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Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31






CALL TO ORDER:  Chair Chuck Prentiss called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m. with a quorum of 14 members present. Note – This 19-member Board requires 10 members to establish quorum and take official Board action.


Members Present – Joseph Aiona, Larry Bartley, Jon Chinen, Pamela Dagrossa, Douglas Dudevoir, Derrick Fenske, Michael Hawes, William Hicks, Knud Lindgard, Charles Prentiss, Leigh Prentiss (appointed this meeting), Ursula Retherford, Claudine Tomasa, Ronald Weinberg, and Donna Wong.


Members Absent – Debbi Glanstein, Michael Green, and Randy Rodriguez.


VACANCIES – None at this time.


Guests – Carlene MacPhersen, JD Aweau (Councilmember Ikaika Anderson’s Office, Councilmember Ikaika Anderson; Melody Heidel and Chris Delaunay (Representative Cynthia Thielen’s Office); Laura Thielen (City Managing Director’s Office), Helen Walker, Capt. Dale Mosher (Honolulu Fire Department), Mark Nierode, Lt. John Vines (Honolulu Police Department), Janine Tully (Representative Pono Chong’s Office), Fran Smithwaite, Joe Gilman, Representative Chris Lee, Stann Reiziss, Senator Pohai Ryan, Senator Jill Tokuda, Tinkle Malama (Videographer) and Gloria J.P. Gaines (Neighborhood Commission Office).  




FILLING OF VACANCY: Member Wong nominated Leigh Prentiss to fill the vacancy in Subdistrict 2. Ms. Leigh Prentiss introduced herself as a long time resident and community volunteer. Member Wong noted that she is also the Chair of the Lanikai-Kailua Outdoor Circle. There being no other nominations, Leigh Prentiss was appointed to fill the seat in Subdistrict 2, 13-0-1 (AYES: Aiona, Bartley, Chinen, DaGrossa, Fenske, Hawes, Hicks, Lingard, Retherford, Tomasa, Weinberg, and Wong; NAYS: None; ABSTENTIONS: C. Prentiss). A short recess was called and Neighborhood Assistant Gloria Gaines administered the oath of office. The meeting resumed; 15 members present.




Honolulu Police Department (HPD) – Lt. John Vines reported the following:


·       February 2012 Statistics – Included 11 assaults, 5 auto/motorcycle thefts, 17 burglaries, 9 drugs/narcotics offenses, 7 graffiti, 2 robberies, 43 thefts, and 38 thefts from automobiles.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Robbery and Theft – Robbery is committed when used with force or threat. Theft is committed when the person is not present.
  2. Member Comment – Member Retherford noticed an overall decline in crime.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) – Capt. Dale Mosher reported the following:


·       February 2012 Statistics – Included 7 structure, 2 wildland, 4 rubbish, and 3 vehicle fires; 88 medical emergencies, 13 search and rescues, and 42 miscellaneous calls for service. No unusual incident reported.

·       Major Incident – A major incident involved a brush fire burning three acres behind Kalaheo High School which occurred Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 6:40 p.m. and ended at 10:40 p.m. Responded were four engines, one ladder, and a tanker from Waipahu fire station. No homes or buildings were threatened by the brush fire. It was unknown whether a down electrical power line may have caused the fire.

·       Fire Safety Tip for Cooking at Home – Do not leave cooking food unattended. It you must leave the kitchen, even briefly, turn off the heat and take a spoon or oven mitt with you to remind yourself of the food on the stove. Do not become distracted when the stove is on and unattended. Keep ignitable items such as dish towels, paper or plastic bags, and curtains at least three feet away from the range top. Learn how to use an ABC-rated Fire extinguisher and keep it near the kitchen.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Search and Rescues – The number of search and rescues were for missing kayakers. Details will be reported at the next Board meeting.
  2. Response Time – There are 43 fire stations and all target the 98 percentile of six to eight minutes response. Response time may be higher in rural areas.
  3. Smoke Detector Installation Program – Statistics will be reported next month.
  4. Alternate Plan for Lanikai – A resident raised a concern about HFD’s alternate plan for Lanikai when responding to emergencies during the weekends about 4:00 p.m. There are so many cars parked on both sides of the streets that it is difficult for cars drive into Lanikai. Capt. Mosher will check into this matter.


