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CALL TO ORDER: Chair ho called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with a quorum of eight (8) members present. Note, this thirteen (13) member Board requires seven (7) votes to adopt a motion.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Wilson Kekoa Ho, Michael Buck, Phillip Ellsworth, Andrew Jamila Jr., Solomon Spencer, Beverly Addington, Nani Akeo, Cynthia Wahinekapu.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Fred Humphrey, David Bettencourt, Peter Albinio, Matthew Chun.


VACANCY(S): There was one vacancy in sub-district four.


GUESTS: Riley Hakoda and Grant Chartrand (UH DURP), Jonathan Ching, Diane Moses (BWS), Philip Zoch, Lieutenant John Cheong (HPD), Hanna Prestin pits and Arkahi Austin (WHC), Gail Rombaoa (Relay for Life), K. Nalani Mailheau, Julie Dugan (Job Corps), Constance Oki, Representative Chris Lee, J. Ikaika Anderson (Councilmember Marshall’s office), Cindy Aylett (Mayor’s Representative), Ahuen Lakolo (Waimanalo Kupuna Association), Major Crouch, Todd Lanning, Micah Kane (Governor’s Representative), Leland S.M. Ribac (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


WELCOME AND PULE: Chair Ho welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted the Board meetings begin with an open prayer; if prayer might offend anyone now is the time to leave. Gordon Mattos provided the pule.


ACCEPT NOMINATIONS FOR SUBDISTRICT 4: Chair Ho opened the floor for nominations to fill the Board vacancy in sub-district four. Hearing no nominations the seat remained vacant.




HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD): A written report was provided to Chair Ho.


HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD): Lieutenant John Cheong reported the following information;


  • Statistics for the month of January 2009 include; 8 burglaries, 4 auto theft recoveries, 19 fireworks violation, 4 motor vehicle thefts, 19 thefts, and a total of 578 violation calls.
  • According to the Uniform Crime Reporting Index; aggravated assault is down 38%, burglaries are down 32%, and auto thefts are down 49%, for a total decrease of 13%.


MAYOR/NEIGHBORHOOD COMMISSION: Cyndy Aylett reported the following information;


  • A bus shelter is scheduled to be relocated to the bus stop on Nakini Street, across the Kupuna Housing Complex by January 26, 2009.


COUNCIL FLOOR LEADER: No report available at this time.


APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OF JANUARY 12, 2009: Addington moved and Jamila seconded to approve the regular meeting minutes of January 12, 2009. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUS, 8-0-0, (Aye: Ho, Buck, Ellsworth, Jamila, Spencer, Addington, Akeo, Wahinekapu).


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Several announcements were made at this time;


  • Chair ho announced that the Hawaii National Guard Auditorium will not be available during the March meeting date, and questioned if the Board had any objections to moving to the Waimanalo Public Library, with no objections, Chair Ho will contact the Library and request the room.
  • A community member announced the East Side Soldiers, a semi-professional football league, has been established. Seven teams have started the team, youth and adults are welcomed to join. The league begins on March 7, 2009. A kick off meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, February 11, 2009.
  • Greg Knudsen, with Ka Iwi Preservation, announced there is a resolution to have the makai lands of Queens Beach, approximately 243 acres, changed to preservation. The lands are currently State owned and designated as urban, which allow the area to be developed. It is feared that the ambiance of the lands may be lost to development and concession stands. Knudsen noted this will be on the Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board’s agenda on February 24, 2009.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  • Chair Ho reminded the Board that a similar motion was made when the State began to repair Makapuu, and the community just asked for a simple parking lot, but was not given that.
  • Chair Ho questioned if the Board objected that he write a letter in support of the zone change, with no objections Chair Ho will produce a letter in support of the zone change,


PRO FOOTBALL PLAYERS IN WAIMANALO: No report available at this time.


CANCER RELAY FOR LIFE: Gail Rombaoa, Mabel Spencer, and Julie Dugan, promoted the Waimanalo Relay for Life, which will be held at the Waimanalo Beach Park, on June 12th and 13th. Contributions can be made to support the Cancer Relay for Life. Residents are welcome to join in on the fun at the Relay Kick Off on February 12, 2009 at the Waimanalo Health Center. The Job Corps are in charge of the Relay’s luminaries, where for a $5.00 donation a luminary can be purchased. For community outreach presentations please contact 259-6051.


