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CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Kathy Bryant-Hunter called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. with a quorum present. 

MEMBERS PRESENT:  DorothyRose Babineau (newly appointed), Lawrence Bartley, Kathy Bryant-Hunter, Jon Chinen, Leroy Colombe, Jim Corcoran, Charles (Chip) Fletcher, Pamela Garrison, Debbi Glanstein, Knud Lindgard, Brenda Lumeng, Claudine Tomasa, Charles Prentiss, Robert (Bob) Vieira, Duane Samson, Barry Wong, Donna Wong. 

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Joe Harding, Bruce Huddleston. 

GUESTS:  Deputy Director Chris Diebling (Mayor’s Representative – Department of Budget and Fiscal Services), Director Mark Recktenwald (Governor’s Representative – Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs), Nancy Crittenden (Councilmember Barbara Marshall’s Office staff), Barbara Krasniewski (Senator Fred Hemmings’ Office staff), Andrew Malahoff (Representative Tommy Waters’ Office staff), Dick Pendleton (Representative David Pendleton’s representative), Christina Hoe (Representative Cynthia Thielen’s Office staff), Lieutenant John Cheong (Honolulu Police Department – Kailua Station), Captain William Andrade and Fire Fighter Mark Cabral (Honolulu Fire Department – Kailua Station); Lieutenant Colonel Sara Fry (Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii), Peri Manthos (Carter & Burgess), Lee Sichter and Aaron Aikau (Belt Collins), Vincent Shigekuni, Brenda Lowery and Sara Slouin (PBR Hawaii); President Allen Dalton and Headmaster Adrian Allen (Le Jardin), Ann Kusao (Kusao & Kurahashi), Molly Mosher-Cates and Miles Nishijima (Kaneohe Ranch); President and Chief Financial Officer Mitchell D’Olier (Kaneohe Ranch and Harold K.L. Castle Foundation), Steve Marlette (MC Architects), Jim Wood (Koolau News); Joel Hijirida and Rusti Gephart (Citizens Against Reckless Development); Cohen Char, Scott O’Brien and Robin Char (Boys Scouts of America – Troop 74); Morton Nemiroff and Kevin Allen (Department of Emergency Services – Ocean Safety Division), JoAnn Best (Kailua Outdoor Circle), H. Bumanglag, Stann Reiziss, Lillian Hong (Olelo), Mahealani Hanohano (Neighborhood Commission Office staff). 

PRESENTATION OF CERTIFICATES FOR NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD MEMBERS ENDING THEIR TERMS:  Chair Bryant-Hunter presented Board members Fletcher, Prentiss, Colombe Garrison, Lumeng and Huddleston with Certificates of Recognition for their service to the community. 

Chair Bryant-Hunter congratulated Board members that were elected for the 2003-2004 Board term. 

Chinen arrived at 7:12 (14 members present). 

APPOINTMENT TO FILL ONE (1) VACANT SUB-DISTRICT – 1 SEAT:  Glanstein nominated former Board member DorothyRose Babineau to fill the vacancy.  Prentiss moved and Glanstein seconded that the nominations be closed.  The motion carried unanimously, 14-0-0.  Babineau was appointed to fill one Sub-district 1 seat by acclimation. 

Neighborhood Assistant Hanohano administered the Oath of Office to Babineau (15 members present). 


HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD) – Captain William Andrade, of the Kailua Station, introduced Fire Fighter Mark Cabral and reported the following:  1) Statistics totals for the month of April 2003:  There was 1 structure and 2 vehicle fire-related; and 54 medical, 2 search/rescue and 37 miscellaneous emergency-related calls for response.  2) The structure fire at 477 Aulima Loop involved 7 companies and the cause is currently under investigation.  3) Fire Safety Tip:  “Set your water heater at 120º Fahrenheit, or call an electrician or plumber to set it for you.  Temperatures higher than that may cause scalding.” 

HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD) – WINDWARD DISTRICT-4 – Lieutenant John Cheong, of the Kailua Station, distributed a monthly statistics report for April 2003 and highlighted the following:  1) There were 9 burglaries, 17 thefts, 3 robberies and 5 auto thefts.  2) Police Safety Tip:  “Teen drivers are the highest at-risk age group on highways and traffic crashes are still the leading cause of death for youth between 15 and 24 years of age.  As the high school year ends, many graduation parties will be held.  Underage drinking is increased at this time.  The social impacts of teen driving cannot be underestimated.  Be sure to monitor your child’s coming and goings and keep track of their companions.  Besides the usual culprits of drugs and alcohol, speeding, bravado and failure to wear seatbelts, account for thousands of lost teen lives every year.  A recent study found that a 16-year-old driver with three or more passengers was three times likely to die in a fatal wreck.”  For information on Project Graduation, call the Safe Community Youth Activities Program of the Department of Education at 531-5400 or HPD’s Traffic Division at 529-3105. 

MARINE CORPS LIAISON – Lieutenant Colonel Sara Fry reported the following:  1) A Volunteer Recognition Ceremony will be held on May 2, 2003.  2) The 25th ID Twilight Tattoo will be held on May 3, 2003, 4:00 p.m. at Kuroda Field, Fort DeRussy.  3) Military Family Day at Bishop Museum will be held on May 4, 2003, 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  4) A combined Military Band Concert will be held on May 17, 2003, 7:00 p.m. at Hawaii Theater.  5) A Memorial Day Concert will be held on May 23, 2003, 6:30 p.m. at the Hawaii War Memorial.  6) The Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF), a partnership between U.S. Pacific Command and the Department of Education (DOE), coordinates the expenditure of the annual $5 million that Congress has allocated to help Hawaii public schools.  The funding is allocated for school repair and maintenance, information technology, textbooks and playground improvements.  The Hawaii 3Rs program by U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye to use community volunteers and donations to help improve Hawaii’s school facilities will also receive $1 million of that funding.  Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH) has been using federal funding from the JVEF to purchase materials and supplies to help complete significant volunteer “self-help” projects at a total of 14 local schools, most of which are located on Windward Oahu, in the past two years.  This year $95,000 is funded for MCBH projects. 


1)       Corcoran commended Lieutenant Colonel Fry for her service in the War Against Iraq and congratulated her on her retirement. 

2)         Chair Bryant-Hunter commended the military’s JVEF and 3Rs programs. 

3)         Chair thanked HPD for their “Tips of the Month”. 

4)         Jim Wood stated that the Kapaa Quarry Road Cleanup Community Stewardship Project held on April 26, 2003 was successful at cleaning the roadside areas of Kapaa Quarry Road from the Model Airplane Park to Mokapu Boulevard.  There will be future clean-ups. 

5)         Wood indicated that there will be future projects to continue the ongoing Salvania Molesta control problem in the Kawai Nui Marsh area. 

6)         Chair Bryant-Hunter announced that the Kawai Nui Marsh Hoolaulea will be held on Saturday, May 3, 2003 at Ulu Po; parking at YMCA. 

Bartley arrived at 7:35 p.m. (16 members present). 

COMMUNITY ISSUES:  There were no community issues at this time. 


 MAYOR’S REPRESENTATIVE – Deputy Director Chris Diebling, of the Department of Budget and Fiscal Services, reported the following:  1) The Executive Operating and Capital Budget for the fiscal year 2003-2004 were both passed on second reading in CD-1 forms subsequent to a public hearing held on April 30, 2003.  Both Bill 11, CD1, the Executive Operating Budget, and Bill 12, CD1, the Executive Capital Budget, were referred back to the Budget Committee for further review and amendment.  The budget bills and the resolution to set real property tax rates are scheduled to be heard and voted on for adoption at the June 4, 2003 City Council meeting.  2) Sunset on the Plains will be held on May 3 and 4, 2003, 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Kapolei Fairgrounds. 

