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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Tom Heinrich called the meeting to order at 7:18 p.m. A quorum of 10 members was present. He introduced the Board members and Neighborhood Assistant Daisy Nasau, and announced that the meeting was being videotaped for later broadcast on Olelo Channel 54.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Evalyn Inn, Michael Kliks, George Nakano, Joseph Ezaki, Jason Iwai, Jeremy Lam, Peter Shoji (late), Teri Durland, Richard Fassler, Tom Heinrich, Milton Ragsdale.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Gary Andersen, Brian Baron, David Mower, Francisco Figueiredo, Salvatore Lanzilotti.

GUESTS: Captain Chung (Honolulu Fire Department), Sgt. Ed Santos and Officer Taro Nakamura (Honolulu Police Department), Howard Matsuda (Board of Water Supply), Doris Ching (University of Hawaii), Howard Yoshioka (Department of Parks & Recreation), George Arizumi (Malama o Manoa), Ann Kobayashi (Governor's Office), Peter Radulovic (Mayor's Representative), Poni Daines (Senator Brian Taniguchi's Office), Steve Hirano (Pacific Management), John Quincy Adams, Lillian Adams, Jim Harwood, Lou Crompton (Senator Carol Fukunaga's Office), Joe Rice and Pat Garvey (Mid-Pacific Institute), Kii McMannen (Senator Chun-Oakland's Office), Brian Akana (Chair, McCully/Mo`ili`ili Neighborhood Board No. 8), Grace Furukawa (League of Women Voters and Security Watch), Daisy Nasau (Neighborhood Commission Office staff).

FILLING OF SUBDISTRICT 2 VACANCY: No interested persons were present. Chair Heinrich noted that tonight is the last regular meeting of the Manoa Neighborhood Board for the 1999-2001 term. This subdistrict 2 seat also remains vacant going into the next term as no candidate stood for election.


HONOLULU FIRE DEPARTMENT (HFD): Captain Chung reported the following: (1) Responded to 37 alarms _ 1 structure fire, 3 rubbish fires, 2 vehicle fires, 23 medical calls, and 8 miscellaneous calls. (2) Fire safety tip of the month: Set your water heater at 120° F, or call an electrician or plumber to set it for you. Temperatures higher than 120° F are likely to cause burns.

Discussion followed: (1) The HFD helicopter was not used in the area within the month. (2) The regular Company 22 truck is currently being used for the new recruit class training, so another, older, apparatus is presently on duty in Manoa (with a very distinctive old style siren which causes most dogs to bark). (3) Chair Heinrich asked if HFD could keep the Board informed and if the Board could in any way be supportive of the new replacement fire station to be built for Company 29 at the intersection of Date Street and University Avenue. (4) There is no indication in any way that Company 22 would be taken away from Manoa. The present Manoa Fire Station is about 25 years old and no new, larger equipment will be assigned to the Manoa station. (5) There are less fire calls now than there were 5 to 10 years ago. Fire calls have probably decreased due to the fact that there are newer laws and building codes, people are more aware; new buildings are designed for better fire safety. Medical calls are on the rise. Nationwide fire services have been moving toward responding to all different types of emergencies besides fire calls. Chair Heinrich stated that some areas are experiencing high volumes of emergency medical calls for elderly people. (6) Final action by the Legislature on House Bill 200 for expanded Emergency Medical Services and Injury Prevention System will be held Thursday, May 3, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. at the State Capitol (includes funding for restoration of overnight ambulance service from the Young Street near Keeaumoku Street EMS station).

