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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Wilson Kekoa Ho called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with a quorum of 10 members present. Note—This 13-member Board requires seven (7) members for a quorum and to take official Board action.


Members Present: Nani Akeo, Shannon Alivado, Kahikino Dettweiler, Rosina Ho, Wilson Kekoa Ho, Andrew Jamila Jr., Solomon Spencer, Cynthia Wahinekapu, David ‘Kawika’ Eckart and Marvelle Kuulei Laughlin.


Members Absent: Michael Buck.


Vacancies: There was one vacancy in sub-district 2, and one in sub-district 4.


Guests: Lieutenant Dave Eber and Sergeant Duane Samson (Honolulu Police Department), Ben Abraham and Blanche McMillan (Kailua Christian Academy), Gerald Park, Julie Dugan (Hawaii Job Corps), Stanley and Akiko Nakamura, Jean Brokish (Oahu Resource Conservation & Development Council Resource Conservation & Development Council), Kristen Mailheau (Hui O Koolaupoko), Kuulei Richardson, Captain Norbert Pokini (Honolulu Fire Department), Kuulei Naniho (Board of Water Supply), Representative Chris Lee, Councilmember Ikaika Anderson, Sharon Basmayor (Councilmember Ikaika Anderson’s office), Constance Oki, Cyndy Aylett (Mayor’s Representative), Keoni Aylett (Waimanalo Health Center), Rosalie Amanda Hermanson, Major Alan Crouch (Marine Corps Base Hawaii), Ofelia Carag (Blanche Pope Elementary), Noel Richardson (Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School), Captain Pelzl and Craig Gorrsuch (US Air Force), Leland S.M. Ribac (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).


PULE: Chair Ho welcomed everyone to the meeting and noted the meetings usually begin with an open prayer; if prayer offends you, now is the time to leave. Ben Abraham provided the pule.


FILLING OF VACANCIES: Chair Ho explained there are a total of 11 sub-districts on this Board and that there are two (2) vacancies at this time;


  1. Sub-District 2: No volunteers or nominations were heard from this sub-district.


  1. Sub-District 4: Jamila nominated Ryan Kalama. It was noted that Kalama is not present tonight, however did express interest in filling the sub-district seat. Chair Ho explained that if appointed tonight, Kalama will first have to validate his residence and take the Oath of Office with the Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO) within 30 days. Kalama was APPOINTED UNANIMOUSLY to sub-district 4, 10-0-0, (Aye: Akeo, Alivado, Dettweiler, R. Ho, W. Ho, Jamila Jr., Spencer, Wahinekapu, Eckart and Laughlin.)




Honolulu Fire Department (HFD): Captain Norbert Pokini reported;


  1. Fire Statistics for December 2009: Included; 2 wildland fires, 2 vehicle fires, 35 medical emergencies, 4 search and rescues, 4 miscellaneous emergencies and 0 major or unusual incidents.


  1. Fire Safety Tip: Fire, building, and U.S. postal codes and City ordinances state that property owners shall place their house number so it is visible from the street, which will assist first responders in locating houses quicker and more efficiently.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


            Illegal Fire Works Displays: Concern rose regarding the large amount of illegal aerial firework displays on      New Years Eve 2009; Captain Pokini agreed that there was a larger number of aerials this year than last.          HFD did respond to a dumpster fire that was likely caused by an aerial firework.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD): Lieutenant Dave Eber and Sergeant Duane Samson reported;


  1. Crime Statistics for December 2009: Included; 5 simple assaults, 1 drugs/narcotics, 3 driving under the influence (DUI), 1 fraud, 1 graffiti, 1 kidnap, 6 property damages, 13 motor vehicle accidents (MVA), 4 order violations, 2 robberies, 12 thefts, 4 runaway, 4 runaway cancellation, 2 threatening, 8 unauthorized entrance to a motor vehicle (UEMV) and 8 warrant arrests; a 5% decrease in crime compared to November 2009, and a 14% decrease in crime compared to 2008.


  1. Illegal Aerial Fireworks: Lieutenant Eber informed the community that the entire island seemed to be inundated with aerial fireworks this year and HPD received numerous calls all over the island. Although illegal, HPD will site residents if seen lighting the illegal aerial, or if a resident will testify and write a written statement accusing a specific individual of lighting illegal fireworks.


  1. Closing of Kaupo Beach Park Parking Lot: Sergeant Samson explained that closure of the parking lot will not include closure of the park, and residents may access the park from Kalanianaole Highway. Closure of the parking lot will include signage by the City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) between the hours of 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. The signs will aide HPD in its efforts to curb illegal overnight activity and non-permitted overnight camping.