GOVERNOR’S REPRESENTATIVE – Director Mark Recktenwald, of the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, reported the following:  1) The “rock fall” study for the Pali Highway has been completed and is currently before the Attorney General for review.  He will update the Board on the matter.  2) All of the bills relating to the appropriations of funding by the Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) for design and construction of the Kailua High School Access Road have not passed.  The joint concurrent resolution to establish a task force regarding the matter did not pass.  Although, no monies have been appropriated for design and construction, the Administration is considering its option, such as having DAGS work on conceptual plans for the project.  3) SB 1055, HD1, which appropriates general funds to the motor vehicle and licensing division of the City & County of Honolulu to develop and operate a motor vehicle insurance database that is interactive with the statewide motor vehicle registration computer file and be operational by January 2004 did not move forward in Conference Committee but will be discussed next session. 

COUNCILMEMBER BARBARA MARSHALL – Nancy Crittenden distributed Councilmember Barbara Marshall’s report and highlighted the following:  1) Newly appointed and former Board member DorothyRose Babineau will be honored at the next City Council meeting for her service to the community.  2) The next “3 Talks” meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 6, 2003, 7:00 p.m. at the Waimanalo Homestead Association Meeting Room.  3) She can be contacted at 547-1003. 

Tomasa arrived at 7:43 p.m. (17 members present). 

SENATOR FRED HEMMINGS – Barbara Krasniewski distributed Senator Fred Hemmings report and highlighted the following:  1) Senators representing the Kailua area voted not to accept the legislature’s proposed salary increase.  2) A bill has been passed into law that holds parents accountable if they are aware that children under the age of 21 are drinking alcohol in their home. 

SENATOR BOB HOGUE – There was no representative present. 

REPRESENTATIVE TOMMY WATERS – There was no representative present but Representative Tommy Waters’ report was distributed. 

REPRESENTATIVE DAVID PENDLETON – Dick Pendleton distributed Representative David Pendleton’s report and announced that the House collected approximately 3,000 pounds in food donations. 

REPRESENTATIVE CYNTHIA THIELEN – There was no representative present, but Representative Cynthia Thielen’s report was distributed. 

CONGRESSMEMBER ED CASE – There was no representative present. 

QUESTIONS, ANSWERS AND COMMENTS:  Agency representatives and elected officials responded to questions asked by Board members and guests: 

1)         D. Wong stated that the traffic lights in the town-bound direction of the Pali Highway near Waokanaka Street were not synchronized during the morning rush hour causing traffic backlog. 

2)         Corcoran expressed concern regarding damage to vehicles caused by the new traffic speed strips on the Pali Highway even when driving at the speed limit.  He requested that they be removed and stated that HPD should be monitoring speeding vehicles. 

3)            Glanstein stated that the community will still pursue the Kailua High School Access Road and requested that Councilmember Marshall be on a proposed task force regarding the matter.   

4)                   Corcoran expressed concern that the community was not properly informed about the meeting to discuss the one-year long undergrounding of utilities project on Kailua Road that was held on April 9, 2003.  He noted the severity of informing the public since its duration and effect on the community is for so long.   

Diebling stated that last month he announced the community meeting to inform the community about the undergrounding of utilities project.  Crittenden stated that she would look into Vieira’s indication that Councilmember Marshall is opposed to having the undergrounding of utilities at the entrance into Kailua from Pali Highway.  He stated that since the project is approved fronting the Longs area, the entrance into Kailua is very important.  Corcoran disagreed and stated that the City should not be spending money on beautification projects when the City Council is requesting a cut to the Neighborhood Commission’s budget.  The matter was referred to the Transportation and Public Safety Committee. 