HONOLULU POLICE DEPARTMENT (HPD): Officer Nakamura reported the following: (1) Property Crimes Statistics for the period of March 11 through April 8, 2001 as compared to last month's statistics (in parentheses) _ 5 (7) burglaries, 5 (6) vehicle thefts, 8 (27) thefts from vehicles, and 14 (12) thefts. (2) Motor Vehicles Collision Statistics _ 12 (17) major and 27 (31) minor. (3) Safety tip of the month: “Preventing Theft from Vehicle and Vehicle Theft.” (Note: District 7 has been experiencing a rash of theft from vehicles and vehicle thefts.) To help curb these types of crimes, it's important to follow these simple guidelines _ (a) After parking, always lock/secure your vehicle, even if you leave it unattended for only a few minutes. Never leave your keys in the vehicle, always take them with you. (b) Although your car can get really hot when parked on sunny days, always roll your windows all the way up. Thieves can easily open doors if you leave a small opening for ventilation. (c) Always take your valuables with you. Never leave your wallet, purse, sunglasses, portable radio, or CDs in the vehicle. This is an open invitation for someone to break in. (d) Day or night, when parking at a shopping center or mall, try to find a parking space that has high pedestrian traffic (thieves don't like people around when they try to break in). Avoid parking in dark, secluded areas. Besides your vehicle, YOU could also be a target for crime. (e) Never attach a tag with your name, address, or telephone number to your key ring. If lost or stolen, it will lead a thief directly to your home. Many burglaries have occurred this way! (f) Any type of “anti-theft” device is a good deterrent against theft. Vehicle alarms, locking gas caps, steering wheel locking clubs, and fuel cut-off switches can all help in preventing your vehicle from being broken into or stolen.

Discussion followed: (1) There are no patterns in the area thefts, but feel that the thieves are concentrating on Woodlawn Drive. There have been a few vehicle accident incidents where people were on their cell phones or people dropped something and banged a pole or a fire hydrant. (2) Not aware of an alleged break-in that happened across the street from Noelani Elementary. (3) There has been no vandalizing of the schools during the teachers strike. (4) HPD doesn't issue street usage or construction permits, so it has no say as to when or what company begins their construction projects. (5) HPD gets in contact with Neighborhood Security Watches to notify them of burglaries in the neighborhood. Chair Heinrich stated that on Sunday June 17, 2001 an organizational meeting will be held for the first Manoa citizen patrol. (6) The special duty officer posted at a street construction site is there to help the traffic run smoothly. (7) HPD is not aware if the privatization bill affects HPD. (8) Ragsdale expressed condolences on behalf of the Board concerning the officer that was killed in the recent hit and run accident.


Kii McMannen from Senator Chun-Oakland's office invited everyone to attend an informational briefing at the State Capitol on Tuesday May 22, 2001 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. regarding the Ala Wai Canal dredging project and its waste disposal. If anyone would like to ask questions or speak at this event, notify Kii McMannen at 586-6864. This is environmental week for the State of Hawaii. Mayor Harris has invited 400 environmentalists from around the world for a major conference. There is a press conference on Friday May 4, 2001 regarding the Ala Wai Canal clean up.

Discussion followed: The purpose of the briefing is to address neighbors' concerns as to the material that is being brought through the area and being dumped into the ocean south of the airport. The concern is that this material is too “hot” to be put into the ocean at one time. The project could begin as early as six weeks from now, but the people's concerns will be addressed first before this project should start. “Hot” refers to the chemical toxicity of the dredged material.

At this time the agenda was taken out of order.


MID-PACIFIC INSTITUTE'S PROPOSED NEW MATH/SCIENCE/TECHNOLOGY COMPLEX, 2445 KAALA STREET: President Joe Rice reported the following: (1) Thanked the Board for allowing him to make his presentation on the update of the building plans. (2) Introduced Jim Bell who is the Chair of the Mid-Pacific Institute Board of Trustees and Pat Garvey who is the controller at Mid-Pacific and oversees facilities and operations. (3) Thanked UH for their cooperation with the Maile Way access project. This new access road/driveway to Maile Way has alleviated the traffic impact at and around Mid-Pacific. The Maile exit gate is opened in the morning and again in the afternoon and is working very well. Mid-Pacific is also providing about 20 parking stalls for UH. The Maile access gate will also serve as an emergency route when needed.

