Revised Charter of Honolulu 2000 Edition, Supplement for 2002 through 2012 Charter Amendments

Database description: Contains the Revised Charter of Honolulu in full-text as compiled and converted into electronic form by the 1998 Charter Revision Commission staff, and maintained by the Corporation Counsel. Each section is placed in a separate file; for example, Section 1-101 is in file RC010101.pdf. A list of files by section is included in the database. Amendments to the Revised Charter 2000 Edition from 2002 through 2012 may be found in the Supplement.


The data is intended for use as an online research tool. Data is in files converted from word-processing format to PDF format. No warranties are made regarding its accuracy or completeness. Users should confirm the accuracy of the information with the hardcopy available for examination at the Municipal Reference Center (by appointment only). A copy of the Charter (2000 Edition), Supplement for 2002 through 2012 Charter Amendments is also available for download in booklet form*; however, copies are no longer available for purchase.

*When printing the booklet form, please select option print on both sides of paper.