5)         Diebling stated that the State is establishing a search committee to find location for a landfill on Oahu.  He will further look into the matter.  Fletcher noted that passing the resolution to restrict landfills being built over aquifers limits the areas in which one could be built.  He also stated that the City is taking a closer look into locating it at Kapaa Quarry.  Corcoran requested to be on the search committee. 

6)        Corcoran thanked Councilmember Marshall for hold her “3 Talks” meetings. 

Chair Bryant-Hunter thanked the agency representatives and elected officials or their representatives for remaining until questions could be asked. 


LE JARDIN HIGH SCHOOL:  PRE-APPLICATION NOTICE, PBR HAWAII – Vincent Shigekuni introduced Brenda Lowery and Sara Slovin, of PBR Hawaii; and President Allan Dowsett and Headmaster Adrian Allan, of Le Jardin, and reported the following:  In Fall 1999, Le Jardin Academy opened at the site of the former Kailua Drive-in Theatre.  The first phase of the school was permitted under a Site Plan Review permit, which has been replaced by the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) process.  They are applying for a CUP for Phase II of the Le Jardin Academy campus.  The Le Jardin Academy Campus Master Plan Permits and Processing Schedule Phase II of the Le Jardin Academy involves new high school classrooms, administrative spaces, library facilities, a gymnasium and an arts/music center with maintenance space.  The taller buildings are tucked in the back corner of the site and can barely be seen from Auloa Road or Kawai Nui Marsh.  The athletic field will not be lighted and night lighting of the proposed buildings will be kept to a minimum required for safety reasons.  Both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the State Division of Forestry and Wildlife are being consulted. 

Discussion followed:  1) A zoning variance will need to be acquired, but the tallest building will be 46 feet tall and the maximum height for a Special Management Area (SMA) is 50 feet.  2) The playing field is big enough for football.  3) Prentiss explained that the presentation is only part of the pre-application process and requested a copy of the application once it is submitted.  4) Glanstein suggested that Board members do a site visit of Le Jardin Academy. 

Chair Bryant-Hunter introduced Cohen Char, Scott O’Brien and Robin Char, of Boys Scouts of America – Troop 74. 


In response to a question asked by members of Boy Scouts of America, Corcoran explained that Weinberg/HRT has constructed a paved parking lot near the Maunawili Pumping Station on Auloa Road as a trade off to the State when Weinberg/HRT acquired the former public accessible Old Government Road.  The parking lot was, however, constructed without permits and has since been locked. 


KAILUA BEACH “PARK A” MASTER PLAN PRESENTATION – Lee Sichter, of Belt Collins, distributed artist renderings of a modified “Option B” of the several alternative proposals for “Park A” and reported the following:  As a result of the public meeting regarding the matter, changes were suggested to the four alternative proposals for “Park A” – Option A:  minimal changes; Option B:  expand both parking lot areas and move Lihiwai Road in the mauka direction; Option C:  redesign all of the parking lots and straighten the roadway; Option D:  relocate the roadway with diagonal parking on both sides.  The majority of the comments focused on open space. 

As a result of the community input, Belt Collins will recommend the modified “Option B” to the City:  1) elimination of one tier of parking stalls from the northern parking lot; 2) extension of 40 feet of the parking area nearest Kaelepulu Stream in the makai direction; 3) parking nearest Lihiwai Road moved to the makai side of the street; 4) construction of a public loading and unloading area; 5) decrease the number of formerly proposed picnic stations; 6) elimination of portions of pedestrian paths in the mauka portion; 7) relocation of the formerly proposed play area to the Lanikai side; 8) elimination of 16 trees from the former proposals; 9) elimination of the formerly proposed shade structure near the Buzz’s Steak House parking area. 

