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CALL TO ORDER: Chair Ron Lockwood called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m., a quorum was present with nine members.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Ron Lockwood, Janice Low, Clifton Takamura, Serena Kyi-Yim, Les Hata, Michael Taleff, Jeb Brown, Linda Dela Cruz, Betty Lou Larson, Gordon Furuto, Jr., Craig Souza, John Gollner (newly elected).


MEMBERS ABSENT: Ron Tolleson, Blayne Higa, Trish Glancey, Rosemary Joyce-Koga.


GUESTS: Danny Agsalog (Mayor’s Representative), John Gollner, Wayne Udeck; Lt. Owen Harada, Sgt. Roy Tsujioka, Sgt. Glenn Maekawa, Det. John Martin, Officers Robert Yee, Adam Schonhardt and Nathan Suzuki  (Honolulu Police Department); Capt. Charles Vause, Firefighter’s Kevin Tom and Joseph Espera (Honolulu Fire Department – McCully Fire Station), Shirley Koczan, Meagan Calogeras, Agnes M., Jonathan Imanil, Sandra Kunimoto (Governor’s Representative), Eric La’a (Staff, Representative Scott Nishimoto), Lester Chang and Toni Robinson (Department of Parks and Recreation), Councilmember Ann Kobayashi, Raymond Laolosin (McCully Citizen Patrol), Burt Goldenberg (Ala Wai Bridge), Marie Richardson (Neighborhood Commission Office staff). 


K-9 Dog Park Group: Cecilee Tanaka, Ji Hyun Lee, Joyce Robertson, Pierre and Keiko Jaffuel, Kimberly Huii, Paul Lane, Kelli Ebata, Robin Nonaka, Shaunna and Jim Tabor, Charlene Yamashita, Nelson Tamayori, Elizabeth Hebert, Betsy and Mike Purpura, Alexandra Edrich, James Low, Jaylore Haver, Nathan and Dawn Kim, Nicholas Kim, Kouji Kim, John Dubois


PUBLIC SAFETY INPUT/COMMUNITY INPUT: Board member Low arrived during this portion of the meeting.


Honolulu Fire Department – Capt. Charles Vause reported the following for March 2005: 1) There were 7 structure, 1 brush, 2 rubbish and 1 vehicle fire; 69 medical and 13 miscellaneous alarms. 2) Safety Tip: When cooking, roll up your long sleeves. Long sleeves are a hazard, as they may get caught on a pot handle or brush against a flame. Residents may call the City’s Household hazardous Waste Hotline at 692-5411 or log onto their website at for information on proper recycling and waste disposal.


Honolulu Police Department – Officer Robert Yee (District 1) reported the following: 1) In Beat 178 there were 2 robberies, 5 burglaries, 11 unauthorized entry to motor vehicle (UEMV), 3 auto thefts, 1 aggravated assault, 5 simple assaults, 28 motor vehicle collision (MVC), 6 driving under the influence (DUI), 1 family offense, and 1 drug offence.


Officer Suzuki (District 7 - East Honolulu) reported the following: 1) In Beats 753, 754 and 755 – there were a total of 12 burglaries, 15 thefts and 13 unauthorized entry into a motor vehicle (UEMV). 2) District 7 – Narcotics/Vice Division Complaints Detail is working on 11 new complaints and closed 21 complaints. 3) Other highlights included a handout – “Facts About Sexual Assault”, tips on prevention, confrontation and a list of support agencies.   


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1.    Officer Yee, in response to Udeck’s inquiry regarding an incident at Kalakaua Homes, indicated the disturbance was an alcohol related argument involving two brothers, in which, the matter was brought up to the housing authority.


2.            Responding to G. Furuto’s inquiry regarding an abandoned limo on Pumehana Street (kitty-corner of Lunalilo School), Officer Suzuki will go by following tonight’s meeting to check.


