.  

4.    Ms. Carol Philips announced the following: 1) A task force called “No Ice in Paradise” meets once a month.  Everyone is invited all to actively participate and be a part of this task force.  The next meeting will be held on Friday, October 17 at 6:30 p.m., in the old video store, behind the Haleiwa Post Office.  2) Stay tuned for the “ICE” documentary on Wednesday, September 24, 7 p.m. on all the local television stations.  3) On Thursday, September 25 from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m., will be a statewide sign waving effort.  There will be three sign waving locations: Sunset Beach, Weed Circle and Thompson Corner.  Contact Ms. Philips at 638-1149 for more information.  

5.    Rexanne Dubiel is concerned about the bike path at Sunset Beach, for which she indicated monies have been allocated and released two and a half years ago to extend the bike path.  She is requesting the Board send letter asking when this project will begin.   

6.    Mr. Doug Aton would address Vision project updates in the Mayor’s report. 

7.    Mr. McElheny called to attention a series of newspaper articles regarding State Land Use Laws and encouraged everyone to follow closely and become more informed about the ongoing discussions on agricultural land and urban growth boundaries, thereby being better able to communicate effectively to elected officials.    

8.    Mr. Jake Ng raised a concern about the closure of the North Shore Open Market and requested that this matter be on next month’s agenda.   

9.    Ms. Judy Fomin with the Sunset Beach Community Association (SBCA) and on behalf of the Friends of Pupukea - Paumalu let the Board know about a resolution for the protection of Pupukea – Paumalu, the SBCA passed.  Copies of this resolution of support have been sent to all elected officials. 


Approval of Videotaping of Board Meeting 2003/2004 – In response to an ad placed in the North Shore News, the Board has received two proposals:  a) Digital Image Productions, LLC – Leonard Keao Jr., President for $100 per meeting; and b) Olelo Community Television at Kahuku, Tammy Toma, Satellite Manager and Mike Winget for $150 per meeting.  Mike Winget will be the lead person working with students from Waialua and Kahuku High School to assist in these productions.  Also noted and to be considered is that the students would need to be out of the meetings by 9:30 p.m.

Discussion followed with the difference between the costs of the two proposals, which Chair Pahinui stated that both videographers were told that the last videographer had been paid $150 per meeting.  Although the Board’s budget was cut this 2004 – 2005 fiscal year, the money for videotaping should be adequate to cover all the Board meetings.   

Mr. McElheny moved, Ms. Meade seconded to accept the Olelo proposal.  Discussion followed:  Mr. McElheny found it exciting and appreciated the use of students videotaping other neighborhood board meetings.  Mr. Ng opposed for the reason that the North Shore meetings have important issues/concerns and that it would be unfair to end videotaping at 9:30 p.m.  Ms. Meade favors the motion and commented that this is a good way of getting involved in community affairs.  The motion passed with the necessary 8 votes. 


Toys For Tots – Mr. Kanani Langley representing a local motorcycle club, which for the past few years has participated in the Toys for Tots Program.  He mentioned the group has worked with the children in need from the Waianae community.  This year the group has decided to support the community of a club member from this area.  The group is looking to obtain a list of about 175 – 200 less fortunate children from this area.  Mr. Langley will be working with Ron Valenciana (North Shore News) and Board Chair Pahinui and as things progress.  Regular updates to the Board will be provided. 

Chair Pahinui thanked Mr. Langley and his group for the unselfish efforts given to the less fortunate children and for the honor of selecting the North Shore Community this year. 


North Shore Outdoor Circle - Bill 50: Advertising on the sides of City Buses – Ms. Patsy Gibson, of the North Shore Outdoor Circle, spoke in opposition to Bill 50 – relating to advertising on the sides of City buses and described the various ads that might end up on the buses if the bill is passed that would be offensive.   