YOUTH AND FAMILY COLLABORATION: Gordon Mattos, Deanna Ganda and several colleagues announced that they are currently working on forming a group of business, community programs, and community members to create a ‘one-stop-shop.’ Deanna Ganda serving as the coordinator noted that this is a good project that will serve the community members and youth of Waimanalo. The planning is early in the planning stages, and not even a name has been created, however, the ‘Youth and Family Collaboration’ as they are currently called is calling out for community support, programs and coordinators to aide them in their quest. A team of University of Hawaii (UH) students will be working on the project.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


·         Chair Ho elaborated on the project noting that this in conjunction with the Waimanalo Sustainable Communities Plan, and will be discussed on Friday, February 13, 2009 at the Teen Project Center.

·         Addington questioned specifics of the project regarding location and size; Ganda noted the project is in its early stages and will keep the Board up to date as progress moves forward.


WATERSHED TALK-STORY FEBRUARY 24, 2009: Kristen Mailheau of Hui O Koolaupoko, announced the Watershed Talk-Story was formed to protect the ocean, by also protecting Oahu’s watersheds. The meeting will be held on February 24, 2009, and is open to the public at the Waimanalo Public School Library at 6:30 p.m.


WAIMANALO BOARD ELECTIONS: Chair Ho encouraged residents to fill out a candidacy application and profile, and send them to the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) to run for the Neighborhood Board elections. The deadline for applicants is postmarked or hand delivered by Friday, February 20, 2009.


RESIDENTS’ CONCERNS: No residents concerns were raised at this time.




MILITARY REPORT: Marine Corps Base Hawaii: Major Crouch reported the following information;


  • Hours of operation include; Monday through Friday 8:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
  • Helicopter Training Nights include Tuesday, February 10, 2009 and Wednesday, February 11, 2009.
  • An Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) sank off the Marine Corps Training Area Bellows on January 12, 2009. The vehicle was raised and recovered, where no leaks were detected by the divers or surface personnel, and damages are pending an investigation dive.
  • On January 26, 2009: Base Environmental began a door-to-door recyclables collection program.
  • On February 3, 2009: base Environment unveiled a new photovoltaic energy information kiosk detailing new integrated solar roofing system which helps significantly reduces power.
  • 1st Battalion 12th Marine Regiment advance part returned home in early February.
  • Marine Heavy helicopter Squadron 363, and 1st Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment returning home soon.
  • 3rd Battalion 3rd Marine Regiment Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 362 deploying soon.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  • Chair Ho questioned if there was any damage to wildlife regarding the AAV, Crouch reported no fish or wildlife was damaged, and the AAV landed on a bed of sand, an investigation will be done for possible further damages, and what the AAV may have hit before finally sinking.
  • Jamila questioned if there are any plans to expand the shipping container training grounds; Crouch noted the containers are still being used to train, and an expansion is being planned, but no more containers are being brought in.


EDUCATION: Waimanalo Intermediate and High School: Principal Noel Richardson noted Ofelia Cara of Blanche Pope Elementary had noted there were no announcements for Blanche Pope.


  • Important dates for Waimanalo Intermediate and High School; Math Night on February 18th, 4th and 6th grade registration February 24th through March 3rd.


GOVERNOR’S REPRESENTATIVE: Micah Kane reported the following information;


  • Kane expressed appreciation towards the Board and Representative Chris Lee for their patience.
  • The State Legislature alongside with the Governor continues to look at the State Budget and continue to work closely together as the budget is further scrutinized.
  • A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be sent out this month regarding the Kumuhau Project.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  • Chair Ho questioned if the State refused the 175 acres of land near Bellows; Kane noted the lands were not accepted but will look into the issue further.
  • Akeo noted the need of speed humps on Nakini Street as accidents have already occurred in the area.
  • A community member noted frustration in a private matter regarding the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) and her home; Chair Ho noted the matter will not be discussed at this time.