University of Hawaii Representative – Due to a meeting conflict, Jan Yokota was unable to attend tonight’s meeting. Chair Lockwood made the following announcements on behalf of Yokota: 1) Hamilton Library is now open and the school is still trying to find out who is setting the fires. 2) Due to recent crime concerns, President McClain


recently attended a meeting of concerned students. He made a commitment to the campus being a “rape free zone” and will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the campus is a safe and secure place for women. 3) The school is moving forward with the selection of a developer for new student housing. The first project will be at the site of Frear Hall, on Dole Street, currently unoccupied. Five developers have submitted proposals and the school will be asking the Board of Regents to approve the selection of one of the developers at the next meeting scheduled for April 21; and are hoping that the new student housing project will be ready for occupancy by Fall 2007. Any concerns should be channeled through Chair Lockwood for follow-up.   


Mayor’s Representative – Danny Agsalog announced the following: 1) Mayor Hannemann sends his Aloha to the McCully/Mo’ili’ili Neighborhood Board. 2) In response to a previously asked question, Mahiai Street seems to be in need of road repair, however, funding is not available at this time. 3) On Monday, April 4 – the City’s website will be available to handle pothole concerns, which there are already 200 reports filed. 3) Regarding the Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission Office, Baybee Hufana-Ablan was officially confirmed by City Council yesterday. Congratulations.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1.    In response to Larson’s question regarding the Sunset on the Beach events, Agsalog noted an audit is currently going on and he will get back to the Board of an opinion. Larson would like to see the event continue.


2.            Takamura indicated that the traffic light device, diamond-head side of Algaroba and McCully Street, is blocking the ADA ramp and he suggested moving it out of the way. Agsalog will investigate the matter.


3.    Udeck is concerned that there are no handicapped access on McCully Street and on other side streets off of McCully Street.                   


Governor’s Representative – Sandra Lee Kunimoto distributed the Governor’s Update and a handout from the Executive Office on Aging regarding “Sage Watch.” 1) In response to Novak’s question from the last meeting, DHS has launched a new program, where the homeless would be eligible and must be receiving or need to apply for public assistance. 2) The session is going through second decking and there are a number of bills being tracked by the Agricultural department regarding agricultural theft, invasive species, etc.


Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1.    Murai was concerned about raised energy taxes, which will be based on the legislature passing. Kunimoto noted only written testimonies are being looked at and depending on conference committee, will make the ruling.


2.            Kunimoto will ask regarding the Kyi-Yim’s question of what is happening to the accumulation of the excess funding from the Bottle Bill.


3.       Takamura asked what is the State Department of Transportation doing about the graffiti on the overpass of the H-1 Freeway and of the potholes on the freeway. Kunimoto previously, previously put in a report regarding the graffiti, but Takamura claims the graffiti is still there; she will also make mention regarding the potholes on the freeway. The 24-hour Pothole Hotline is 527-6006, City/State.


Board of Water Supply – No report.


Elected Officials:


Councilmember Ann Kobayashi – Councilmember Kobayashi distributed her monthly report and highlighted: 1) Sunset events are not included in this year’s budget. 2) The Mayor has included several projects, which have been long overdue such as pothole repairs, road repair across the island and major sewer projects. 3) There will be no budget cuts for public safety (fire, police, EMS, etc.), including lifeguards, prosecuting attorneys and parks maintenance. 4) Report of trees being cut is a big maintenance problem. There are currently 225,000 trees to be maintained.

Questions, comments and concerns followed:


1.    In response to Chair Lockwood’s inquiry, Council member Kobayashi indicated that the past administration didn’t keep up with the sewer maintenance and are being sued by the Sierra Club, so we have to be very cautious.


2.    In regards to Kyi-Yim comment and whether the City will be offering summer programs, Councilmember Kobayashi indicated that there are different partnerships being worked out and should be coordinating with the schools for the use of the facilities.


3.            Takamura shared concern regarding the hearing for the Charter Commission and whether the appropriation is enough, which he felt some negative response. Councilmember Kobayashi noted the commission is made up as: four members appointed by the Mayor, four members appointed by the City Council and one member appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council.


Takamura was also concerned of why is the Honolulu Community College (HCC) part of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Kobayashi too, wondered why monies were approved to a State facility, but noted that HCC can appeal to the state.  