Marine Corps Base Hawaii – Maj. Allan Crouch reported the following:


·         Hours of Operation Mondays through Thursdays from 7:00 a.m. to midnight; Fridays from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.; and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Sundays and holidays. Exceptions: 24-hours ops from 5:00 a.m., February 15 to 6:00 a.m. February 18, 2012.  

·         News and Events

o        March 3 to 4 – Ku’au Rockin’ Surf Competition on base, open to the public; call 254-7655 for more information.

o        March 12 to 16 – “Treasure Island: Adventures of Kaneohe Bay” Spring Break day camp for military children ages 5-12.

o        March 17 – “The Beast” 10K run on base; open to the public; call 257-7590 for information and registration.

·         Deployments – Deployed units included 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment and U.S. Navy’s VP-47 “Skinny Dragons”. HMH-362 deployed to Afghanistan last month to replace HMH-363, expected to return later this month.

·         Announcements – The draft EIS is available on our website at

  • Community notes and reminders  

o        For noise complaints please call the PAO at 257-8832/8838 as soon as possible with the date and time of the incident. If you leave a message please consider leaving your name and phone number for a reply.

o        For more information about career opportunities at MCB Hawaii, please call 254-7632 or visit the MCCS site

o        Kaneohe Bay Air Show planned for September 29-30, 2012, and will include the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Restoration Advisory Board – Member Wong requested an update of the Restoration Advisory Board members. Maj. Crouch will follow up with Member Wong by phone.




Project CLEAN – Neighborhood Security Watch President, Carlin McPherson invited residents to Project CLEAN on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 8:00 a.m. at the Kailua Beach Park. Police Chief Louis Kealoha will give an opening speech. Project Clean will start from Kailua Recreation Center parking lot to Kailua Beach Park. Transportation will be provided.


Emergency “Go-Kits” – Ms. McPherson also reminded residents to be prepared with emergency “Go Kits”. This emergency supply kit should have enough food and water to last three to seven days. A “Go Kits” handout was available to residents. Emergencies also include power outages and brush fires.  It was also mentioned that during the recent power outage on Mokapu Boulevard, there was a lack of cell phone coverage by all service providers. Residents were asked to call cell phone provider and file a complaint. Nothing will be done if not enough people complain about no cell phone coverage in the Mokapu area during the electrical outage.




Councilmember Ikaika Anderson – Deferred.


Senator Pohai Ryan – Senator Ryan distributed copies of her report and highlighted the following:


·       Windward Green Expo (WGE) – The WGE will be on Saturday, May 10, 2012 at the Koolau Golf Club’s Koolau Ballrooms from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Green construction products and technologies t will be exhibited during the event. Includes workshops on residential and commercial sustainable building design and construction, and green building certification programs.

·       Art at the Capitol – The Art at the Capitol is Friday, March 2, 2012 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for the public to view more than 460 works at the State Capitol.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Senate Bill 2927, Senate Draft 1 – Member Wong was concerned that if this bill is adopted, this will affect the he proposed bus transient center in Kailua; especially when it would exempt the City from all building, zoning and height requirements, and an environmental review. Senator Ryan stated the bill was intended for bus transient centers in Kapolei, not Kailua.
  2. Gambling – A bill for a Gaming Commission passed today.


Without objection, the agenda was taken out of order to hear Councilmember Ikaika Anderson’s report.


Councilmember Ikaika Anderson – Councilmember Anderson distributed his report and highlighted the following:


·       Bill 5 – Mayor Peter Carlisle signed Bill 5 today. Councilmember Anderson looks forward to working with the Mayor for implementation of Bill 5.

·       Bill 11 – This bill will be on the Parks Committee agenda in April, 2012.

