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 Manoa Neighborhood Board No. 7






CALL TO ORDER: Chair Eric Eads called the Manoa Neighborhood Board (Board) meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.; a quorum was NOT present with seven (7) ­members. Note This 17-member Board requires nine (9) members to establish a quorum and take official Board action.


Members Present: Gary Anderson, Sarita Corn, Eric Eads, Martin Eby, Kaleo Gagne, Philmund Lee (arrived at 7:15 p.m.), Nadine Nishioka (arrived at 7:01 p.m.), Milton Ragsdale (appointed at this meeting), George Simson, and Ellen Watson.


Members Absent: Rodney Chun, Zach Di Ionno, Grant Fasi-Allison, and Giuseppe Locatelli.


Guests:  (Honolulu Fire Department); (Honolulu Police Department); Theona Kapoi (Neighborhood Commission Office)




Board Member Nishioka arrived at 7:01 p.m.; Quorum NOT met with eight (8) members present.


Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) Firefighter Nakakura reported following:


  • August 2011 Fire Statistics Included 4 structure, 1 wild land, and 1 rubbish fire; There were 26 medical emergencies and 8 miscellaneous emergencies; no major or unusual incidents.
  • Fire Safety Tip In a fire, medical, or other emergency, it is critical that emergency responders quickly identify the correct location. Fire, building, U.S. postal codes, and City ordinances state that property owners shall place their house numbers so it is legible and readily visible from the street. This will assist first responders in quickly locating the property in an event of an emergency. If the property is difficult to locate and/or access, provide 911 dispatchers with additional information to assist them in locating the property during an emergency.


Questions, comments, concerns followed:


1.       Helicopters It was noted that the helicopters frequently flying around are not HFD helicopters. If HFD helicopters are used, it is in the instance that someone needs help. Board Member Nishioka noted that the red helicopters are a part of the Coast Guard, which are surveying the area.

2.       Texas Wildfire There is no indication that HFD firefighters will be sent to Texas to assist with trying to contain the wildfire there.


Honolulu Police Department (HPD) Lt. Nagata distributed a report and highlighted the following:


         August 2011 Statistics Include 16 burglaries, 16 thefts, and 7 unauthorized entry into motor vehicles. The report includes contact information for Officer Tony Kahapea, a map of Manoa Valley designating where crime took place, summary report and statistics by call type and information about disaster preparedness.

         HPD Safety Tip This month's safety tip relates to disaster preparedness.  Some of the tips include making an emergency plan and know escape routes, have enough non-perishable food for at least two weeks, and prepare a survival kit for home use or to take to a shelter. More information can be found at




Questions, comments, and concerns followed:

  1. Helicopters It was noted that HPD helicopters are usually only used when necessary. Helicopters in the air at night may be for a special call.
  2. Preparedness Board Member Gagne noted that the Red Cross has great kits for residents to check out to be prepared for a disaster. They also have a lot of helpful information. Chair Eads commented that he was in Washington D.C. on 9/11 and had a "to go" bag which had clothes and food.
  3. Manoa Park Chair Eads requested when officers have time to drive past the parks in the area. Manoa Park in particular, there are kids skateboarding on the courts and he would not like to use tax dollars to repair the courts if it's not necessary.




Residents and Others for Matters Not on the Agenda There was no other input for matters not on the agenda.


Input Received by Board Members from Community Members Board Member Simson announced a general notice to residents about the history of Manoa being needed. He will be working with Napua Wong and 15 other people to write essays for a book. There is an interesting history in Manoa, however, if residents are opposed to this idea, please let him know. The Value of Hawaii is a similar book to the proposed history book for Manoa.


University of Hawaii (UHM) at Manoa Representative There was no representative or report available.


Honolulu City Councilmember Ann Kobayashi Jarret Yip distributed a report and was available for questions. Councilmember Kobayashi arrived and highlighted the following:


         Annual Community Clean-Up The 8th Annual Community Clean-Up for recycling community clean-up/fundraiser for Kaimuki High School, Kapahulu Center, and Moiliili Community Center will happen on Saturday, October 15, 2011 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 2705 Kaimuki Avenue.

         Change Orders Councilmember Kobayashi stated that the City is spending millions of dollars on change orders. The City needs to make sure there is a balance of the needs for both Urban and Country areas on the island. Agricultural lands also need to be protected.