(4) Mid-Pacific has been operating since 1908. Started off with a few hundred kids and now have 1,030 kids, but enough building space for 1,200. Started on a strategic plan a year ago that looked forward to what Mid-Pacific was going to be. Developed thirteen strategic initiatives and one of those initiatives is to fix, remodel, and/or rebuild Mid-Pacific. Currently some of the buildings on campus are made of stone and have been there since 1908. Other buildings have been there since the 1950s. Mid-Pacific decided as part of their strategic plan to embark on a $12 million campaign to build a new Math/Science/Technology Center on the Mid-Pacific campus. Asked the community, the parents, and other people about what does Hawaii need, what does Mid-Pacific need. Several things that were a priority on the list were the following: academics -- math, science, and technology, which are all highly needed in the State both in the public and private sectors. Mid-Pacific took a look at its facilities and realized that they are not adequate for learning, for students and teachers, and it doesn't even look good. So with the $12 million campaign money, Mid-Pacific will build a three building complex. The first building will be 2-stories with about 12,000 sq. ft. The second building is connected to the first building and is also 2-stories. A separate third building will also be 2-stories. All of these buildings will be set into the ground to lessen the vertical height when viewed from the upper roadway. Mid-Pacific is 2/3rds of the way through its fundraising goal to raise the money to build these new buildings. Mid-Pacific expects to raise adequate funding by the end of 2001. Actual construction of the project may begin about December 2002.

At 8:13 p.m. Peter Shoji arrived (11 members present).

Discussion followed: (1) MPI has studied the proposed site and the sacred springs adjacent to the athletic field will not be affected by the construction. (2) The estimated construction time for the buildings will be about 1 year. The entire strategic plan will take about 20 years and cost about $40 - $50 million. (3) Mid-Pacific currently has a new group of people that is going to redo the long-range facilities plan. Rice stated that he would like to invite Chair Heinrich on behalf of the Manoa Neighborhood Board to participate in the process, especially as he lives across from the Armstrong Street “back gate” of MPI. Rice extended this offer to him if interested, and the assistance will be needed for at least the next six months. (4) The current plans will keep the trees where they are, and if necessary, they can be transplanted elsewhere on campus. (5) Kawaiahao Hall, the lava rock building at the east end of Armstrong Street, has been there since 1908; it was remodeled in 1978, the air conditioning was redone this year, and this building will remain in use. The sister building to this one (at the makai side of campus) was destroyed by fire in the 1950s. (6) Agrees that all of the schools (in the Manoa area and other independent private schools) can benefit from each other's programs and all these schools have programs by which they interact together. (7) MPI currently has 70 boarders, but can hold 100. Up until 1976 everyone who attended Mid-Pacific, including many faculty, were boarders. (8) The mauka part of the campus will remain as it is and with the building of this math/science/technology complex there will be a huge effort to have community involvement. Looking to open it 7 days a week and the hours vary on certain days. (9) Would like the Board to support Mid-Pacific Institute when it later applies for the necessary land use permits from the City. President Rice will keep the Board informed about the progress on this project.

At this time the order of the agenda was resumed.

Howard Matsuda reported the following: (1) Thanked Chair Heinrich for making his report last month as he was on vacation. (2) There was one water main break in April. (3) The current water main projects are on Vancouver Drive and University Avenue. (4) The water quality reports will be mailed to all area households in a few weeks. It's the third year BWS has given out this information. The report tells you what is in the water and what the results are for the tests compared to State and Federal drinking water standards. This report mailing to all Oahu households will be completed sometime in July 2001. If you live in an apartment building, check with your resident manager or call the customer care line at 532-6530 or use email at

Discussion followed: (1) The Vancouver Drive construction project started in January 2001 and is supposed to last 600 calendar days. BWS will resume work on this road. Not exactly sure of the time of day that construction starts on Vancouver Drive, but will get back to the Board. (2) Iwai thanked BWS for the quality of the water in Hawaii and hopes that the water service doesn't become privatized. (3) Chair Heinrich appreciated receiving a copy of the traffic management plan for the University Avenue 12-inch water main project.

UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII ADMINISTRATION: Vice President Doris Ching reported the following: (1) Appreciates the relationship that UH has with Mid-Pacific Institute. (2) Pleased that school has resumed, all lag days due to the faculty (UHPA) strike have been accounted for, and UH has been able to accommodate all the needs for the students so that the semester will end on time. Commencement will take place on Sunday May 13, 2001. (3) The new Hamilton Library Annex was dedicated last week. (4) Celebrated the annual scholar-athlete breakfast at which student-athletes with a 3.0 GPA and higher are recognized at a breakfast sponsored by the President and the Athletic Director. This year 113 students were honored from all the sports. (5) Going into the second NCAA recertification process for the athletic program, which is to be completed in a year and a half. (6) UH is opening an alumni house, which is to be called Hale Makamaka. It's between Bachman Hall and Sinclair Library, and is a renovated one-story facility.

Discussion followed: (1) The alumni house is right across the driveway from Bachman Hall; it's the wooden structure on the mauka side. (2) Fassler stated that a magazine last year both took a poll and studied the best colleges for Asian-Americans, and he is proud to announce that UH is the best.

DEPARTMENT OF PARKS & RECREATION (DPR): Howard Yoshioka reported the following: (1) Yoshioka with the help of Poni Daines passed out juice, soda, and water to the Board and audience in recognition of the Board's dedicated service to the Manoa area. (2) Summer Fun registration will be held on Saturday May 12, 2001 from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, and on Monday & Tuesday May 14-15 from 2:00 to 5:30 p.m. Saturday registration will be in the gym; Monday & Tuesday will be in the pavilion meeting room. Registration for the Noelani Summer Fun will be accepted at the same time. (3) Manoa Boys Basketball League registration for their 2001 season will be held on Saturday May 5, 2001 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the pavilion meeting room. The league is for players 7 to 17 years of age. All first year players should bring a birth certificate to registration. The league will begin in August. (4) A lifeguard training class will be held every Thursday night at Manoa Pool during the month of May 2001 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. (5) On Saturday and Sunday May 19 & 20, 2001 the Manoa Aquatics will host a 2-day United States Swimming Association sanctioned swim meet. Competitors range in age from 7 to 17 years old. There will be no public swim that weekend, including Friday May 18, 2001 to allow for set up. (6) On Wednesday May 23, 2001 the Honolulu Fire Department will conduct testing for firefighter applicants. The swim & dive test will run from 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. (7) The Manoa Youth Baseball League will have their end of season picnic at Manoa Valley District Park on Saturday May 12, 2001. Parking will be at a premium with the Summer Fun Registration also scheduled. (8) On Saturday May 26, 2001 Straub Foundation is sponsoring a Sportsfest at Manoa Valley District Park for children and youth. A variety of sports and activities are planned for this all-day program. (9) In observance of Memorial Day, the pool and gym will be open 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Monday May 28, 2001. (10) The People's Open Market continues to meet every Monday morning in the Kaaipu Avenue parking lot from 6:45 to 7:45 a.m. Come and get your fresh fruits and vegetables!

Discussion followed: (1) Has not received any schedule for the resurfacing of the parking area. (2) Regarding the water fountain at the Pinto Field, the Department of Design and Construction stated that it will be taken care of and they are trying to get the people who damaged it to fix it. (3) The people seen swimming in the early morning before the pool is open are cleaning the pool. (4) On Kaaipu Avenue people will park wherever they want regardless of a sign or if the curb is marked red. (5) Chair Heinrich stated that there will be a meeting on Thursday May 10, 2001, which could be moved to Thursday May 17, 2001, at 7:00 p.m. at the Manoa Pavilion to discuss the master planning for the Manoa Pavilion facility and the swimming pool. Currently there is $120,000 for new lifeguard stands at the pool and enclosing the Pavilion's open area, but an overall master plan for the facility's renovations is needed.

MALAMA O MANOA: George Arizumi reported the following: (1) On Saturday April 14, 2001 in conjunction with Earth Day and Earth Week, several volunteer stream cleaning projects were held. (2) Malama o Manoa has formally adopted several sections of Manoa Stream including from the Kahaloa Drive bridge to the Woodlawn Drive bridge, and hopes that other groups will adopt different sections of the stream. Chair Heinrich stated that the Manoa Streambank Restoration Project at Manoa Valley District Park will be getting an additional $380,000 from the City to allow for 100% implementation. (3) On Sunday May 6, 2001 at 1:00 p.m. there will be a Kamoku-Pukele 138 kV strategy meeting at Dr. Jeremy Lam's lanai at 2230 Kamehameha Avenue.