·       City Budget – There was no real property tax increase proposed by the City Administration.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Bill 11 – Chair C. Prentiss stated the concern was whether the Bill includes two commercial permits at Kalama Beach Park. City Parks and Recreation Director Gary Cabato testified against it because there is no room for commercial beach activities and will be taken out. Bill 11 will be heard at the next Cultural and Affairs Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 21, 2012.
  2. Use of Beach Park – Member Weinberg stated that the freedom of the use of the beach park is being taken away. Director Cabato stated that there needs to be a balance of uses.
  3. Lifting Debt Ceiling – When asked to comment on the City Managing Director (MD) lifting of the debt ceiling, Councilmember Anderson stated that the MD should’ve briefed Council on what the Administration planning on doing. The MD was the Acting Mayor at that time.
  4. Enforcement of Bill 5 – Currently, those without a valid permit to operate in Kailua Beach Park will have 15 minutes to drop off and get their truck and trailer out of the park. The problem was the 15-minute clock starts when HPD arrives. By the time anyone calls HPD, 45 minutes would have lapsed already. With Bill 5, between the hours of 1:00 p.m. Saturday to 6:30 a.m. Monday, any commercial activity or tour buses in the park is illegal. This bill makes it easier for HPD to enforce.


Mayor Peter Carlisle’s Representative – Ms. Alenka Remec reported the following:


·       Real Property Tax – There was no proposal by Mayor Carlisle to raise real property taxes. More information will be provided next meeting.

·       Royos Farms – The contract for Royos Farms to handle feral chickens has been extended to Tuesday, July 31, 2012. Report feral chicken complaints directly to the farm or calling the City’s Customer Complaints lat 768-4381.

·       Enforcement of Bed and Breakfast Activities – City Department of Planning and Permitting (DPP) investigates all complaints received in respect to “Bed and Breakfast” activities along with “Transient Vacation Rentals”. These investigations usually require several site visits from inspectors who must thereby witness, verify with occupants, and confirm that they have a written contract which states their stay is for less than 30 days. Many times visitors are not willing to converse or have been coached by the owners of these illegal operations not to talk to inspectors. Advertisements alone do not constitute violations. DPP’s code inspectors are required to conduct many other types of investigations and inspection duties including life safety priority cases. Last year, the Department proposed an ordinance amendment to regulate advertisement and assist the Department in enforcement. Unfortunately, the proposed measure failed to get a positive recommendation from the Planning Commission. The department has submitted testimony to the State legislature on bills in support for stiffer enforcement against illegal vacation rentals. 

·       Sister City Agreement – The City of Nagaoka, Japan will be signing a Sister City Agreement on Friday, March 2, 2012. Nagaoka is famous for its fireworks display. Residents will be treated with Nagaoka’s firework display on Sunday, March 4, 2012 as part of the Annual Honolulu Festival in Waikiki and 8:30 p.m. which will follow the Honolulu Festival Parade.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Illegal Bed and Breakfast – Member Bartley expressed his frustrations about the numerous complaints reported to the City and nothing is being done to get rid of the illegal bed and breakfast operations.
  2. Flooding on Kawailoa Road – A resident raised a concern about the flooding that occurs at the intersection of Kawailoa and Alala Street every time it rains and would like to know what can be done about it.


Senator Jill Tokuda – Senator Tokuda distributed a report and highlighted the following:


·       Senate Bill 2536 – SB 2536 relating to clean and sober homes and halfway houses is still alive. This bill established a temporary clean and sober home and halfway house task force. Also requires the task force to submit a report to the legislature containing findings and recommendations and any proposed legislation necessary to effectuate those requirements. The bill for a licensing requirement for all clean and sober homes and halfway houses did not pass.

·       Art at the Capitol – Senator Tokuda’s office will be open at the Capital Friday, March 2, 2012 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to display public works of art by local artists. Residents were invited.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Senate Bill 2927, Senate Draft 1 – Senator Tokuda voted on this bill with reservations because of the concerns about the exemptions. Senate Draft 1 will take out the exemptions from the bill, change some of the provisions, but will support the bill and vote again with reservations. Will also take a look at the general excise tax exemption for special projects. Senator Tokuda stated the Windward side was not on the radar when the bill was considered and will speak to Chair Dela Cruz about looking at the jurisdiction of the radius of the bus transit center better. Chair C. Prentiss emphasized the importance of this bill. If the Kailua Transit Bus Center is built, this bill will exempt all the area within a quarter mile radius from all building, zoning, and height limit and planning restrictions.
  2. Ceded Lands – The transfer of State ceded lands to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is currently in the Judiciary Committee and will pass without amendment.