The message is a difficult issue; not just of the issue of the buses, but also the issue of where do we go with the signs.  Though she realizes that Councilmember Dela Cruz had good intentions of trying to make monies for the buses, she feels there are other ways of accomplishing that and noted the only ones who will be making money would be those in the advertising business and those who would benefit from the ads.  She encouraged everyone to oppose Bill 50 – relating to advertising on the City buses by calling all Council members. 

The following comments were:  

1.    Chair Pahinui openly disclosed that she is employed by the third largest advertising agency in the State of Hawaii, but agrees with Ms. Gibson and opposes Bill 50. 

2.       According to Councilmember Dela Cruz it looks like City Council will be deferring Bill 50.  His reasoning for the introduction of the Bill 50, was that the Council was tasked with raising $6.8 million to cover operating costs of the bus system.  Current options include raising fares.  Those adversely affected by this fare raise proposal would be seniors with a 500% increase or $60 a year.  The matter raised many concerns and numerous complaints.  Unlike the administration and other Councilmembers, he disagrees with the City’s method of cutting service.  So without raising taxes and cutting services, Bill 50 was his way to avoid the affects it would have on his rural district.   

In a lengthy discussion with Mary Steiner, of the Outdoor Circle, she was open to the idea of assisting in the efforts by asking the Transportation Committee to defer the matter until all the different possibilities can be explored.  Ms. Dubiel’s suggested calling the Council members this or any issue.  

3.   Mr. Ng commended Councilmember Dela Cruz for the hard decision to introduce Bill 50.  But like Councilmember Dela Cruz, he sincerely believes if services are going to be cut, this district is where the cut to services would be made.     

APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR THE JULY 22, 2003 REGULAR MEETING: The following were corrections to the minutes:  

     *      Page 2, second paragraph (item 4), second sentence, delete Circle, should be Corner. 

*      Page 5, third paragraph (item 6), should read, “…  Shearwater (‘UA ‘U KANI) bird, which is on the protected status list.”   “ … approximately 20 – 30 new burrows were observed nesting in Kahuku, Kaena Point and near Chuns Reef.  

*      Page 7, item 1, should read, “McElheny expressed concern that the amendments were made without consultation with the established Advisory Task Force.  He was also concerned about comments from the DLNR staff that they knew that the Task Force would recommend against the amendments.  McElheny questioned whether the Task Force would ever be consulted in the future, and it not, why not.”  

Mr. Leinau moved, Mr. Keao seconded to approve the July 22, 2003 Regular Meeting Minutes as amended.  The motion carried unanimously.   

TREASURER'S REPORT:  Mr. Dan Gora reported the following for the month of 2003:  1) The Operating Account balance was $1,520.00.  Current expenses were $58.37, leaving a balance to-date of $1,461.63.  2) The Publicity Account balance was $1,451.00.  Current expenses were $150.00, leaving a July balance to-date of $1,301.00.  The Refreshment account balance is $120.00.  There were no expenses, leaving a balance to-date of $120.00.  

Mr. Keao moved, Mrs. Meade seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report ending July 31, 2003, subject to audit.  The motion carried unanimously.   

CORRESPONDENCE AND CHAIR'S REPORT:  A list of correspondence was available at the sign-in table.  Contact Marie Richardson at the Neighborhood Commission Office at 523-4380 for copies of any of the correspondence listed.  Chair Pahinui highlighted the following:   

1.       Email from Mr. Dean Minakami, of Wilson Okamoto Corporation, requesting the opportunity to give a presentation on a new housing development in Kauanala.  Information to contact Ms. Fomin of the Sunset Beach Community Association was passed to Mr. Minakami.  Copy of the email was forwarded to Sunset Beach representatives. 

2.       Letter from Wilson Okamoto Corporation, regarding the Environmental Assessment for the Velzyland Hillside Estates.  (Distributed to Sunset Beach members) 

3.       Distributed is the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) priority list with the exception of the Waialua district. 

Questions and comments followed:  

1.    Mr. Leinau commented that a number of projects that were on the list for a couple of years, were funded and given a project number, have mysteriously evaporated. 

2.    Councilmember Dela Cruz’s office will formalize a letter and attach the CIP list of the items to be forwarded to Mayor Harris and will be requesting the release of the funds for the projects.        