Board Member Lee arrived at 7:15 p.m.; Quorum of nine (9) members present.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


  1. Change Orders It was clarified that professional contractors should know what they are working with in the areas they are working. Councilmember Kobayashi noted that one project had 11 change orders which is why the City needs to plan better. It was not sure who approves change orders; however it is likely to be the project manager. It was noted that there in no one person who does the specifics or contracts for each project.
  2. Rail Art It was requested that the City use local artists for any art work at the Rail stations.
  3. Rail Transit It was noted that the City disqualified a company that would have built the rail cars here and created more local jobs and sustainability for Hawaii. It was questioned if the City Council could reverse this position.
  4. Low Bid Contracts It was noted that the City will now be using the best value for a proposal instead of the lowest bidder. It was unclear as to what the criteria is for how the value of a bid will be assessed.


Mayor Peter Carlisle's Representative Bridget Holthus reported the following:


  • Manoa Stream The City Department of Facility Maintenance (DFM) requested that resident identify the portions of Manoa Stream that has overgrowth they would like cleaned. Areas will be scheduled as manpower and resources are available. Due to changes in environmental permit requirements, heavy equipment use in stream areas have been curtailed and work may have to be done manually requiring increased manpower resources. DFM thanks the Board and residents for the positive comments and pass it on to the crews.
  • Bulky Item Pick-Up It was noted that the City Department of Environmental Services (ENV) will follow up with the items left on Woodlawn Drive.
  • Program Expenses At the last meeting, it was requested that the Mayor consider re-examining each program expense to see if the City can afford it. The City Department of Budget and Fiscal Services (BFS) responded to this inquiring noting that the operating and capital improvement program budgets enacted by the City Council set a ceiling on spending for the fiscal year, and are balanced based on estimated revenues. Because actual revenues may be lower than budgeted revenues, the Mayor, as the City's Chief Executive Officer, is required by the City Charter to approve allotments within the fiscal year's budget and to revise the allotments to keep expenditures within the revenues received or anticipated. This process involves examining program expenses on an ongoing basis to determine whether they are affordable and is especially important today, with the weak economy and restrictions on federal spending affecting the City's revenues.
  • Towing Contract The Request for Proposal (RFP) for law enforcement towing services has been postponed to close on October 31, 2011. The City is currently reviewing questions received and responses will be posted via Request for Proposal Addenda to the prospective bidders.
  • Traffic Signal The City Department of Transportation Services (DTS) noted that they will investigate a possible traffic signal change for motorists turning left from Punahou Street onto Nehoa Street.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       9/11 Remembrance Walk Holthus with follow up with the Board Member's individually for the information regarding the 9/11 Remembrance Walk on Sunday, September 11, 2011.

2.       Manoa Stream Board Member Gagne noted that there is vegetation near Old Waialae Road across the bridge on the right side. It was requested that the vegetation be cleared before major flooding occurs.

3.       Affordable Housing It was questioned as to what new initiatives the City has to sell affordable housing and whether or not the City should be in the housing business.


State Representative Isaac Choy A report was distributed.


State Senator Brian Taniguchi Senator Taniguchi noted that Representative Choy was on a tour and returning to the island later in the evening. Senator Taniguchi noted that he stood on his written report. It was noted that the Hawaiian Electric Company has been using helicopters to repair lines in the back of Manoa Valley.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Bond Rating Question was raised about the state of Hawaii having an "AA," when it used to be "AAA" and what that means. It was noted that it is related to Bond Rating. The rating is in relation to the economic financial condition of the State.


FILLING OF VACANT BOARD SEATS: Chair Eads noted that there are a total of five (5) vacancies. There is one (1) vacancy in subdistrict 1 (Woodlawn), one (1) vacancy in subdistrict 3 (Middle Manoa), and two (2) vacancies in subdistrict 4 (Lower Manoa).


Resident Milton Ragsdale stood to fill a vacancy in subdistrict 4. Ragsdale noted that he recently moved into the district. He also noted that he could serve with the same initiative that he did when he served on the McCully Board for 12 years. Manoa has done a lot, and there is lots more that can be done. Andersen nominated Milton Ragsdale to fill a subdistrict 4 vacancy on the Manoa Neighborhood Board. There being no other interested candidates, nominations were closed. Without objection, Milton Ragsdale was appointed to fill a subdistrict 4 vacancy on the Manoa Neighborhood Board, 9-0-0 (AYE: Andersen, Corn, Eads, Eby, Gagne, Lee, Nishioka, Simson, and Watson).


UNFINISHED BUSINESS: The Board did not have any discussion about possible Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Projects or consideration of proposed resolutions.




Invasive Species There was no representative or report available.