SENATOR FRED HEMMINGS: A written report was provided.


REPRESENTATIVE CHRIS LEE: Representative Chris Lee gave a brief legislative update, highlighting;


  • The upgrades if the Waimanalo Wastewater Treatment Plant is complete at the facility.
  • Wienberg Village is awaiting the release of $300,000 in Capital Improvement Project (CIP) appropriations to build a new program center and meeting space, please write the Governor to release these funds.
  • The Department of Transportation (DOT) is scheduled to begin a $40 million improvement project to Kalanianaole Highway. Phase 1 is scheduled to begin in March 2009 and run through January 2010.
  • The following bills have been introduced by Representative Lee and may be of interest; House Bill (HB) 970, HB974, HB1446, HB1448, HB1826, HB 306, HB 593, Hb1536, Hb1366, and the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative. A brief description is provided on Representative Lee’s monthly report.
  • Representative Lee also thanked everyone looking into and using photovoltaic energy resources.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  • Chair Ho expressed thanks to finally see improvements going to Kalanianaole Highway.
  • A community member questioned the photovoltaic tax credit, Representative Lee replied that photovoltaic resources seem to be getting cheaper, and the tax credit is available to homeowners.
  • A community member requested signs fronting Nakini Street and the Kupuna Housing.


HAWAII JOB CORPS: Julie Dugan reported students were able to job shadow several different careers this month. Special thanks to Senator Fred Hemmings, as students were able to shadow at the State Legislature. Next month, Dugan will not be present and will be in Washington D.C. with a group of students.


WAIMANALO HOMESTEAD: No report available at this time.


WAIMANALO HEALTH CENTER: May Akamine thanked the Board, Representative Lee and members of the community, for their support in writing the Governor. Akamine was happy to announce the grant in aid (GIA) and CIP funds have been released by the Governor. A contactor is being selected to complete a Dental Care Center, renovations have started and are slated for completion in the spring of this year.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  • Addington inquired the location of this Dental Care Center; Akamine noted the building will be the first building as you enter the Health Center.
  • Chair Ho inquired if all types of insurance will be taken; it was expalined that income and insurance type will be factored into the cost, but the Dental Clinic is there to serve everyone in the community.
  • Representative Lee thanked Akamine for her continued work in the community, and added that HB 1366 deals with the Quest Expanded Access program and the Senate version will be heard tomorrow.


BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY (BWS): Dianne Moses reported the following report;


  • No water main breaks in Waimanalo in the month of January.
  • Wayne Hashiro, previously with the City & County of Honolulu as the Managing Director, has joined the BWS as the new Manager and Chief Engineer. For more information visit
  • Several Halawa Xeriscape garden Workshops are being offered; learn how to make organic pesticides on February 28, 2009, and learn how worms can turn food into organic fertilizer on March 21 and May 9, 2009. To register contact Diane Moses at 748-5363 or email at


BELLOWS AFS RESTORATION: Todd Lanning reported there will be a Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting on February 26, 2009 at the Waimanalo Public Library beginning at 6:30 p.m.


HUI MALAMA O KE KAI: No report available at this time.


FRIENDS OF WAIMANALO: No report available at this time.


OCEANIC INSTITUTE: No report available at this time.


HUI O KOOLAUPOKO: Preciously reported in the announcement section.


KOKUA OHANA: Roy Brooks commended Deanna Ganda of the Youth and Family Collaboration noting that Kokua Ohana is willing to work with the community outreach program when they are formed. Brooks reminded residents that Kokua Ohana continues to search for families that are willing to adopt Native Hawaiian children.




WAIMANALO WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT: No report available at this time.


WAIMANALO KUPUNA ASSOCIATION: Ahuena Lakolo apologizes for her previous absence, and thanks the Board as well as several of the community organizations present tonight for their well received gifts and donations to the Kupuna Housing Association. Many of the members are very grateful for the much needed supplies. Lakolo noted the Association is currently working on their 5013C and will keep the Board updated.


NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business at this time.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:20 p.m.


Submitted By:


Leland S.M. Ribac

Neighborhood Assistant

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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