GOVERNOR'S REPRESENTATIVE: Ann Kobayashi reported the following: (1) Governor Cayetano thanked the Board and Dr. Jeremy Lam for the Save Wa`ahila Ridge t-shirt. (2) The Governor is busy with all the bills passed by the Legislature that need his review and signature if accepted. She thanked all of the elected officials in our area for their hard work during the legislative session.

Discussion followed: (1) Lam congratulated the Governor's strong stand on civil service reform. (2) Iwai asked if the Governor could change some of the rules for the State like environmental and privatization; and expressed concerns about corruption, prisons, garbage pick-up, and customs. (3) Chair Heinrich encouraged the Governor to sign Senate Bill 981 which amends the voting quorum requirements for the Board of Land and Natural Resources to reduce the chances of automatic approval of permits, and adds a seventh member to that Board.

MAYOR'S REPRESENTATIVE: Peter Radulovic reported the following: (1) The Neighborhood Board elections were certified on Monday April 30, 2001. Extends best wishes to those who chose to seek reelection. On Friday June 1, 2001 at 7:00 p.m. at the City Hall Courtyard is the Installation Ceremony. On Saturday June 2, 2001 at 8:00 a.m. to noon at the McCoy Pavilion is a Parliamentary Procedure Workshop. (2) Distributed to the Board the Community Vision book from the vision meeting that was held on Saturday April 21, 2001 at the Hawaii Convention Center. The Mayor has decided to earmark $1,000,000 for each Neighborhood Board to be able to prioritize capital improvement and maintenance projects. (3) The Mayor will be holding an Asian Pacific Environmental Summit from Friday May 4 to Sunday May 6, 2001 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and more than 400 representatives will attend to discuss various topics regarding the environment. (4) On Monday May 7 to Friday May 11, 2001 the Asian Development Bank will be holding its conference at the Hawaii Convention Center, and more than 3,000 delegates will be attending. They will discuss the economic affairs of the ADB. Optimistic that the ADB conference will be a peaceful one. On Wednesday May 9, 2001 a protest parade is scheduled to be held. (5) Pleased to see the legislative session coming to an end. Complimented the Governor and the Legislature on passing the privatization bill, which will benefit the County and its taxpayers.

Discussion followed: (1) Regarding the privatization bill and the kickbacks trial, hopes that everyone can conduct themselves in a proper manner. (2) Kliks stated that he hopes to be on the next Board term and is looking forward to working with Peter Radulovic again. (3) Privatization will be a bidding process. (4) Fassler feels that the Hawaii Convention Center wasn't the right place to hold the ADB conference. Everyone who attends the ADB had to be cleared by the FBI and there will be no parking at the Hawaii Convention Center. (5) Will look into the park that was dedicated to the homeless man and see if it was going to be destroyed. (6) Chair Heinrich commended Peter Radulovic for his exemplary service to the Board for the past two years.


SENATOR BRIAN TANIGUCHI: Poni Daines distributed a community report and an H-1 Corridor progress report newsletter.

SENATOR CAROL FUKUNAGA: Lou Crompton distributed a report.

COUNCILMEMBER ANDY MIRIKITANI: A report was delivered and distributed.

No report as a representative was not present.

A report was delivered and distributed.

APPROVAL OF THE REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OF APRIL 4, 2001: Without objection, the regular meeting minutes of April 4, 2001 were approved as published.

Fassler stated that for publicity for the Board meetings, an additional sign should be made and posted on University Avenue as is done at Manoa Triangle Park. He apologized for the wrong Neighborhood Board name being listed in the Honolulu Advertiser for the Olelo broadcast _ he's trying to get it straight with Olelo regarding its scheduling of the Manoa Neighborhood Board's coverage.