Representative Pono Chong – Ms. Janine Tully distributed copies of Representative Chong’s report, stated Representative Chong put in capital improvement project funds for a parking lot in Maunawili, and will keep the Board of its status as it moves forward.


Representative Cynthia Thielen – Ms. Melody Heidel distributed copies of Representative Thielen’s report and highlighted the following:


·       House Bill 1524, Senate Draft 1 – This bill requires those sentenced for agricultural theft to provide restitution to the victim moved out of the Senate AGL Committee with a unanimous vote.

·       Crime Alert – Drug-related activity has extended into the Kailua community and around the business areas and day and night in the Wailepo Street area. Residents were encouraged to call 911 to report suspicious activity with details.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Acknowledgement – Member Wong acknowledged and appreciated Representative Thielen for looking out for the Kailua community’s environmental protection. Member L. Prentiss also expressed her appreciation for her explanation on all the bills on her newsletter.


Representative Chris Lee – Representative Chris Lee reported the following:


·       House Bill 1893 – House Bill 1893 was killed. This was an economic development bill. Its goal was to streamline the environmental process for State and City projects for the next three years.  

·       House Bill 2703 – This is a bill for agriculture in Hawaii which sets a goal for Hawaii farmers passed today. By 2020, Hawaii should double the number of food growing Hawaii. A group of farmers must commit to growing food. Hopefully, this Bill will go through the Senate and continues on.

·       Reapportionment Map – The Reapportionment Commission will meet one more time to amend the maps. Hopefully, they will pass a reapportionment map that is fair and in time for the primary elections.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Bus Transit Center – Representative Lee stated there are serious concerns about removing environmental restrictions.

2.       Reapportionment Map – If a map is not decided by the Reapportionment Commission, it will probably end up in court.


Governor Neil Abercrombie’s Representative – Mr. Randy Grune reported the following:


·       National Governors’ Association – Governor Abercrombie attended the National Governors Association meeting.  This was an opportunity to speak with President Barack Obama about increasing travel and tourism to Hawaii.

·       Compact of Free Association – Governor Abercrombie is also pursuing Federal regulatory assistance for Hawaii to lessen the impact of the Federal Compact of Free Association Mandate that is on our State.

·       Race to the Top – Also met with the United States Secretary of Education Terry Duncan about the “Race to the Top” and reaffirmed our state’s commitment in fulfilling the “Race to the Top” bench mark for education.

·       Driver License RequirementsNew State identification requirements will be implemented for Hawaii Drivers’ Licensing beginning March 5, 2012. For more information, go to

·       Internet Test – Go to to participate in a test with internet and broad band in the State. The more people logging on, the more data will be collected.. Use personal computers, cell phones, etc.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Kite Surfing – A resident raised a concern about the kite surfing problem in Kailua Beach Park. Although there are rules, nothing is being done about it, and request the State DLNR investigate. Member Wong added that kite surfers take a lot of beach space laying out their kites.




Without objection, the agenda was taken out of order to Agenda Item, Board Motion, Motion 2.


Permitted Interaction Group (PIG) Motion 2 – Member Weinberg raised a concern about bringing back Motion 2, requesting the City to solicit a single-vendor concession contract for Kailua Beach according to provisions listed, for another vote, when the motion failed to pass at last month’s meeting. Weinberg moved and Aiona seconded that the Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31 postpone Motion 2 indefinitely. The motion FAILED, 2-13-0 (AYES: Aiona and Weinberg; NAYS: Bartley, Chinen, DaGrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Hawes, Hicks, Lindgard, C. Prentiss, L. Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, and Wong; ABSTENTIONS: None).