  1. Community Policing Program: If residents should like to start a community policing team in Waimanalo, similar to the Makapu’u’ Policing Team, to contact Sergeant Samson at 723-8874.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Kaupo Parking Lot Closure: Several Board and community members voiced support for the signage and closure, explaining that they have witnessed illegal activity throughout the night within the parking lot. Several residents suggested an earlier closure time be considered.


  1. Kaupo Beach Park Restrooms: It was clarified that the restrooms at Kaupo will remain open even if the parking lot may be closed.


  1. Shima’s Market Parking Lot: Concern rose with illegal activity going on in the Shima’s Market parking lot. Samson explained that this has been brought up and HPD plans to speak with the owners to collaborate a solution, currently the property is privately owned.


Eckart moved and Spencer seconded to support HPD’s request for closure of Kaupo Beach Park’s Parking Lot by signage between the hours of 10:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 10-0-0, (Aye: Akeo, Alivado, Dettweiler, R. Ho, W. Ho, Jamila Jr., Spencer, Wahinekapu, Eckart and Laughlin.)


Mayor’s Representative: Cyndy Aylett reported;


  1. Bus Stop at Kalanianaole Highway and Nakini Street: The City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) is aware of the concern and request of the bus stop location on behalf of the kupuna. DTS is looking into the issue and will provide a more in depth response in February.


  1. Makapu’u Beach Park: Roofing repairs and initial cleanup of the Beach Park facilities have been completed by the community. DPR did meet with Chair Ho and are excited that the residents are providing assistance in the efforts to revitalize Makapu’u Beach Park.


  1. Handi-Van Process: DTS has provided detailed responses to Board member Laughlin and community member Hermanson of the updated Handi-Van process.


  1. Refuse Pickup Delay: The City Department of Environmental Services (ENV) provided additional refuse pickups for Waimanalo residents, and thanked the community for their patience as the regular pickup dates fell on holidays in December and January.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Bus Route 77: Chair Ho has heard of a possible 30 day pilot project to extend TheBus route 77 to evening and weekend hours. The community requests ample notification and dates of the pilot so they can participate.


  1. Possible Roadside Parking: A request to move the chain at Waimanalo Beach Park five feet in, during community sports/games, so the cars can still park and people can walk behind the cars safely.


  1. Makapu’u Beach Park: To continue the upkeep at Makapu’u Beach Park, residents are requesting DPR’s aide in a possible gate closure in the evening. The community has provided aide in repairs to the comfort station and would appreciate DPR’s aide in this request.


  1. Homeless News Article: A community member voiced concern regarding the homeless situation, and referenced a news article where Mayor Hannemann neglected to include Waimanalo in his comments and has never been ‘swept’ for homeless.


Board of Water Supply (BWS): Kuulei Naniho reported;


General Water Announcements: Residents were provided a brochure highlighting 32 ways to conserve water and protection of Oahu’s watersheds. The 2010 water conservation calendars and entry forms were also provided. For more information residents can visit www.boardofwatersupply or call 748-5041.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Water Calendar Applications: It was questioned and clarified that the water conservation calendars are welcomed to all kindergarten through 12th grade students; the application may be copied and distributed.


  1. Natural Water Reservoir: It was questioned and if the water from Waimanalo is being distributed elsewhere on the island and what happened to Waimanalo’s natural reservoir; Naniho explained that water is transferred from Koolaupoko to Waimanalo, and water is moved around the island to keep it from stagnating.


Councilmember Ikaika Anderson: Councilmember Anderson reported;


  1. Council Recognition: Council recognized Richard ‘Bolo’ Kahawai for his outstanding years of community service on Wednesday, December 16, 2009.


  1. Successful Christmas Parade: Thanks and congratulations were voiced for the outstanding work and community participation that was brought together at the Waimanalo Christmas Parade.


  1. Makapu’u Beach Park: The councilmember voiced support and thanks to those who worked on the Makapu’u Beach Park project. He will try to do as much as he can from the Council perspective.


  1. City Rail Project: The Federal Transit Authority (FTA) has noted that the $1.55 billion of funding is very reasonable and will very likely be provided to the City for the rail project; Anderson will keep the Board updated with any future information.


  1. City Budget: Council will look at the City Budget in upcoming months, and welcomes any suggestions in the communities. The City will be faced with possible program cuts and or terminations this upcoming fiscal year; however the Council will try to prioritize these cuts by the need of Oahu’s peoples.