Other information:  1) Sichter stated that the Director of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) has indicated that a designated concession area should not be specified on the Master Plan because the matter is a commercial operational issue that should not be specified in the Master Plan.  The Director also mentioned that he will meet with the vendors and update the Board on how the vendors will operate.  2) Kailua Beach Park currently does not meet the terms of the City’s landscaping standards for public beaches (one large tree per every five parking stalls).  3) The American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant parking stalls are located near the shortest route to the ADA beach access points.  4) The elimination of trees allows more open space.  5) The Final Landscape Master Plan as well as the comments and recommendations gathered from the community will be submitted to the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).  6) The City needs to obtain a Special Management Area (SMA) Use Permit.  7) The City also needs to acquire funding for the improvements recommended by Belt Collins. 

Discussion followed: 

1)         Vieira reiterated his concern regarding the proposed crosswalks at the pedestrian bridge and requested that they be moved towards the Lanikai direction. 

2)         Belt Collins has been contracted for about $60,000 for this portion of the project.  Corcoran complained that a lot of money is being spent on plans for a project that does not have construction or design funding allocated.  Chair Bryant-Hunter stated that last year there was $250,000 allocated for planning, design and construction.  The money was about to lapse and Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Samson worked to restore enough of the money to start the Master Plan.  The Board needs to work with the City Council on funding for completion of the project. 

3)         Discussion ensued regarding the shoreline certification for Kailua Beach Park:  Sichter stated that it has been established that the old shoreline certification barrier is landward of where the current barrier is.  The shoreline certification barrier establishes the distance in which the shoreline setback must be for gateway accesses, etc.  Fletcher noted that neighboring residents might use the shoreline certification to establish their property lines and expressed the need to prevent property owners from encroaching towards the ocean. 

4)         Sichter made the following corrections to statements made at the community meeting:  a) By moving the shoreline certification makai the beach park would encroach the beach.  b) The topographical and shoreline certification survey was completed in February 13, 2003, which was right before the City redistributed the sand from Kaelepulu Stream.  c) The Kailua Outdoor Circle did not recommend that all of the ironwood trees at the beach park be removed but agreed that 5 trees be removed and 100 trees be added. 

Fletcher noted that the surveys were preformed during a low tide and may not have given an accurate reading.  Sichter stated that there is a process for appealing the shoreline certification boundaries. 

5)         Fletcher suggested that a long-term sand management plan be made. 

6)         The modified Option B includes 184 parking stalls, of which 8 are ADA accessible.  Fletcher noted that at the community meeting there was strong community opposition to additional parking stalls. 

7)         Sichter noted that the trees that are being removed are for the expansion of the parking lot and if the trees are in good condition they can be relocated in the park. 

8)            Glanstein expressed concern regarding the removal of hau trees that may have historic value. 

9)         Glanstein requested that the exercise equipment be replaced.  Sichter stated that although the equipment is being removed due to its irreparable state, a request to the City for it to be replaced could be made. 

10)        Bartley expressed concern regarding the amount of open park space that is being covered by concrete walkways and proposed parking areas.  Sichter stated that modified Option B includes an increase of 365 square feet of open space. 

11)        Tony Ho expressed concern that the current sand berm does not prevent sand erosion and instead creates sand dunes.  He noted that lifeguards are unable to see the mouth of Kaelepulu Stream due to the high sand dunes.  Although there are signs prohibiting use of the area, children still swim in the canal unsupervised.  Sichter agreed with the comments and will suggest that a sand management/maintenance plan be included in the Master Plan. 

12)        Joe Gillman, resident of the Kailua Beach Park area stated that his yard is filled with sand that is mostly caused by movement of vehicles into the park blowing the sand.  He suggested that naupaka be planted at the area along the shoreline near the pine trees to stop the sand from blowing off the beach.  Ho and D. Wong indicated that naupaka was planted along the pine trees in 1983 and then was later moved further back. 

13)        Samson expressed the need for more parking because when a canoe regatta comes in at Kailua Beach the participants and onlookers park in the surrounding residential areas. 

14)        Bartley opposed taking action on the matter at this time due to the recent modifications made to Option B.   

15)        He stated that the matter should be referred back to committee for discussion especially on the matter regarding a sand management/maintenance plan.

