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Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board


CALL TO ORDER: Vice-Chair Kioni Dudley called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Brent Buckley, Kioni Dudley, Michael Golojuch, Shad Kane, Steve Loring, Martha Makaiwi, Jane Ross, and Maeda Timson.

MEMBERS ABSENT: George Yamamoto (notified).

GUESTS: Marcia & Herman Young, Ned Dewey & Bob Singlehurst (Grace Pacific), Gary Oliva, Karla Hill, Lori Hoo, Colton Ching, Ken Fong, Bill Bonnet, & Harold Kagemura (HECO), Bill Decker (HECO Consultant), Gregory Thomson (Ko'Olina Chevron), Obed Denlin (Leeward AYSO), Jill Stensrud (State Department of Health), Maj. Chuck Anthony (Governor's Representative), Ron Ho, Representative Mark Moses, Capt. Apolinario Iligan (Honolulu Fire Department), Valerie Kane, Carolyn Ancheta, Georgette Stevens-Begley (Grace Pacific), George Kuo (Board of Water Supply), Merna A. (Representative Michael Kahikina's office staff), Senator Brian Kanno, Linda Young, Cynthia Rezentes (Waianae Neighborhood Board No. 24), Nadine Lagaso (Capmbell Estate), Rose Shin, Cheryl Soon (Director, Department of Transportation Services/Mayor's Representative), Glenda Giguere (Mauka Lani PTA Legislative Chair), Mike Freitas, Lt. Ned Campbell & Officer Al Somera (Honolulu Police Department _ Kapolei), William Balfour (Director, Department of Parks & Recreation), David Pagan (Waipahu Neighborhood Board No. 22), Senator Colleen Hanabusa and Nola Frank (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).

BOARD MEMBERS ROLL CALL: Neighborhood Assistant Nola Frank took the Board's roll call. A quorum was present.


Honolulu Police Department - Kapolei _ Lt. Campbell distributed the statistics for the month of July and reported the following: (1) 7 robberies, 82 burglaries, 197 thefts, 129 unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle, 92 auto thefts, 95 CPD, 233 against person, 294 motor vehicle collisions, 14 DUI, 30 drug offenses, 504 other and 1,680 written cases. (2) Total number of 911 calls district 8 officers responded to were 5,798 and 1,581 written reports. A total of 318 arrests were made during the month of July of which 256 were adults and 62 juveniles. (3) Safety Tip of the Month: “SERVING & PROTECTING WITH ALOHA” - Have you or someone you know ever been a victim of crime? Find out how you can get involved and participate in crime prevention - program that involves citizen participation and Involvement in self-help cooperative fight against crime. The primary purpose of the Neighborhood Security Watch is the protection of our communities and properties. The Neighborhood Security Watch Program is administered and maintained by the District 7 community Area of Responsibility (CAR) Resource Unit. Contact the resource unit in your area: Officer Marc Thom at 692-4247.”

Honolulu Fire Department _ Capt. Iliagan reported the following: (1) For the month of July 2001, E35 Makakilo Station & Q40 of Kapolei Station responded to 23 fires, 47 emergencies/rescues, 5 hazardous conditions, 6 service calls, 10 good intent calls, and 1 false call. (2) HAZMAT 2 of Kapolei Station responded to 18 hazardous conditions & 11 good intent calls. (3) Fire Safety Tip _ “Keep your legal, financial and personal history records in a safe place. Valuable documents should be kept in a bank's safety deposit box or in a fireproof vault/ container. Should there be a fire, your records would expedite the processing of the insurance claims.” (3) Fire Fighter's Safety Health Guides for Senior Citizens were distributed.

Questions, answers, and comments: In response to a question from a Board member, good intentcalls are non-emergency ones, which could include barbecues, etc.


COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS/MEMBERSHIP AND REPORTS: Appointment of Committee Chairs and membership _ Committee Chairs and members are as follows:

. Environment, Education &Health _ Kane, Chair; Ross, and Dudley
. Planning, Zoning & Development_ Buckley, Chair; Yamamoto, and Makaiwi
. Transportation & Safety _ Loring, Chair; Golojuch, and Timson

Other Committees: Planning, Zoning, & Development _ Timson, Ross, Golojuch, and Dudley

Questions, answers, and comments: Ross commented that in the future it would be nice if a choice were given for committees of interest to Board members.

Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization (OMPO) _ Golojuch distributed a partial list of the State and City action on the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) project recommendations for the Draft Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). On the list is projects picked out by Golojuch that he believed were related to the Leeward area. For a complete listing of projects and/or to make comments about projects before the Policy Committee makes its decision in late August/early September visit the OMPO website:

Questions, answers, and comments: (1) Buckley stated that the community could give their input at the OMPO September 7, 2001 meeting. (2) Loring inquired as to how is the community notified. Golojuch responded that notification is made through the newspaper, website, email or they may call to be put on the mailing list. (3) The Kapolei Parkway project is presently not on the draft TIP now with the HADCH committee to do that part.