  1. Sustainable Koolaupoko Plan: Residents were encouraged to participate in the Sustainable Koolaupoko planning stages. This plan is mandated to be updated every five years; however this plan in particular is already five years late. Residents now have the chance to voice their views of what they want.


  1. 3Talks Events: The next 3Talks will be held on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 at St. John Lutheran Church in Kailua. The next 3Talks in Waimanalo is scheduled for Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at the Waimanalo Public Library. All residents were welcomed at both events.


Congratulations: Chair Ho enlightened the community of several projects that occurred over the holiday months;


  1. Makapu’u Beach Park Repairs: Eckart and R. Ho were applauded for their efforts and coordination in the Makapu’u Beach Park restroom repairs and landscaping. Volunteers were able to repair the restroom roof, removal of graffiti, cleaning of trails to the showers and cutting of naupaka.


The Board wished to thank David Goto, President of Goto Construction, who volunteered as the licensed Contractor and who also brought his Supervisors, Jonathan and Mikie to assess the work to be done. Goto was able to make special contacts for manpower help.


Special thanks to Alex Colby who coordinated the volunteers from the Hawaiian Hang-gliders and Para-gliders who did the roof repair. We received donated roofing supplies from Nancy Au at RSI Roofing Supply and from Mr. Miller, President of ABC Building Supply. Pete, Owner of Oceanview Roofing, brought his expertise, compressors and roofing tools to assist with the project.


Monetary donations from Waimanalo Agriculture Association, The Plant Place, and Mr. Futakawa at Gloria Bridal. The volunteers appreciated receiving food donations from Angela and Jeff at Cha Cha Cha Salsaria, from Keith at Kenekes, and from Annette Lee, Rosina Ho and Andrew Jamila.


In addition, manpower help from Gloria Bridal, Julie Dugan and her Hawaii Job Corps painting and landscape students and community members.


Special thanks to Mike of Kama'aina Plumbing who worked an additional three days fixing broken and damaged toilet fixtures and broken pipes.  All repairs Mike completed were with new products he donated to the Makapu'u project.


The Board will schedule additional landscape projects starting in February and continue to monitor and beautify the park.  Again, we thank all who participated in this large project.


  1. Waimanalo Christmas Parade: Jamila and community member Patty Teruya were thanked for coordinating the Waimanalo Christmas Parade from Kumuhau Street to Waimanalo Park.


  1. Hali’i Christmas Party: Roy Brooks and the Hawaiian Civics Club were credited for the Hali’i Christmas Party on Saturday, December 12, 2009.


  1. Handivan and Bus Route 77: Rosalie Amanda Hermanson was thanked for her work with registering the kupuna to ride the Handivan, as well as working to reinstating TheBus route #77.


  1. Clearing of Brushes: Pat Dumlao, City and County Maintenance Supervisor, and the Correction inmates’ crew were thanked for the clearing of brush and trees from the beach roadside clearing the view for residents and visitors.


RESIDENTS’/COMMUNITY CONCERNS: Several concerns followed;


  1. Possible Speed Humps: A community member requested speed bumps be installed on some of the major artery roads such as Nakini Street. The community member would donate some speed bumps if they could get installed on Bell Street. A number of residents spoke about the need, as they have requested this year after year.


  1. Illegal Aerial Fireworks: A community member voiced concern with the high amount of families that set off illegal aerial fireworks this past December. The concern noted President Obama’s presence here in Hawaii and the negative effect it could have placed on the First Family. Several residents suggested that a barge be placed offshore where illegal aerials can be set off.


APPROVAL OF NOVEMBER 9, 2009 MINUTES: Laughlin moved and Akeo seconded to approve the November 9, 2009 minutes as corrected. The motion was ADOPTED, 8-0-2, (Aye: Akeo, Alivado, R. Ho, W. Ho, Jamila Jr., Wahinekapu, Eckart and Laughlin; Abstain: Dettweiler and Spencer.)


  • Page 5: Military Report: Bellows Air Force Base: Christmas Event: Replace ‘Hale’ with ‘Hali’i’.




Discussion to Amend Initiative Petition: Noting that the sub-district 4 seat has been filled, this item was deferred until further notice.


Final Environmental Assessment Study (EAS) for Bellows Sent to Community Members: Chair Ho was provided hard and digital copies of the EAS by the Air Force. Board members were also given a hard copy, and residents that would like a set were urged to contact Craig Gorsuch at 259-4215.