D. Wong moved and Corcoran seconded that the Board refer the matter to the Parks and Recreation and Environment Committees. 

Discussion followed:  1) D. Wong stated that the matter regarding sand erosion and movement be looked into.  2) Chair Bryant-Hunter supported the motion and stated that the shoreline certification issue needs to be looked into.  3) Vieira opposed the motion and stated that the project should be moved along. 

The motion carried, 12-4-1.  Aye:  Fletcher, Chinen, Garrison, Lumeng, Prentiss, Corcoran, D. Wong, Bartley, Bryant-Hunter, Glanstein, Lindgard, Tomasa.  Nay:  Babineau, Fletcher, B. Wong, Samson.  Abstain:  Colombe. 

KALAHEO AVENUE SEWER LINE REPLACEMENT PROJECT – TRAFFIC PLAN AND PROJECT START DATE – Peri Manthos, of Cater & Burgess, announced that a public meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 7, 2003, 7:00 p.m. at the Saint Anthony’s Parish Hall to review and gather community input regarding the approved traffic control plan currently being used for the Kalaheo Avenue Sewer Project. 

KAILUA TOWN REZONING APPLICATION – Molly Mosher-Kates, of Kaneohe Ranch Company, introduced Ann Kusao, of Kusao & Kurahashi, and they reported the following:  A presentation was made to the Board during the pre-application process.  The Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) has issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for the Environmental Assessment (EA).  A formal application has been submitted to the City to rezone 21 parcels from I-2 (Intensive Industrial District) to IMX-1 (Industrial Commercial Mixed Use District) and B-2 (Community Business District):  Kaneohe Ranch Company, Ltd. is applying for rezoning of six parcels with frontage on Hekili Street are planned for rezoning from I-2 to B-2.  The remaining 15 parcels on both sides of Hamakua Drive would be rezoned from I-2 to IMX-1.  Both rezoning proposals are in accordance with the general policies of the Koolaupoko Sustainable Communities Plan (KSCP).  The proposed rezoning will allow Kaneohe Ranch Company, Ltd. to offer diversified support to the Kailua business community and light industrial space in the Kailua Town Center.  There are five parcels that are included in the proposed rezoning area that are not owned by Kaneohe Ranch Company, Ltd. and all of those property owners have agreed to the rezoning. 

Discussion followed: 

1)         Kusao read a list of uses approved for IMX-1 and B-2 zoning.  Existing industrial uses will be “grandfathered” into the new zoning. 

2)         Some parcels that are currently nonconforming will become conforming after rezoning and would broaden the property's use.  Kaneohe Ranch's intent is to continue industrial businesses, but to prohibit heavy industrial businesses such as explosive and toxic chemical manufacturing, especially near the Kawai Nui Marsh. 

3)         Both rezoning requests were submitted in the same application. 

4)         Mosher-Kates stated that the majority of the nine property owners with long-term leases (about 25 years left) are in support of the rezoning.  Lindgard expressed concern regarding businesses that are on month-to-month leases.  He noted that at the last meeting there were many sub-leasers that were opposed to the re-zoning, such as “The Trophy House” and a property owner that chose not to participate in the rezoning application.  Mosher-Kates stated that the rezoning would make the property conforming to the KSCP and that at some point the nonconforming uses would need to conform. 

5)         Lingard stated that the Board should not take action on the matter without the affected parties present.  Mosher-Kates stated that the affected business was informed of Kaneohe Ranch Companies intentions. 

6)         Chair Bryant-Hunter noted that the rezoning proposal is consistent with the Sustainable Communities Plan that the Board has supported. 

7)         Mosher-Kates stated that Kaneohe Ranch Company has no plans for redevelopment of the property and that most of the properties are leased until 2026. 

8)         Miles Nishijima, of Kaneohe Ranch Company, reported that Kaneohe Ranch Trust and partnership interest will terminate in a few years and will be distributed to family members.  There is no requirement that the lands be sold as a termination of the trust.