The Board took a brief recess at 8 p.m. and resumed order at order at 8:08 p.m. 


Mayor's Representative – With Mr. Doug Aton was Mr. James Nakatani of Congressman Ed Case’s Office who will be assisting in the cleaning efforts of the Army Beach area.  1) During his visit to Army Beach, Mr. Nakatani found it to be pretty clean.  Sgt. Davis (Army) has been tasked with the cleaning efforts and removal of derelict cars, rubbish, etc. each month, which in the past was done every three months.  He also encouraged contact with the public relations person of the Military Relations Department.  2) He also mentioned the following:  a) The war on “ice”, the Jones Act and the move to increase federal migrant aid to Hawaii. 

Questions, comments and concerns followed:  

1.    Mr. Ring commented the problems occurring at Mokuleia, which stems back 10 – 15 years, have not been resolved and still need a lot of work and legislation needs to be introduced again to help solve the problems. 

2.    Ms. Jenny Vierra asked what prompted the introduction of the three bills relating to the Jones Act; and how does it affect the agricultural/flower industry relating shipping; and the affects during war time. 

       Mr. Nakatani explained the bills were introduced to end closed market cargo shipping to, from and within Hawaii (i.e. such as the cattle industry, agricultural and flower industry, which can’t get its product to market fast enough and at a reasonable price).  The defense for having the Jones Act in a time of war, Congressman Case feels today is not such as it was 50 – 60 years ago and whereby today there are enough foreign vessels to transport products.                 

Mr. Aton reported the following:  1) The City Van Program was expanded (during the bus strike) to include a senior shuttle.  Being involved in this effort made him realize there is a true need for good transportation service.  2) The Civil Defense siren at Laie is finally functional.  3) A heads up from Mr. Manny Menendez that the City will be installing a more permanent skateboard facility at Alii Beach Park within the next six weeks.  More details will follow.  4) At the August 7 Vision meeting, the focus was on existing projects.  The Administration decided that only projects with construction monies would be completed.  a) With regards to other projects with planning and design monies, the Administration will put them on a priority list to be completed when monies become available.  b) Vision team members were informed of a meeting to be held soon on a sustainability conference.  The Mayor will encourage vision team members to participate in addressing issues of the environment, crime, transportation and the economy.  c) Following a discussion, the consensus of the vision team was as follows:  All issues should be folded into projects of the Neighborhood Board; the group disagrees that the administration has the ability to prioritize their community projects; that U.H. should do a study and learn how not to do things; that a four year plan be implemented of where North Shore wants to be in four years; that the Vision team not meet until the Mayor and the Administration knows where to go with vision projects.  5) There is a plan for a vision facilitator meeting in the near future to follow-up on the issues that have not been addressed; therefore vision meetings will be postponed.  

Chair Pahinui questioned how could a skateboard park be installed in six weeks when other projects such as Banzai Skate Park have waited for completion for a long time.  Mr. Aton credited Mr. Menendez, who was instrumental in getting the Hawaii Kai Skate Park done.

Board of Water Supply (BWS) – Mr. George Kuo reported the following:  1) There was one main break on August 24, of a 6-inch cast iron pipe at 67- 435 Kekauwa Street.  2) Water Announcements:  a) Since August 2, when the BWS called for voluntary conservation efforts, water consumption on Oahu had decreased about five percent.  While water levels are still lower than a year ago, BWS is stepping up its voluntary conservation efforts by reminding users of the voluntary irrigation schedule; reminding restaurants about the rules on serving water only upon request; the extension of the media campaign until the end of September; and the partnering with government agencies to encourage more water conservation in the visitor industry.  b) One change to the voluntary irrigation schedule is public grounds maintenance personnel and government users may follow a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule.  All others are asked to follow the Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday guidelines.  c) The Kalaeloa Desalination Plant project was blessed on Thursday, August 28.  The $40 million facility will be able to produce 35 million gallons per day (mgd) of potable water.  Phase One of the project, a 5 mgd facility, should be completed in two years.  d) The Halawa Xeriscape Garden reopened on September 3.  Closed earlier because of Homeland Security concerns; the garden will open on Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Tours are available by appointment.  Call 748-5312 for more information.  e) The new water conservation brochure, “32 ways to save water from the watershed to your home,” is being sent along with your next water bill to all BWS service holders. 