KAMOKU-PUKELE 138 kV TRANSMISSION LINE PROJECT UPDATE: Discussion followed: (1) Chair Heinrich asked whether Lam was going to present a motion/discussion matter for the Board seeking the Board's approval for authorization to send copies of materials on this subject to all the Legislators, each of the Neighborhood Board chairs, Hawaiian Electric Company directors, etc. (2) Lam stated that he spoke to Karl Kim and he wondered if sending copies was a good idea, and Lam feels that it is in order to share the views on both sides of the matter.

Lam moved and Iwai seconded a motion that the Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7 support and authorize the distribution of copies of Kamoku-Pukele 138 kV transmission line project and related issue materials to decision-makers with a cover letter from the Board.

Discussion followed: (1) Lam stated that to keep them informed means to just let them know what they might not have seen, heard about, or read yet. (2) Chair Heinrich stated that tonight the only thing that the Board can do is to get the information out, but can't do anything after Thursday May 31, 2001 due to the end of this term. (3) Ezaki stated that he feels that all those articles are biased toward a particular side. (4) Lam stated that House Bill 173 Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards passed and also the Associated Students of UH Manoa passed a resolution opposing the Kamoku-Pukele lines and granting HECO a Conservation District Use Permit. (5) Fassler stated that the BLNR is considering the electric magnetic field issue. (6) Chair Heinrich stated that there is no schedule yet relating to the contested case hearing or to the First Circuit Court challenge to the acceptance of the Revised Environmental Impact Statement.

The motion was adopted by a vote of 9-2-0. Aye: Kliks, Nakano, Iwai, Lam, Shoji, Durland, Fassler, Heinrich, Ragsdale. Nay: Inn, Ezaki.

At this time the agenda was taken out of order.


REPORTING OF NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD ELECTION RESULTS FOR THE JUNE 1, 2001 TO MAY 31, 2003 TERM: Chair Heinrich stated the following: (1) Acknowledged “retiring” Board members Michael Kliks, Teri Durland, and Evalyn Inn for their participation and service on this term of the Board. (2) Announced the election results -- Subdistrict 1: Henry Chapin and George Nakano (1 vacancy remains). Subdistrict 2: Gary Andersen and Joseph Ezaki (1 vacancy remains). Subdistrict 3: Jason Iwai, Jeremy Lam, and Peter Shoji (2 vacancies remain). Subdistrict 4 (vote counts, top 6 elected): Richard Fassler (466), Francisco Figueiredo (384), James Harwood (386), John Thomas Heinrich (443), Salvatore Lanzilotti (399), Milton Ragsdale (323), Questor Lau (321). There are still four vacancies remaining on the Board, so if anyone is interested in being considered by the Board for election to a vacancy, please attend the meeting on Wednesday June 6, 2001 at Noelani Elementary School at 7:00 p.m.

At this time the gavel was passed to Vice Chair Richard Fassler.


PROPOSED RESOLUTION REQUESTING THE EXECUTIVE SECRETARY OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD BOARD SYSTEM TO TAKE AFFIRMATIVE STEPS TO HELP RECRUIT INTERESTED PERSONS TO FILL VACANCIES WHICH WILL REMAIN ON NUMEROUS NEIGHBORHOOD BOARDS AFTER COMPLETION OF THE CURRENT 2001 ELECTION: Discussion followed: Chair Heinrich stated that in speaking with the Neighborhood Commission Office there is great concern with the need to either make better and more announcements or advertise that many of the Neighborhood Boards have vacancies on them.

Heinrich moved and Iwai seconded a motion that the Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7 request that the Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Board System take affirmative steps to help recruit interested persons to fill vacancies which will remain on numerous Neighborhood Boards after completion of the current 2001 election.