 Prentiss moved and Bartley seconded that the Board support the Kaneohe Ranch Company’s rezoning application for property fronting Hekili Street from I-2 to B-2, and the parcels on Hamakua Drive from I-2 to IMX-1 subject to the City and County of Honolulu retaining the I-1 designation of parcel 4-2-38:  55, and subject to the existing LUO IMX-1 development standards.

 Prentiss stated the following:  1) Reiterated the comment that the rezoning application is consistent with the KSCP and the Sustainable Communities Plan.  2) There is one property owner (at parcel 4-2-38: 55) that is not participating in the rezoning process that was unable to attend tonight’s meeting.  3) Discussed IMX-1 development standards regarding the maximum floor/area ratio of a property. 

The motion carried, 13-1-3.  Aye:  Fletcher, Babineau, Chinen, Garrison, Lumeng, Prentiss, Colombe, Samson Bartley, Bryant-Hunter, Glanstein, Tomasa, Vieira.  Nay:  Lindgard.  Abstain:  B. Wong, Corcoran, D. Wong. 

Corcoran thanked Prentiss for his diligent efforts as the Planning and Zoning Committee Chair and requested that he continue to participate in Board issues due to his vast expertise in many areas. 

Neighborhood Assistant Hanohano left at 10:00 p.m. 

Submitted by:  Mahealani Hanohano, Neighborhood Assistant 

Board Secretary Colombe took the remainder of the minutes. 

LONGS DRUG STORE EXPANSION, KANEOHE RANCH – President and Chief Financial Officer Mitchell D’Olier, of Kaneohe Ranch and Harold K.L. Castle Foundation introduced Steve Marlette, of MC Architects, and showed artist’s renderings of the proposed expansion to the Longs Drugs Store and reported the following:  The Harold K.L. Castle Foundation is the owner of the site.  D’Olier reviewed the role of the Foundation and it’s contribution to the community and that it differs from the Kaneohe Ranch properties. 

He stated that community input was collected at the Kailua Town Party that encouraged improvements and activity to properties in Kailua:  a) Removal of the fence between the Daiei and Safeway properties.  b) Improvements to the surrounding sidewalks and pedestrian connections.  They also took several comments on the Longs Proposal, some of which were incorporated into the design being presented at the meeting tonight.   

Marlette reported the following proposed improvements:  The new building will be at the site of the former Arco station on Kailua Road.  Longs will be expanded from 18,000 square feet to 30,000 square feet.  The project will include widening the narrow lane next to the building and installing a sidewalk.  There will be four other retail stores fronting Kailua Road.  Project schedule:  a) Demolition of the Arco site in mid-June 2003; b) Construction commence in July 2003; c) Longs re-opening in June 2004. 

Kaneohe Ranch asked for feedback on the proposed landscaping plan.  They would like to move the landscaped areas towards the edge of Kailua Road and consolidate the park landscaping area with the street tree configuration so pedestrians are buffered from traffic.  Proposed is open frontage to stores on Kailua Road. 

Discussion followed: 

1)         D. Wong inquired as to the access road near the Arco station, which is a major problem because it is narrow.  Marlette responded that Kaneohe Ranch will be widening that road and adding a pedestrian sidewalk.  D. Wong commented that is may not be in the best interests of the community to have that access road become a major thoroughfare.  D’Olier agreed to look at the traffic issue at that site. 

2)         B. Wong inquired as to whether the rendering used during the presentation showed the accurate landscaping, whether it would crowd the road and who would pay to maintain the landscaping.  D'Olier said that Kaneohe Ranch would pay to maintain the landscaping if necessary. 

Corcoran raised a point of order that the agenda only referred to expansion of the Longs store, not landscaping. 