May 16, 2001 Regular Minutes_ Golojuch moved and seconded by Loring that the minutes of May 16, 2001 be approved. The motion carried unanimously, 8-0-0.

June 20, 2001 Regular Minutes_ The following corrections were made:

Page 4, Questions, comments, concerns, item 3, it should read, Ross asked why is Waimanalo North being considered as a forest preserve and why isn't the City trying to negotiate changing or condemning it because it's one of the few sites that could be used rather that the existing Waimanalo Gulch.

Page 4, line 8 from bottom, it should read, In comment, Ross stated that Ko'Olina is an engine for pushing forward the economy of this State and thousands of jobs will be created. She could not understand how the economics of a landfill could stand up against the economic benefits that could be brought into the State by a resort.

Golojuch moved and seconded by Kane that the June 20, 2001 minutes be approved as corrected. The motion carried unanimously, 8-0-0.

July 25, 2001 Regular Meeting_ Discussion ensued with questions as to why not everyonereceived the minutes in the mail. Buckley moved and seconded by Timson that the minutes of July 25, 2001 be deferred until the next Board meeting. The motion carried unanimously, 8-0-0.

Ross indicated that she had checked with the Neighborhood Commission in regard to some members not receiving the minutes and was informed that the Commission has been experiencing some communication distribution problems.


TREASURER'S REPORT _ Loring read the treasurer's report as of July 31, 2001: The Operating Account balance is $1,442.85, with $2,069.00 in the Publicity Account and $120.00 in the Refreshment Account.


Grace - Pacific Corporation _ Ned Dewey reported that Grace _ Pacific has asked the State Department of Health's Clean-Air Branch to suspend the Permit for Amendment and he will return in a couple of months to give an update on this issue. Dewey also distributed the ”Community Happenings,” compliments of the company. For more information regarding “Community Happenings” call Grace Pacific Corporation at 672-3545.

Questions, answers, and comments: A concern was brought up regarding information getting to the community. Information regarding the withdrawal to suspend the Permit for Amendment was found out through the newspaper. It was suggested that better communication be provided to the community. Dewey apologized for this and informed the Board and guests that he did not know it was in the newspaper. Grace-Pacific Corporation received no information from the Clean-Air Branch. The reason to have the permit suspended is so the company can find alternatives to having to amend it.

The agenda was taken out of order to VIII, Presentations.

PRESENTATION _ Parking Situation at Kapolei Regional Park: William Balfour, Director of the Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR) presented the following: (1) the parking lot in question has been in limbo for sometime. The State Department of Land & Natural Resources (DLNR) has not called Balfour back yet, however he hopes to have the parking problem resolved shortly. (2) Balfour demonstrated with a map the different areas that could be a possibility for additional parking. (3) Balfour spoke with Campbell Estates regarding the land back of the library on the Waianae side, which is presently not being utilized. DPR would be happy to clear the area. (4) The present parking lot has an archery range nearby, a fence was recommended to surround the range as a safety measure before putting in a new lot.

Discussion ensued with Board members and guests expressing their concerns and comments some of which are as follows: (a) Suggestions were made in regards to areas within the park that could be utilized for parking. (b) Safety factors were of concern regarding parking and children playing near the archery range. Archery equipment presently used is very powerful and dangerous. (c) The archery range is owned by the City & County of Honolulu. (d) Timson commented, that the archers with the City made a paved package deal, with the Vision Team monies used for this purpose to preserve the archaeological and historical area. Loring called a point of order to the chair regarding this comment. Nadine Lagaso, of Campbell Estate commented that of the four proposed areas for a parking lot, only one is in the master plan. (e)Buckley noted that in the fall the only sport utilizing the fields is soccer. Soccer season will commence on September 1, 2001.

The order of the agenda resumed.

Capital Improvement Projects _ Discussed earlier in the meeting.

Hawaiian Electric Company Fuel Pipeline _ Harold Kageura, Manager, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Honolulu, Waiau & Kahe Power Plants, introduced Ken Fong, Project Manager and Lori Hoo, Director for Community Relations. Fong noted that this presentation is for clarification information only. He highlighted the following: (1) The HECO fuel pipeline project has been in the planning for two years. Plans are to construct a fuel line from Campbell Industrial Park to the Waiau Power Plant with the approximate stating date being August 2003. (2) Currently, HECO utilizes the Chevron fuel line and with this project the company will have their own fuel line. (3) Prior notices will be mailed out as well as door - door brochure distribution informing the community of construction areas. (4) High strength steel coated with polyurethane will be used for the pipes. The reason is that the steel keeps the heat in the pipe to transport the fuel efficiently. (5) A fiber optic communication system would be used to detect any malfunctions

that may occur. (6) One area of planned construction would be the easement fronting the Kapolei Shopping Center. By using advanced directional drilling, it should take one to four weeks for completion of the drilling. (7) The other community issue is regarding dust. HECO has this matter on a high priority list, is aware of the importance of dust control and would work closely with the contractorto mitigate problems.