Questions, comments and concerns followed: 

1.    Mr. Kuo responded to Ms. Miller’s question about plans for the desalinated water, that this is the first phase of the project to see how much operating costs will be incurred on this project and a way of saving the ground water by providing sustainability and resources; and a relief to the reliability against drought. 

2.    One of the priorities of BWS is forming a watershed-planning management.  Contact Kuo if interested in a watershed planning partnership.   

3.    The criteria of what is a watershed - is the whole ahupua’a, from the entire shaft of the valley to the ocean.              

Councilmember Donovan Dela Cruz – Councilmember Dela Cruz follow-upped on requests from the previous meeting:  1) A letter was submitted to the Mayor asking to provide parking at Waimea Valley.  2) The comfort station (Mr. Keao) at Alii Beach Park, according to the Department of Design and Construction, should be completed by late January 2004.  3) The portion of Mr. Ng’s sidewalk project in front of Waialua Elementary is being looked at being put into the next phase, which hopefully will go out to bid by December and construction to begin in 2004.  4) A letter was sent to the Administration regarding Ms. Lee’s ADA issues at Kaiaka Bay.  If it is an issue, then they will look at putting it in the next budget.  5) A request was sent to the Office of Council Services to draft a resolution that the City works with the North Shore Marketplace to extend the lease.  6) According to the administration, the repaving of the Waialua Beach Road is slated for the later part of 2004.  7) A letter to the Department of Parks and Recreation regarding Mr. Keao’s picnic tables and children’s play apparatus for Alii Beach Park, requesting that it be included if it is not on the list for play apparatus.  8)  The road condemnation for Sunset Beach Recreation Center will be addressed on the Council agenda tomorrow.  9) On September 30, the Windward Homeless Coalition would be having a meeting at KEY Project to address homeless issues in the community.  10) Being heard tomorrow is Bill 53 – Relating to bus fares to increase the individual adult fare to $2, with one transfer.  11) Construction of Banzai Rock Skateboard facility is slated to begin in November and completed June 2004.  12) According to the administration, irrigation and grassing will begin in late 2003 for the Kaiaka Beach Medi-Vac landing.  

Questions, comments and concerns followed: 

1.    Ms. Dubiel asked if there would be ceremony before they begin the Banzai Rock project.  Councilmember Dela Cruz indicated that the Department of Design and Construction is overseeing the project, but he would ask.   

2.    Ms. Miller heard that the Haleiwa Town sidewalk project was stalled and requested a follow-up regarding that.  Councilmember Dela Cruz acknowledged.   

3.    Chair Pahinui clarified that “no parking” signs be installed at Ka Waena, Ke Iki and Ke Nui Roads because people living in the area are having difficulty exiting their roads on to Kamehameha Highway.  Councilmember Dela Cruz to discuss further with the SBCA. 

Governor's Representative - Col. (Ret.) Gary Ishikawa distributed the Governor’s report and spotlighted the following:  1) Hawaii is taking a stand against drugs; the Lingle Administration was awarded $3.6 million from the Federal Government.  2) Follow-up to previously asked questions:  a) As of August, work has resumed at the Alii Beach Park comfort station.  b) The investigation for crash history, fronting the Dole Plantation, did not show a trend of speed-related accidents, and found that the sight distance was adequate so the speed limit was not revised.  c) The reply from the parks department regarding the dumpsters at the end of Farrington Hwy by Kaena Point indicated the vendor could not dump the rubbish because people tossed large auto parts in the dumpster.  Items of this sort need to be taken to a recycling company and not disposed with the household rubbish.  They were able to work things out with the vendor and service has resumed. 