Senator Brian Taniguchi – Jeb Brown distributed Senator Taniguchi’s report and was available for questions.


Senator Carol Fukunaga – No report, sent her regrets.


Representative Scott Nishimoto – Eric La’a distributed Representative Nishimoto’s report and was available for questions. Also, Representatives Scott Saiki and Kirk Caldwell’s reports were distributed. Any questions should be conveyed to those representative offices.


FILLING OF VACANCIES:  Chair Lockwood announced the following vacancies:  One (1) vacancy in Sub district 1; and two (2) vacancies each in Sub districts 2 and 3.


Interested nominee, John Gollner, expressed interest in filling a vacancy in sub district 2. Following verification of residency in Sub district 2, Gollner proceeded with a brief background on himself. Brown moved, Takamura seconded to nominate Gollner to fill a vacancy in Sub district 2. Since there were no other interested candidates, Gollner was elected to McCully/Mo’ili’ili Neighborhood Board No. 8, by acclamation.  


PUBLIC RECOGNITION: Josiah Kua and Albien Von Montero, Kaimuki High seniors received $1,000 Presidential Freedom Scholarships for outstanding community service at the Boys & Girls Club. Kua will attend UH-Manoa (in education) while Von Montero will attend Bradley University (in electrical engineering).     


BOARD FORUM: An opportunity for board members to only to discuss items for future agendas, announcements, or to comment upon items unique to our Neighborhood Board. Please note this occurs on the agenda after everyone in the community has had an opportunity to speak. Once again, this part of the meeting is for board members only.






Proposed Ala Wai Dog Park DiscussionDirector Lester Chang of the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) was present to highlight on issues related to the proposed dog park. Currently, there is no funding in this years budget, however, it does not mean there will not be any; and accordingly, there can be one park per recreation district. So far the City has two dog parks, one in Moanalua and Mililani. In this recreation district, which covers from McCully/Mo’ili’ili to Makapuu Point and though it sounds discouraging, there are at this point, there is a possibility of getting approvals.


There are two options looked at: a) the Canoe Halau area, which is considered not a good location because it’s not ideal to mix people with dogs; and b) the other option is the site designated at the Ala Wai Park on Kapahulu Avenue, which has been talked about and has not yet been approved. The first steps would be getting the approvals for the facility, support from the dog community to adopt maintaining of the park; and working out whatever concerns there are with Ala Wai Elementary School. He also mentions that one of the challenges would be that the park would be opened to all dog users and not just the members of the dog group. 


The lengthy discussion followed: 1) S. Tabor of K-9 Dog Group requested the opportunity to discuss the issue with the school. She noted that the dog group established an organization and is seeking advice regarding the next steps. 2) Chang indicated the need to render a conceptual plan so they can work on getting approvals, in addition to getting a consensus from the school, which Tabor indicates that the school is opposed to and is not willing to discuss the matter. Chang recommends writing a letter to the school. 


More discussion followed: 1) Gollner was supportive of the dog park, but the school’s opposition being that the proximity was that close to the school, he’d have to err on the side of the school. But he agrees that perhaps they may be able to come to an agreement with an example of time constraints, from 4 – 7 p.m., as mentioned at previous Board meetings and perhaps enforcing the hours. 2) Chang is aware of the sensitivity, but can’t guarantee it 100%, but will try. 3) Inamine highlights on the dog park at the Hawaiian Humane Society, but doesn’t understand why there is a need for another dog park. She wonders how will they justify the short hours (4 – 7 p.m.), when the A+ Program at Ala Wai School ends at 5 p.m. 4) Other comments related to another proposal further away and talk about solar lighting.


Chair Lockwood entertained taking the agenda out of order to address agenda items (8.3 – Discussion of McCully Pool and 8.4 – Ala Wai Summer Fun Program. There were no objections and the agenda was taken out of order.


Boardmember Kyi-Yim left during the above portion of the meeting.