Drug Houses in Hawaii Mark Miyahira from the City's Prosecuting Office presented information to the Neighborhood Board regarding how to close Drug Houses in Hawaii. The goal of Drug Nuisance Abatement is to close down "drug houses" through the use of civil lawsuits and civil restraining orders. By working with the police, prosecutors and the community, the City will use every legal means, including targeting the suspected drug dealers and removing them from the drug houses through use of injunctions, to stop illegal drug activity.


Residents can help in the following ways:

  1. Use tough love if illegal drug use is found in your family the City's Prosecuting Office can offer suggestions.
  2. Be intolerant to "ICE" activity in your neighborhood. Be vocal and take action.
  3. Get involved! Join the local community neighborhood watch or start one. Be the eyes and ears for HPD and report observed illegal drug activity. Sign anti-drug neighborhood petitions or letters that are sent to property owners where drug dealers reside. Contact your local Councilmember, State Representatives and Senators to inform them of what is going on.


As a reminder, do not confront a suspected drug dealer or user. People under the influence of a narcotics can suffer from hallucination, paranoia, and other adverse reactions from drug use.


For more information or assistance on this matter contact the following persons or agencies:



Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Home Forfeiture It was noted that although home forfeiture is a possible course of action under a civil procedure, it is the hardest to do and effects innocent bystanders. Financial issues become difficult because if the home becomes property of the City it becomes an asset that may not be able to sell.

2.       Success It was noted that every resident has a right to live in a safe community. That is the measurement of success, when a drug house is no longer in a neighborhood. It residents were to look at the success by number, the City is not winning. Drug dealers are becoming smarter and the City or HPD constantly has to play catch up.

3.       Bath Salts It was noted on the CBS News earlier that bath salts are becoming a choice of drug. This is a way that drug dealers have been getting around the system.

4.       Identifying Drugs It was noted that the some men have thought crystal meth, when burning smells like a dirty diaper and women have though that it smells like nail polish remover.

5.       Civil Versus Criminal It was noted that the City's Prosecuting Office will do everything possible to stop drugs from thriving.


Board Members Andersen and Nishioka departed at 8:20 p.m.; Quorum NOT present with seven (7) members.


Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) Inter-island Wind Project Scott Seu presented the following information:


What The Inter-island Wind Project is planned to bring wind power from Lanai via undersea cable to Oahu. Oahu is where demand for electricity is greatest due to higher population and industry but the potential for renewable energy is limited.


Why Hawaii depends on imported fossil fuel for over 90 % of energy for land, air, and sea transportation, as well as electricity. Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) goal is for 70% of clean, renewable energy for electricity and ground transportation by 2030. It will be difficult to achieve without bringing wind power to Oahu from the neighbor islands.


Who Castle & Cooke is planning a 200 megawatt (MW) wind farm on Lanai. The 200 MW wind farm originally proposed for Molokai is subject to a competitive bid process. Hawaiian Electric will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) in late 2011 to seek bids for 200 MW or more of power on or for delivery for Oahu. The State of Hawaii has committed to develop and undersea cable system linking Lanai and possibly Molokai to Oahu and eventually to Maui. HECO will upgrade the Oahu grid and operations system to accept power from the Inter-island Wind Project and run the undersea cable.


Public Input & Permits In early 2011, the State of Hawaii began a Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process to analyze the cumulative impacts and benefits of three components that together make up the Inter-island Wind Project. The EIS will be done for each of the components of the Inter-island Wind Project. Public comments are accepted at The Project needs Utilities Commission approval & other government permits.


Benefits Inter-island Wind will help all of Hawaii by: Bringing investment and jobs in construction, high technology and more; 2. Keeping at home part of the $6 billion to $7 billion sent out of state yearly for energy; 3. helping stabilize electricity costs by reducing the amount of costly oil used to produce electricity and replacing it with more renewable energy at lower more stable prices; 4. Improving energy security by reducing Hawaii's dependence on imported oil; 5. Protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are causing global climate change; and 6. Provide a backbone for the future development of Hawaii's electrical infrastructure and addition of more renewable energy in Hawaii.


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Challenges HECO was commended for the initiative and for getting government support for the project. This is one way to get all the islands interconnected. It was noted that with this project, Lanai should be receiving power purchase and a commitment of a certain percent of revenue generated will be returned to the community through the power purchase agreement.

2.       Leader in Sustainability It was commented that this project is a step in the right direction and that Hawaii needs to be a leader in sustainability. There was concern raised about the cost this will have on residents. It was noted that it was projected that 20% of Oahu's energy consumption will be 21 cents an hour which will be passed on to customers, which is really one fifth of Oahu's power not being dependent and adds sustainability. It was also commented that Hawaii should be more self sustainable.