Questions, comments and concerns followed: 

1.    Mr. Leinau asked whether the Governor has released funding for various projects. Col. Ishikawa indicated the Governor has lifted the 40% restrictions on the departments; however if there were a specific project of interest, he would correlate that information.  Mr. Leinau indicated that funding was released to Kahuku Hospital and since they’re in as much dire need as Wahiawa Hospital, he is specifically concerned about that. 

2.    Ms. Miller’s question related to the Dole Plantation issue of speeding and accidents.  She feels the accidents there are a major problem and needs to be addressed. 

       Other comments indicated the same concerns at the same location such as: traffic going Wahiawa bound and making a left turn into Dole Plantation; egress and ingress; people unfamiliar with the area; and though speed may not necessarily be the factor, the left turn into Dole Plantation is.  

       Col. Ishikawa will pass the information on and would like to invite someone from the State Department of Transportation to address these issues at the next meeting. 

States Senator Robert Bunda – Before proceeding with his report, Senator Robert Bunda commented that speed is a factor and a major problem near Dole Plantation, and as a result, numerous accidents and even a fatality have occurred.  He has addressed this issue with the State transportation department.  He then proceeded to report the following:  1) Senate Bill 831 – Relating to criminal trespassing, is still alive.  He asked the Board for a resolution in support to help pass the measure.  2) The Governor just signed the rules on August 28, allowing for commercial net fishing.  3) He thanked Chair Pahinui and Mr. Ng for their participating with the flooding issues.  The near term solution of the department is to lower the water level of the lake by 8 – 10 feet; however longer-term measures are being looked at to mitigate the next 100-year storm. 

Chair Pahinui suggested putting together a package of bills of importance to the community and asked to have Senator Bunda do a presentation at the Board’s November meeting.  Senator Bunda was open to the suggestion.  

Ms. Miller expressed disappointment that a government Board would over turn the community process of the MLCB and feels that it was wrong.   

States Representative Michael Magaoay – Larry Sagaysay reported the following:  1) Representative Magaoay’s office received calls regarding the following:  Rubbish burning in Mokuleia; abandoned vehicles; a resident near the Kupuna Housing area having fruit stolen from him and being assaulted; and drug activity and drug houses in the North Shore.  According to Mr. Sagaysay, many of these were a result of people not knowing where to call or who to call.  2) Anyone interested in introducing bills for next year’s legislative session should contact Representative Magaoay’s Office at 586-6380.  

As suggested earlier to Senator Bunda, Chair Pahinui requested from Representative Magaoay a packet of bills to be supported presented at the November Board meeting.  

Mr. Leinau questioned why an individual would call Representative Magaoay’s Office regarding rubbish burning in Mokuleia and not the fire department.  According to the individual, the fire department ignored him. 


1.    The next Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 28, 2003 at the John Kalili Surf Center at 7:00 p.m. 

2.    Councilmember Dela Cruz announced tomorrow the full Council would be hearing a resolution asking for a blue ribbon task force to amend the 1994 Surf Contest Rules.   

3.    Saturday, October 25 is the “Make a Difference Day”.  Contact Rexanne Dubiel or show up at Ehukai Beach Park at 8:30 a.m.  There will also be a dance to raise money for the bike path on November 15 at Waimea Falls Audubon Center.  Admission in advance is $10 or $12 at the door.   

4.    There will be an “Informational Workshop for North Shore Non-Profits”.  Hosted by Empower North Shore Oahu and Parents and Children Together on Saturday, September 27 at Waialua Community Association Gym from 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.  Cost is $10 ($5 for ENSO members).  Call 637-3340 for more information. 

5.    A grant proposal-writing workshop instructed by Karen Kawachi and hosted by Empower North Shore Oahu, will be held on Saturday, October 11 at Waialua Community Association Gym from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Cost is $15 ($10 ENSO members).  Call 637-3340 for more information.   

ADJOURNMENT:  Without any objections, the meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Submitted by Marie Richardson, Neighborhood Assistant

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

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