Discussion of McCully Pool – Chair Lockwood gave a brief background of the project. It was last renovated in FY 2000, at a cost of $800,000 to renovate the aboveground design of the pool; and which is in need of renovation once again. The Department of Parks & Recreation is requesting input. Couple options include: if we eliminate the pool, rooms can be added for senior citizen programs and ceramic classes; another option is to cut down the size of the pool. The community and the McKinley High School Swim Team utilize this pool.


Discussion followed: 1) Larson asked whether the use of the pool outweighs the use of the gym. Accordingly, there are 200 registered users of the pool. 2) A. Furuto agrees that perhaps a survey should be done. 3) Once the roof of the gym gets fixed, and if approved, the floors will get fixed. 3) Takamura was concerned of the gym’s structure and whether would it have to be retrofitted. The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) hired a firm to investigate the structures integrity and this is why they are reacting to this and feels the best option is to separate the structure. Takamura would like to see the workroom preserved. 4) Chang said they brainstormed possibilities and talked about options. 5) Other comments were: what would it cost to eliminate the pool. Right now, there is no plan to renovate, but they are trying to preserve the other part of the structure; what is the timeline. The experts felt that there is a need to do it ASAP.


Discussion of Ala Wai Summer Fun Program – Chair Lockwood noted renovations at Ala Wai Clubhouse would begin in May and last 12 months. The summer fun program needs a temporary home or will be closed this summer. Parents are advised to seek alternative sites (Kanewai) or make other arrangements for your child this summer. If you know of a site with a cafeteria and seven rooms, please let Chair Lockwood know immediately. Washington Middle and Lunalilo Elementary are not available at the time of this publication.


Discussion followed: 1) Due to the immediate need to work on the McCully Pool, there will be no summer programs held at this facility. Other program options are the Boys & Girls Club of America ($300 per child) or the McCully Community Center ($600 per child), Kaniwai, Sheridan, Makiki, etc. Parents are urged to enroll your children in other programs.


The agenda resumed order at this time. Boardmember G. Furuto left at 8:33 p.m.


Sub-District Boundary Realignment - Chair Lockwood mentioned there is still work to be done on the boundary realignment, and will not take affect until 2007.


Vision Statement – An addition to include an education section has been deferred until the Board’s May meeting.


Bridge Across the Ala Wai Canal – Included in Board members packet – a resolution regarding Waikiki Special District, which Boardmembers were previously asked to review. For the benefit of everyone else, Chair Lockwood read aloud the resolution. Larson moved, Brown seconded to accept the resolution. Discussion followed: 1) Inamine said the resolution did not support the bridge over the Ala Wai Canal. 2) A suggestion was to amend the last paragraph, “Be It Further Resolved”…inclusion of members of the Diamond Head Neighborhood Board No. 5 and the Waikiki Neighborhood Board No. 9. Larson and Brown accepted the amendment. 3) Other comments: A. Furuto’s comment regarded traffic recommendations for consideration; Murai’s comment regarded a federal mandate that states that a bridge cannot be built over the Ala Wai. The motion carried, 9-0-1. Abstain: Dela Cruz.


Boardmember Dela Cruz arrived during the above portion of the meeting.


Absent Board Members – At the previous meeting, discussion regarded declaring seats occupied by Board members Tolleson, Glancey and Joyce-Koga. Gollner asked how many meetings did these Board members miss. Chair Lockwood referred to his absentee list, Tolleson (5), Glancey (6) and Joyce-Koga (7). Gollner moved, Brown seconded to declare seats occupied by Tolleson, Glancey and Joyce-Koga vacant. The motion carried unanimously, 10-0-0.




October 30 Flood Update – Chair Lockwood mentioned: 1) Private homeowners tax relief may be available. Information is due by APRIL 20th or by calling 587-4242 or log onto: 2) Businesses, Homeowners and Non-Profit Loans are available from the Small Business Administration. Due date is AUGUST 16. Call toll free 800 - 488-5323 or write to: SBA, P.O. Box 419004, Sacramento, CA 95841-9004 for more information.