Questions, answers, and comments: (a) Ross inquired about the corridor on the Mauka side of Farrington Highway. The corridor was established in the early 1970s and is a 13- mile route. (b) Responding to a question regarding timeline, the 13 mile route should take 6-9 months to complete. (c) Periodic updates will be brought to Board meetings as the project progresses.


Campbell Industrial Park (CIP) _ The monthly emission Incident Report for July 2001 was circulated. Ron Ho reported incidents at CIP: Date: July 11, 2001; time: 3:30 p.m.; Facility: TESORO; Equipment: H2S CEMS; Event: permit deviation where excess emissions of H2S in fuel gas exceeded rolling 3hr period due
to process adjustments in the DHC (increasing reactor outlet temperatures; Estimated Excess Emissions/Wdir: H2S exceedance of 6.2 pounds; winds ENE; Actions Taken: Decreased reactor outlet temperatures and adjusted process operations in the fuel gas treating plant.

BPNAS Redevelopment Commission: Timson reported the next meeting would be held on August 23, 2001, Campbell Estate Building Laulima Room, 7:00 p.m.

Questions, answers, and comments: Discussion ensued regarding concerns and the planning of homes to be built on Ford Island. A meeting will be held on August 20, 2001, Aliamanu Intermediate School with the EIS regarding Ford Island. Soon mentioned that the Navy plans to sell Kalaeloa land to raise money to build the homes planned on Ford Island.

City Council _ A representative was not present.

Mayor _
Cheryl Soon, Director of Transportation Services reported the following: (1) Next Vision Team meeting August 21, 2001, 7:00 p.m. at Kapolei Hale. (2) Follow-up to a request regarding the west crosswalk at Palahia Street may be suitable for signage. (3) The Regional Vision Team meeting was held on August 4, 2001 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Guest speaker, Evan Dobelle, President of the University of Hawaii, spoke on plans to review West Oahu for a new campus. Copies of his speach were distributed. (4) Soon encouraged the Board to work on their Capital Improvement Project wish list due to deadlines having to be met.

Questions, answers, and comments: (a) Timson expressed her concern regarding the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). She attended a meeting last night with information given that plans for the Country Express is that it will stop at the Middle Street Transit Center and riders need to transfer to another bus into downtown. Soon responded that all routes are in the planning and to date no determination has been made. (b) Representative Moses stated that he would like to get involved with the crosswalk issue.

Senator Brian Kanno _ Senator Kanno distributed his monthly report and highlighted the following: (1) On July 18, 2001 Senator Kanno and fellow constituents toured Holomua Elementary School to see how the multi-track system is run. (2) North - South Road Project _ Lt. Governor Maizie Hirono has approved the release of $250,000 to the Department of Natural Land & Resources for the project. (3) Mauka Lani Redistricting _ Calls were received by Senator Kanno by parents expressing their concerns regarding overcrowding of the second grade classes at Barber's Point Elementary. Concerns were forwarded to the District Superintendent.

Senator Colleen Hanabusa _ The monthly report was distributed and Senator Hanabusa reported that she has concerns regarding the reapportionment of her district.


Representative Mark Moses _ Representative Moses' monthly report was distributed and he highlighted the following: (1) Redistricting will impact this area more than any other due to the population growth. (2) He had the privilege to speak with University of Hawaii President Evan Dobelle, where they discussed the future of the University of Hawaii West Oahu Campus. (3) A letter was attached to his monthly report from Cheryl Soon, Director of Department of Transportation Services, concerning traffic difficulty in making the left turn off Fort Barrette Road on Kapolei Parkway during the morning traffic.

Questions, answers, and comments: Responding to questions regarding Kapolei Parkway, Soon noted that the consultant for the developers is Dan Davidson Contact Soon at 523-4125 with any questions.

GOVERNOR _ Maj. Chuck Anthony distributed the monthly report and was available for questions. In response to questions, Maj. Anthony will follow-up on the park studies with the DLNR.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further Board business, Vice-Chair Dudley adjourned the meeting at 9:55 p.m.

Submitted by:

Nola Frank,
Neighborhood Assistant


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Tuesday, April 09, 2002

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