Construction of Engineering Building at Bellows AFS: Captain Pelzl and Craig Gorsuch reported;


  1. Project Overview: The proposed project at this time is to replace an existing structure on Bellows that civil engineers are currently working from. The new building will provide adequate stability and  working environment. The building will also be moved from its original location to an abandoned asphalt runway.


  1. Existing Building: The existing building is being looked at for historical significance due to its age. The building has been on the property since before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Total Square Footage: It was clarified that the existing structure is 2,800 square feet (sq. ft.) and the new structure will be between 4,000 and 6,000 sq. ft. The additional space is needed to house several pieces of equipment that are currently stored outside.


  1. Kupuna ‘Iwi: A pre-survey to check the grounds for any ‘iwi has been done. The new location will be on an asphalt runway and should not have any ‘iwi on it.


  1. Comment Period: The 30-day comment period for those interested begins tonight. Comments may be sent directly to Gorsuch or at


  1. Funding/Cost: The approximate cost is slated at below $750,000, and will be funded by the Department of Defense (DOD).


Chair Ho had forgotten to place Sam Kodama on the agenda and explained that if the Board wishes to hear the presentation it would take a total of nine (9) votes or two-thirds of the Board to add the item on. Dettweiler moved and Jamila seconded to add Sam Kodama’s Property Zone Change to the agenda. The motion was ADOPTED UNANIMOUSLY, 10-0-0, (Aye: Akeo, Alivado, Dettweiler, R. Ho, W. Ho, Jamila Jr., Spencer, Wahinekapu, Eckart and Laughlin.)


Kodama Property Zone Change: Consultant Gerald Park explained;


  1. Property Description: The Board was provided a map illustrating the Kodama property. The land is approximately 8.3 acres of pasture land with no surface body of water. The property is prime agricultural land out of the flood zone. The property has a single family dwelling and a storage building with a septic tank for waste treatment.


  1. Property Use: Property owner Sam Kodama presently uses approximately four (4) acres of the northern half of the property for aqua-culture and breeding of farmed tilapia.


  1. Zone Request: The Kodama family is seeking a zone change from AG-1 (agricultural restricted) to AG-2 (agricultural general). Comment from the community will be included in a Change of Zoning Document.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


  1. Residents Notified: It was clarified that neighboring residents, all of whom are also owners of prime agricultural lots within 300 feet of the property have been notified and are able to comment.


  1. Difference in Zoning: There are many slight changes that Mr. Kodama could do with his property following the zone change; however, the main change may be the ability to sub-parcel the property.


  1. Possibility of Sub-Parceling: With an AG-2 zone change the 8.3 acres may be sub-parceled into smaller two (2) acre lots. Mr. Kodama indicated that in the future, sub-parceling may be in his interest as he would like to leave the land parcels to his children and family.


  1. Additional Structures/Height Limit: If the property is sub-parceled, each parcel may hold a single family dwelling as well as a storage facility.


  1. Board Opposition: Several Board and community members opposed the zone change, noting they are against building more structures on prime agricultural land.


  1. Improper Position: Several Board members disagreed in opposing Mr. Kodama’s request, explaining that the Board should not be imposing their personal feelings on a private land owner.


  1. Willing to Return: Several Board members requested that the Kodama family and Park return to the next Board meeting with more information; Park agreed.


Eckart moved and R. Ho seconded to oppose Kodama’s zone change request. The motion was NOT ADOPTED, 4-6-0, (Aye: Eckart, R. Ho, Laughlin and Wahinekapu; No: Akeo, Alivado, Dettweiler, W. Ho, Jamila and Spencer.)




Education Report:


Blanche Pope Elementary School: Ofelia Carag reported;


  1. Awards Ceremony: Parents were welcomed to join their students at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday, January 21, 2010.


  1. Construction Update: Campus construction is nearing completion, the school is hopeful that construction will be completed before the February Board meeting.


  1. Student Report Card: Parents were reminded to keep an eye out in the mail for their child’s report cards. Parents must sign and return the report card envelope as soon as possible.


  1. Kindergarten/Keiki Steps Registration: Residents were encouraged to register their children for kindergarten and or the Keiki Steps program.


  1. Mahalo Community: Several community members and organizations were thanked for their support and generous donations to Blanche Pope Elementary.


Waimanalo Elementary and Intermediate School: Principal Noel Richardson reported;


  1. Cesspool Construction Update: The project is currently in its final phase, the project is slated for completion in the upcoming months.