PIG Chair Bartley stated that it was not proper for voting on an issue that was presented the same day and apologized to the members. Last month should have been the report of the recommendation by the PIG and that the voting of the motion should take place at the following Board meeting for action. Bartley moved and Tomasa seconded that the Kailua Neighborhood Board No. 31 requests the City to solicit a single-vendor concession contract for Kailua Beach according to provisions:


  1. One exclusive, single‑concession contract by competitive best value bid limited to all listed commercial activities.
  2. No concession activities or rentals permitted beginning Saturday at 1:00 p.m. through Monday 6:30 a.m., holidays and special events – with the exception of the snack bar, snorkels, and chairs.
  3. Concession to operate out of existing snack bar building or a temporary kiosk of specified limited size.
  4. Concession kayaks and paddle boards from the concession to be launched into Kaelepulu Stream in the vicinity of the lifeguard stand only.
  5. No vendor signs except at concession stand/kiosk with those limited in size and limited to briefly describing the equipment and rates.
  6. The first Vendor contract will be limited to four years including a two‑year base period with one two‑year extension option.  Beginning at three years into the contract, the City’s Park and Recreation Director must begin a review, including a public hearing in Kailua, to determine the success or efficacy of the single‑vendor contract.  The contract automatically ends at the end of the first four years with the Director entertaining competing bids, should the single‑vendor concept be extended.
  7. Permitted rental equipment and limits: 50 kayaks, 12 sailboards, 35 boogie boards, 25 paddle boards, 1 snack bar, unlimited number of snorkels, 50 beach chairs, 4 kite boards (if allowed by park rules).
  8. Concession vendor‑rented kayaks (subject to above limit) may be rented as part of a guided tour with the tour guide certified by an appropriate industry group or the like.
  9. The food service will be limited to snack bar‑type operations.  No tables, awnings or umbrellas to provide an eating area.  No sit‑down restaurant type activities.
  10. The City will not allow commercial activity within Kailua Beach Park other than that allowed by the single‑vendor contract.
  11. The City will actively ensure that the single vendor is protected from competing illegal vendors on Park property. The City will issue citations per the appropriate rules and ordinances.
  12. Kite boards can be rented only on non-holiday weekdays during early morning hours and returned no later than 8:30 a.m. or rented after 4:00 p.m. only.  Instructors must be certified by an appropriate industry group or the like. 
  13. All Kayaks (concession, rental and private) shall only be launched from the area currently designated by State Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) for kayak launching, i.e. along the mouth of Kaelepulu Stream.
  14. All sail-boards (concession, rental, and private) shall only be launched from the existing DLNR‑designated area at the North end of the Park as is currently required.
  15. All watercraft must be launched in accordance with DLNR rules.


Copies of the motion were distributed to residents. A discussion noted the number of beach chairs was decided after a review of DLNR’s requirements on beach chairs which was set at 50. An AMENDMENT was offered by Retherford and seconded by Wong to “strike out” the 50 beach chairs from the provisions. The AMENDMENT WAS ACCEPTED by mover Bartley and seconded Tomasa. The main motion was revised.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Sailboards – The provisions does not state that sailboards must be returned at the same site as launched.
  2. Number of Concessions – The number of concessions will be decided by the City’s Park and Recreation Director.
  3. Kite Boards – Kite boards are currently illegal.
  4. Kayakers – It was mentioned that a Waikiki Beach-style concession will add problems to Kailua Beach Park. There is not enough parking and motorists will be driving in circles around Kalapawai Store and Kawailoa Road. Several residents stated that kayakers can be controlled. Requiring reservations for kayaks was suggested.
  5. Against Vendor Concession – A resident stated his reasons for not supporting the vendor concession at Kailua Beach Park. There is no storage facility for equipment or equipment instructors for safety of the people. A similar video shown like at Hanauma Bay would be needed. Parking and beach access will also be a problem.
  6. Contract Renewal – The vendor concessionaire will have to renew contract every two years. Bartley suggested that the sunset on the contract should be mentioned in the proposal. Director Cabato stated that he is looking for a renewal contract period less than two years. If the vendor does not live up to the contract, he will be terminated in 30 days.