3.       Job Creation It was clarified that some of the work will be contracted from out of town contractors and that once Hawaii is caught up on the technologies, local jobs will be more to come by.

4.       Making Energy It was questioned if energy can be made from garbage.

5.       Additional Follow Up It was requested for HECO to follow up on the following questions: 1. Who and how will the State be paying for this project; 2. What is the life of the project; 3. What are the reliability statistics for the undersea cables; and 4. What is the trigger process for several of the EIS projects.

6.       Additional Comment It was noted that the Board and residents should follow this project carefully.


Board of Water Supply (BWS) Dymian Racoma distributed a report and highlighted the following:


Update: Proposed Water Rate Schedule BWS is proposing a revised water rate schedule to appropriately fund a multi-year capital improvement plan to provide for the renewal and replacement of core components of Oahu's aging water system. BWS proposed water rate increase of 9.65 percent per year over a five-year schedule would support the funding of proactive pipeline replacement to minimize water main breaks and also be used to renew Oahu's pumps, reservoirs, and treatment plants.


Public comment and testimony were received at a public hearing on August 22, 2011 at the BWS Public Service Building. The BWS Board of Directors will consider the comments before deciding upon any rate adjustment for the furnishing of water services. BWS customers and the neighborhood boards will be notified when the Board of Directors makes a decision on the proposal. For more information visit or call the BWS Communications Office at 748-5041.


Water Main Break There was one 12 inch water main break on August 10th at 3800 Waaloa Way.


Water Emergency Preparedness September is National Preparedness Month. If residents haven't done so already, please have a disaster/emergency preparedness kit available for the household. An important component of the kit is to have at least one gallon of safe drinking water per person per day for at least seven days. More information can be found on the BWS website at


Questions, comments, and concerns followed:


1.       Justifying Rate Increase It was commented that BWS has to justify why the rate increase is so steep in a short period of time. It was noted that if some kind of rate increase is not implemented it will put off construction and there may be more water disruptions. Roughly 40% of Oahu's water lines are more than 40 years old.

2.       Final Say It will ultimately be up to the Board of Directors to have the final say in the rate increase. The Board of Directors were appointed by the Mayor subject to City Council approval.

3.       Ocean Water It was noted that converting ocean water to drinking water is too expensive to do on a regular basis.

4.       Regular Representative It was requested that BWS send a representative to the Manoa Neighborhood Board Meeting on a regular basis.

5.       Decrease Rates It was questioned if there will be a rate decrease after a rate increase occurs.

6.       Water Loss It was requested to get more information about the water loss that occurs during water main breaks and if it is a significant number of gallons.

7.       Federal Funds It was commented that President Obama will be releasing federal funds to help with public infrastructure and was suggested that the City use part of this money to raise funds.




Approval of the August 3, 2011 This item was deferred.


Treasurer's Report This item was deferred.


Reports from Board Officers and/or Board Members There were no updates to report.


Planning of Future Meeting Presentations and Topics Board Member Gagne requested the Board discuss the possibility of recessing in November 2011 due to the arrival of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference.




Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizen Advisory Committee Delegates Delegate Tom Heinrich reported


Transportation and Transit There was no update to report.


Subdistrict Boundaries & Membership PIG Chair Eads noted that according to the census data, the number of seats the Board holds is right. Although the Board may not need the 17 seats, as quorum is sometimes difficult to establish.


Sunshine Advisory Board There was no update to report




Input from the Board There was no input indicated from the Board Members.


Input from the Community

  • Conference of Chairs Heinrich reminded the Board that there will be a Conference of Chairs on Saturday, September 24, 2011 at the Pauoa Elementary School Cafeteria. A reminder will be sent to each Neighborhood Board to send no more than two representatives from their Board.
  • Pride in Moiliili Heinrich invited residents to participate in the Pride in Moiliili Clean Up day Saturday morning, September 10, 2011 meeting at the corner of Isenberg and Citron Streets.
  • Mayor's Remembrance Walk Heinrich invited the Board and residents to attend the 6th annual Mayor's Remembrance Walk for 9/11 from 4:00p.m. to 6:00 p.m. The walk will begin at the HPD Headquarters on South Beretania head to the HFD Headquarters and finally back to Honolulu Hale.
  • Olelo Broadcasts Chair Eads noted that at the bottom of the agenda he included the future Manoa Neighborhood Board Broadcasts for interested residents.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 9:26 p.m.


Submitted by Theona Kapoi, Neighborhood Commission Office


Reviewed by Eric Eads, Manoa Neighborhood Board Chair


Last Reviewed: Thursday, September 29, 2011