  1. School Fundraiser: Residents were welcomed to participate in a school wide fundraiser on Saturday, January 23, 2010 from 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Huli huli chicken will be on sale for $6.


  1. Math Night: Students will be participating in the annual Math Night on Wednesday, January 27, 2010; parents and residents were also welcomed to participate.


  1. College Prep Class: Interested students and parents are welcomed to the school on Wednesday, January 20, 2010 to learn more about college prep courses available for students.


Hawaii Job Corps: Julie Dugan reported;


  1. Classes Resumed: Students returned to their classes on Monday, January 4, 2010.


  1. College Courses: A total of 15 students have been able to begin entry level college courses at Windward Community College (WCC).


  1. Kupuna Housing: Students in the culinary program provided a banquet of food to the Kupuna Housing Project during the holiday season, kupuna have expressed their thanks and a job well done.


Waimanalo Health Center: Keoni Aylett reported;


  1. Annual Meeting: Board members were provided copies of the PowerPoint presented at the meeting. The presentation included a brief history of what the center has been doing the past few years.


  1. Board of Directors: The Health Center has chosen the new Board of Directors; May Akamine remains Chairperson. For more information contact Aylett or Akamine following the meeting.


Military Report: Bellows Air Force Base: Captain Pelzl reported;


  1. Supply Logistics Position: It was mentioned that at an earlier meeting, the GS7 position, $45,000-50,000/annual) will become available within two weeks. Interested residents may contact Captain Pelzl or view the position description online.


  1. Environmental Program Manager: Craig Gorsuch, Environmental Program Manager, was introduced to and will be  in the community to address any environmental concerns.


  1. Possible Makahiki Festival: The Air Force is currently in the planning stages of a possible Makahiki Festival in Waimanalo on Saturday, February 13, 2010. The Board will be briefed of further details at the February Board meeting.


Marine Corps Base Hawaii (MCBH): Major Alan Crouch reported;


  1. Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday, 7:00 a.m.-12:00 midnight; Friday, 7:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m.; Saturday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.; Sunday and Holidays closed. Occasional jet passage in support of Lava Viper.


  1. King of the Hill Event: Residents are welcomed to participate on Saturday, January 16, 2010. Early registration can be done at


  1. Bodysurfing at Pyramid Rock: The 4th Annual Bodysurfing Championship at Pyramid Rock Beach on January 16 and 17, 2010; open to the public. Early registration can be done at


  1. Martin Luther King Day: Marines will be included in a ceremonial color guard for the Martin Luther King Jr. parade on Monday, January 18, 2010, beginning at 10:00 a.m.


  1. Swamp Romp: Residents are welcomed to participate in ‘Hawaii’s Dirtiest Footrace’ on Saturday, February 20, 2010. Early registration can be done at


  1. Color Detachment Performance: The United States Marine Corps (USMC) Battle Color Detachment will perform on Oahu on March 10-13, 2010; performance dates and times to be announced.


  1. Airshow and Bayfest: This year the Navy’s Blue Angels aerial demonstration and Bayfest will be held on the weekend of September 25-26, 2010.


  1. Deployments: Include; Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 463; 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment; plus other detachments and augmentees. MCBH acknowledged the loss of Lance Corporal Mark Juarez and Jacob Meinert.


Elected Officials:


Representative Chris Lee: Representative Lee reported;


  1. Community Mahalo: Board and community members were thanked for their assistance in all of the cleanups that happened during the holiday months.


  1. Economic Presentation: Board members were provided mathematical graphs highlighting economic components. Representative Lee was prepared to present a lengthier discussion of the economic situation, but will do so at a later meeting.


  1. Bill Introduction: Hearing the numerous concerns regarding illegal aerial fireworks, it is presumed that many representatives will be introducing legislation to curb the use of illegal fireworks.


  1. Legislative Opening Day: Residents were invited to Opening Day at the legislature on Wednesday, January 20, 2010; however were reminded that festivities will be at a minimum this year.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Several announcements were made at this time;


  1. Kailua Christian Academy (KCA): The academy requested to do a presentation at the upcoming February Board meeting to discuss its request for a conditional use permit (CUP), Chair Ho agreed.


  1. Waimanalo Community Recycling: Jean Brokish and Kristen Mailheau thanked the community for their efforts, volunteerism and participation in the recycling event on Saturday, January 9, 2010.


  1. Next Regular Meeting: Monday, February 8, 2010 at the National Guard Training Auditorium.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m.


Submitted By:


Leland S.M. Ribac

Neighborhood Assistant


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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