City Parks and Recreation Director Gary Cabato stated language for the contract is being developed for two vendor concessions. There must be a balance between community users and private businesses. The proposed policies must go through legal review. If it passes, it will be shared with Chair Prentiss and the community. Director Cabato appreciated all comments received. Director Cabato has been spending time at Kailua Beach Park at all times of the day and night to observe beach park activities. The City’s jurisdictional control is up to the high water mark; then it is the jurisdiction of the State.


A motion calling for the previous question was made by L. Prentiss and seconded by Wong. The motion WAS ADOPTED, 14-0-1 (AYES: Aiona, Bartley, Chinen, DaGrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Hawes, Hicks, Lingard, L. Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, Weinberg, and Wong; NAYS: None; ABSTENTIONS: C. Prentiss). The discussion ended. The agenda resumed order.


The revised motion WAS ADOPTED, 11-3-1 (AYES: Aiona, Bartley, DaGrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Lingard, C. Prentiss, L. Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, and Wong; NAYS: Hawes, Hicks, and Weinberg; ABSTENTIONS: Chinen).


At 10:00 p.m., Neighborhood Assistant Gloria Gaines left the meeting. The remainder of the meeting was recorded by Secretary Claudine Tomasa.


Motion #1:  Transportation and Public Works Committee

Committee Chair explained that:

The motion includes traffic signal at the intersection of Kuulei Road and Aulike Street which will be coordinated by DTS.

The motion does not endorse partial medians and prefers exploring other potential use i.e. bike lanes.



-          Supports motion – particularly traffic signals- for pedestrian safety.

-          Community member does not support’s the City’s proposal for medial strips on Kuulei. Changes should be based upon safety.

Recommends sidewalk improvements i.e. trees on sidewalk cause damage to concrete and impinges on height limits/electrical lines.

A medial strip takes up parking for customers at nearby stores and will eliminate “drop off area” for Kailua Elementary School; students.

Urge the city to listen to public concerns.

Community member is against reducing width of Kuulei Road.


The motion passed:  Aye- 13 (Bartley, Chinen, Dagrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Hawes, Hicks, Leigh Prentiss, Lindgard, Chair Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, Wong); N0-1 (Aiona), Abstained-0.


Motion #3: Parks and Recreation Committee

Committee Chair Chinen provided explanation for the motion; to improve the flow of traffic.  Motion is focused on the road fronting Beach Park and continues to Lanikai up to Mokulua Drive.



-          Board member against motion. Prefers to hear from Lanikai Residents.

Chair Chinen will send motion back to committee


Motion #5: Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee


-          Board member expressed concern that motion will affect plans for a transfer center. Should focus on where to locate the transfer center.

-          Does not want to make special legislation to address plans for a transfer center.

-          Prefers not giving blank authority.

The motion passed (Hand vote): Aye- 13 (Aiona, Bartley, Chinen, Dagrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Hicks, L. Prentiss, Lindgard, Chair Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, Wong) No-1 (Hawes), Abstained-0


Motion #4: Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee


-          Board member concern about back log for capital improvements at schools.  CIP Back log.

The motion passed: Aye-13 (Aiona, Bartley, Chinen, Dagrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Hicks, L. Prentiss, Lindgard, Chair Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, Wong) No- 1 (Hawes), Abstained-0


Motion #6: Planning, Zoning and Environment Committee

The motion passed: Aye-13 (Aiona, Bartley, Chinen, Dagrossa, Dudevoir, Fenske, Hicks, L. Prentiss, Lindgard, Chair Prentiss, Retherford, Tomasa, and Wong), No-0, Abstained-1 (Hawes)


Motion # 7 was amended by Chinen and second by Dagrossa.

Status of motion? No count sheet available.


Motion #8:  Chinen returned motion back to committee.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 10:45 p.m.



Submitted By:   Gloria J.P. Gaines, Neighborhood Assistant


                        Claudine Tomasa, Secretary


Reviewed By:     Chuck Prentiss, Chair






















Last Reviewed: Thursday, March 29, 2012