3)            Glanstein inquired as to (a) leaching from the gas station; (b) expressed trouble "visualizing" the landscaping; and (c) asked what the sidewalk materials would be.  Marlette responded that Kaneohe Ranch will try to bring variety to the sidewalks, while D'Olier responded that the landscaping will be similar to that currently fronting Starbucks, and that the gas station site has been certified as "clean". 

4)         D'Olier also informed the Board and the audience that he will be speaking before the Kailua Chamber of Commerce on May 21 at 12:00 Noon. 

5)         D'Olier stated that Longs is expanding to better serve its Kailua customers, some of whom shop at Longs stores outside Kailua. 

6)         D'Olier said that construction of a parking structure is being considered and that Kaneohe Ranch will take community comments regarding any such plans. 

7)                   D'Olier stated that the height of the building would be 24 feet. 

8)                   Prentiss expressed the opinion that the landscaping is "a good idea”. 

Vieira, Garrison and Fletcher left during the above portion, between 10:10 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. (14 members present). 

D’Olier and Mr. Marlette were thanked for the presentation and asked that the Board be kept informed as the project moves forward.  The Chair referred the access road issue to the Transportation Committee. 


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM (CIP), PLANNING AND ZONING:  Committee Chair Prentiss reported that there is no new information regarding either the LUO resolution or the Spike's Bakery notice of a violation.


TRANSPORTATION AND PUBLIC SAFETY:  Glanstein reported on the status of the Kailua High School access road resolution in the State legislature and also reported that Councilmember Barbara Marshall has been asked to take the matter to the City Council. 

ENVIRONMENT:  Deferred. 



CIVILIAN-MILITARY COUNCIL:  Corcoran reported that the Marine Corps Band will be in the Kailua 4th of July parade, and that Bay Fest will be held on the 4th of July this year. 

KAILUA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE:  Glanstein reported on behalf of Vieira the following:  1) The Economic Development Summit has been postponed.  2) The 4th of July fireworks for Kailua are still being considered. 

PERMITTED INTERACTION GROUP ON FACT FINDING OF BED AND BREAKFASTS:  The Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) is bringing in representatives from the Chamber, the bed and breakfast association, Councilmember Marshall’s office, and the Board.  D. Wong and J. Harding asked to be added to the committee in addition to members Bryant-hunter and Bartley.  The initial focus is to decide what information needs to be gathered, what’s been gathered to date and how to get info. 

STATUS OF THE DATABASE PROJECT:  Bartley reported that the lead student on project has committed to finish the project over the summer. 


Further action will be deferred until next month so that the amended minutes can be circulated. 

APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF REGULAR MEETING FOR APRIL 4, 2003:  The following corrections were made: 

Page 5, under Kailua Bay Advisory Council, the following should be added after the presentation:  Corcoran commended MacMahon and KBAC for successfully identifying and including a stream which is not on State maps in the Kahanaiki Stream area between the St. Stephen’s Diocese and Auloa Road.  This makes three streams identified in that area instead of two.  Had KBAC not picked up that stream on their maps, the stream could have been lost to us forever.”   

Page 6, "Kaneohe Ranch" was corrected to read "Weinberg/HRT." 

Page 7, "Corcoran moved" corrected to "D. Wong moved". 

Glanstein moved and Colombe seconded to approve the April 4, 2003 Regular Meeting Minutes as amended.  The motion carried, 13-0-1.  Abstain:  B. Wong. 


CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION TO CUT NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD BUDGET BY 50% - Samson moved and Chinen seconded that the Board oppose the City Council Resolution to cut the Neighborhood Board Budget by 50%.  The motion carried unanimously, 14-0-0. 

CITY COUNCIL RESOLUTION TO PUT A MORATORIUM ON BOARD CIP PROJECTS:  Glanstein commented that this resolution is not going to pass.  Prentiss criticized the resolution and the Council member who introduced it.  No action taken at this time. 

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m. 

Submitted by:  Leroy Colombe, Board Secretary

Monday, June 02, 2003

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