Boys & Girls Club: Community Vision Project - Saturday, March 12th over 25 Leaders in Training (LIT) in collaboration with UH-Manoa Urban Planning students started discussing what our neighborhood should look like in 10+ years. The LIT and their parents are meeting at 5:30 p.m. on April 7 to continue the discussion. A report will be presented to this Neighborhood Board at the May 5th Board meeting. A grant written by Urban Planning (S. Miyashiro), Boys & Girls Club (L. Mahoe) and Community/Parent (R. Lockwood) is funding this discussion.


Discussion of the McCully Bike Path – Chair Lockwood briefly highlighted on the bike path along McCully Street, will be eliminating three (3) parking stalls. Contact Lockwood to see a copy of the Honolulu Bike Path Master Plan. Call Councilmember Kobayashi at 547-7005 with comments/concerns.


Neighborhood Commission Office (NCO), Executive Secretary – Chair Lockwood noted Resolution 05 – 92 – relating to the confirmation of Baybee Hufana-Ablan, as Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission Office, was heard on March 24 and deferred to April 6, when she was officially confirmed by the City Council.  


Neighborhood Board Election – Chair Lockwood noted that ballots were mailed out the week of March 21. Deadline postmarked no later than April 18. Election results will be announced on May 1; Installation Ceremony scheduled for May 14; Board members are to assume their seat on the Board June 1.


Council Resolution 04-387 – Chair Lockwood informed everyone that a performance audit of the Neighborhood Commission Office system was scheduled for a hearing on March 24 before the Executive Matters Committee, Chair Romy Cachola. Neighborhood Board Chairs are looking at this audit.


NCO budget, as presented by Mayor Hannnemann to City Council for discussion and approval – Chair Lockwood indicated that the NCO budget is $720,104 to operate 32 neighborhood boards from June 2005 through May 2006. Operating costs for McCully/Moiliili are: a) Refreshment Account is $120.00; b) Publicity Account is $2,539.00l; and c) the Operating Account is $1,520.00, totaling $4,179.00 for the July 2005 through June 2006.


Discussion followed: 1) Gollner would like to explore videotaping the Board meetings. Chair Lockwood noted discussions with Kaimuki High School to videotape. 2) Other suggestion regarded a Neighborhood Board newsletter. 3) A. Furuto favors the newsletter. 4) Other suggestions included a Neighborhood Board banner.                            

Watershed Issues: Chair Lockwood gave a brief updated of watershed issues: a) Ala Wai Canal was briefly touched on under Unfinished Business, item 4 and New Business, item 8.1; b) Hausten Ditch – status report; c) Makiki Stream – no update; d) Manoa Stream – successful clean up on March 19; e) Palolo Stream – no update; f) Underground Caverns of Mo’ili’ili – November 2004 article in the Tropical Fish Magazine; and g) Kaimuki High Streambank – clean up and restoration is tentatively scheduled for April 23 Earth Day, more details to follow.


APPROVAL OF REGULAR MEETING MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 3 and MARCH 3, 2005: Larson moved, Brown seconded to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of February 3 and March 3, 2005, as circulated. The motion carried unanimously.


TREASURER'S REPORT: Larson reported the Treasurer’s Report for February and March 2005 as: 1) For February 2005 - Operating Account balance was $994.23. Current expense was $71.87, leaving a balance to-date of $$922.36. There were no expenses reflecting in the Publicity and Refreshment Account, leaving the balance to-date the same as Publicity Account at $2,539.00; and the Refreshment Account balance to-date at $120.00. 2) For March 2005 – the Operating Account balance was posted in error to the Refreshment Account. A revised statement will reflect the balance to-date in the Operating Account of $922.36; and should reflect a current expense of $74.34, leaving the balance to-date of $848.02. Takamura moved, Gollner seconded to accept the Treasurer’s Report for February and March 2005, subject to audit. The motion carried unanimously. 




ANNOUNCEMENTS: In the interest of time and at the request of Board member Larson, the announcements listed on the agenda were left for the individual to read at their leisure. 


ADJOURNMENT: Without any objections, the meeting adjourned at 9:28 p.m.


Submitted by


Marie Richardson

Neighborhood Assistant
Tuesday, May 03, 2005

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