Discussion followed: (1) Fassler stated that this is a good idea. But some Boards are easier to fill then others such as Waikiki compared to Manoa. (2) Heinrich stated that there was a full page notice published by the Neighborhood Commission Office two weeks ago following the Wednesday April 16, 2001 voting deadline that announced those persons who were deemed elected due to uncontested races. (3) Shoji stated that the Salt Lake Neighborhood Board has all at large seats, with no subdistricts. Heinrich stated that any revision of the Manoa Neighborhood Board's initiative petition could be considered at any time. (4) Fassler stated that maybe someone should encourage the students at UH to run for the Board. (5) Inn stated that she isn't coming back to the Board because the meetings are too long, but if the meetings were shorter then maybe there would be more people interested in serving on the Board. Also maybe if we could try and condense the agenda. Heinrich stated that the length of meetings vary by Board -- some are shorter and some even go after midnight, it all depends on what is on the agenda. The points Inn made are good, but do not take into consideration the many other hours that are spent outside of these meetings going to Vision Team meetings, hearings, etc. So if anyone has problems attending the regular meeting once a month, then it makes it very difficult to conduct the full business of the Board, which is elected to do all of those things which are brought to the Board for its consideration and action. Also, this is one of about five of the 32 Boards that has a very strong reputation based on the conduct of this Board as well as the level of participation of all the Board members on all the issues before it. (6) Fassler stated that he was disappointed that there are no women presently elected to the Board for the next term. (7) Iwai stated that the Board should put the interest of the community on the agenda.

The motion was adopted unanimously by a vote of 11-0-0. Aye: Kliks, Nakano, Iwai, Lam, Shoji, Durland, Fassler, Heinrich, Ragsdale, Inn, Ezaki.

At this time the gavel was passed back to Chair Tom Heinrich.

Discussion followed: (1) Chair Heinrich stated that this is more of an announcement and just wanted to put it on the agenda and get out the information to the approximately 275 people on the mailing list. This location had a package sales liquor license, but because of a new owner due to the sale of the Texaco station, they need to apply for a new license. (2) Nakano stated to let the matter float without Board action since there is no need for the Board to take a stand on it. The Board concurred.

PROPOSED RESOLUTION CONCERNING THE POLICY OF THE STATE LEGISLATURE LEADERSHIP TO ALLOW SUBJECT MATTER COMMITTEE CHAIRS ABSOLUTE VETO POWER ON MATTERS CONSIDERED IN CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: Discussion followed: (1) Chair Heinrich stated that this new policy allows a single committee chair serving on a conference committee to exercise a unilateral veto power. (2) Lam stated that this matter is an issue of fairness, democracy, and justice. For a committee chair to wield such power over all other committee members is an outrage. (3) Nakano made a point of order as to whether there was a motion on the floor.

Lam moved and Shoji seconded that the Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7 express its strong disagreement with the Legislature's new policy allowing subject matter committee chairs absolute veto power on matters considered in conference committee, and that this opinion be communicated to each member of the Legislature.

Discussion followed: (1) Chair Heinrich stated that one of the first resolutions adopted by the Board in this 1999-2001 term had to do with this Board expressing its displeasure with the action of the State Senate in rejecting the nomination of Margery Bronster for a second term as Attorney General for the State of Hawaii. Also, in keeping with Hawaii Revised Statutes Chapter 92, the Sunshine Law, the Board must act in accordance with that and also honor the majority. Chapter 92 specifically exempts the Legislature! (2) Grace Furukawa stated that the League of Women Voters expressed concern about this and wondered if we can get someone present to elaborate more on this matter? (3) Jim Harwood stated that he read in the paper who wanted to institute this policy. Inn called for the question; the motion to end debate failed by a vote of 4-7-0. Discussion continued: (4) Fassler stated that the Legislature's policy position is a heinous thing, but quite frankly what happens in the Legislature is the committee chairs have tremendous power all the time. If the chair likes the bill it goes through, and if the chair does not, it doesn't pass.

At this time Evalyn Inn and Jason Iwai left (10:02 p.m.).

The motion was adopted unanimously by a vote of 9-0-0. Aye: Kliks, Nakano, Lam, Shoji, Durland, Fassler, Heinrich, Ragsdale, Ezaki.

ADJOURNMENT: Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 10:07 p.m.

Submitted by:

Daisy Nasau
Neighborhood Assistant


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Monday, March 18, 2002

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